Dershowitz should throw Obama under the bus

Mario Goveia challanges Alan Dershowitz


I know I piss you off, but getting pissed off at me, a non-Jewish supporter of Israel since its inception, does not address the problem the entire nation is facing that we MUST begin to change starting on November 2.

So, if I piss you off – someone who took a complete leave of his senses to vote for Obama, screw you. People like you put the entire world in jeopardy, not to mention my children and grandchildren. We cannot change that, but we can ask you to help us take the country back.

I hope you have gotten over your preposterous fantasy that the Grand Caliph Barack Hussein Obama, whose mentors included Frank Marshall Davis, Rashid Khalidi, Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright, all anti-Semites to their core, would encourage politically liberal American Jews to be more supportive of Israel.

I would like to know if even ONE liberal American Jew would hire Obama to be CEO of their own business. Mort Zuckerman is turning himself into a pretzel over HIS loony vote for Obama.

As a new American of Indian Roman Catholic heritage who tried like hell in 2008 to get a whole segment of American Jews to see that Obama’s close, long term relationships HAD to have rubbed off on him – and failed, I think liberal Jews voting for Obama had more to do with some deep-seated guilt complex over slavery which most of them had nothing to do with – the same malady that liberal Caucasians also suffered from.

I am a refugee from India’s wasted 50-year experiment with Fabian socialism – and damned if it didn’t follow me here – after giving the US a 50 year head start, which Obama has pissed away in just two years. I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK.

    “……another Jewish New Year passed with hundreds of liberal rabbis across America participating in Obama’s sales pitch known as his High Holiday conference call. Many of these rabbis heeded the president’s orders and took his message to their congregations on the holiest day of the Jewish calendar. I have to wonder if American Jews offer any practical support to Israel’s future survival.

    “Last year, Obama hosted a conference call with nine hundred American rabbis during which hestated , “We are God’s partners in matters of life and death,” and then gave them marching orders to sell Obamacare to their congregants. After my rabbi followed the president’s orders and pronounced in his Yom Kippur sermon that it was God’s commandment to support universal health care, I contacted him to discuss his sermon and its rationale. My rabbi suggested that perhaps I should find another shul — so I did. But the very disturbing aspect of this incident is that the reformed Jewish movement is supposed to be the most welcoming — the sect of the Jewish faith passing the least amount of judgment and having the widest open arms”.


    “There is a war being waged — a war for the hearts and minds of the American Jewish people. Will the Sharia-supporting rabbis and Obama government win, or will the Jewish people survive the onslaught of liberal indoctrination that may lead to their demise? I fear we will soon find out.”

“A man is known by the company he keeps.” – a wise and ancient British idiom.

“Birds of a feather flock together.” – another wise and ancient British idiom.

Both these idioms had immense predictive value in the case of Obama.


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16 Comments / 16 Comments

  1. Thanks for saying what needed to be said Yamit. I will add that “dbl4868” can look forward to years of wonderful times under the tutelage of his glorious leader.

  2. Yamit82… prove my point

    The only thing I seem to have proved is that you seem (Willing with forethought)to have a serious cognizant problem of combining The printed word,and your ability to comprehend and draw necessary conclusions. That’s called Intelligence/thinking!

    Except for Iran and the partial embargo of certain weapons, the rest is all the black guys. Then the Black guy could have reversed what Bush initiated. He didn’t and even expanded the negatives to Israel. So now the Negatives are all the Black Plagues doing and those of course who support him like you., The Black piece of crap wants us/me dead so you by supporting him want the same so I will say to you: a Big Fuck you.

  3. Yamit82… prove my point. Many of the items on your list were put in place by Bush and/or the problem was caused by Bush, including letting Iran getting the nuclear bomb and becoming a serious player in the region. Bush’s people pressured the he’ll out of Israel to freeze the settlement building (included in the roadmap to peace) but did anyone of you complain….guys, get over it- a black man won the white house…. In a few years you can vote for a white guy.

  4. The fact that “we” do not know or are allowed in Eretz Israel to elect better leaders here is irrelevant to Mario’s position. Yes, ALLOWED. Since all parties here carefully rotate the same trash approved by the few to “lead”.
    The US Jews, in turn, be them posted at any level of the pecking order, in particular people such as Professor Dershowitz who is well above average there, have been playing Russian roulette consistently and that caused us here immense harm. It was also done by Goldman and “rav” S. Wise and their associates during WWII. Graceful tip toeing through the tulips a la Tiny Tim, simply shall not do anymore.
    In 30 days we will know if the people there understand reality or deny it.
    As to other US Presidents. Of course several of them in one way or another bent to oil and cash if not worse, but what does have to do with electing Soetoro who is worse than all of them combined?

  5. yamit82 says:

    You people only watch media and read news sources that are anti Obama and don’t give you the complete picture.

    Let me count the ways.

    Actually I think Jon Stewart is the vice president. That guy has done more harm than a thousand suicide bombers.

  6. Rongrad. Do you really think voting for the other choice would have made much of a difference? Over 300 million people and basically ONLY two choices?

  7. You people only watch media and read news sources that are anti Obama and don’t give you the complete picture.

    Let me count the ways.

    Embargo of critical weapons and weapons systems Israel had placed during Bush tenure most still have not been delivered.

    Support of our enemies in UN forums.

    Condemnation of Israel consistently when we defended ourselves.

    10 month building freeze ( quite an antisemitic demand)

    The submission to congress of intent to sell $123 billion of the most modern arms to Israels enemies.

    Allowing Iran to get the bomb so they can destroy Israel.

    Preventing Israel from attacking Iran.

    Supplying almost a billion $ of aid to the Palis and tranning their army so as to kill Jews better.

    There is a lot more: If you are really interested.

    Now why do you think we hate your Black Plague?

  8. I have no clue how any objective person can say that Obama is bad for Israel. You people only watch media and read news sources that are anti Obama and don’t give you the complete picture. Without a doubt Obama has given Israel more money, more weapons, more shields (which Bush never allowed to happen), and according to Israeli officials the cooperation between Israel and the US in terms of intelligence sharing has NEVER been better. Plus the 2 countries are training together more than ever in Israel and the US. This does not sound like an US president who is anti Israel. By the way, Obama had the guts during his Cairo speech and tell the Arab world to their face that Israel has a right to defend themselves and nothing they do will hurt the Israeli/US relationship! By the way, I lived on Israel any many Israeli are pissed at Bush for going behind their backs and selling weapons to the Saudis that violated executive agreements between the US and Israeli. I am sure the news services you rely on for your “news” dud not report this.

    Look to all the facts before you judge someone!

  9. Right on, Mario!!!!! Dershowitz, like his buddy, Koch, is a fool for backing Ojackass in 2008 with their lame declaration that he was the “safer choice for Israel.” What a crock, let the two of these Jackass Jews rot in hell for their misdeeds! You are right- screw them!!!

  10. Here is another saying that certainly applies to Obama.

    “Sleep with dogs and wake up with fleas.”

  11. noam, you certainly have driven home a good point and your right.

    First, I believe a majority of Americans support Israel and have stated this a number of time here and at Caroline Glick’s site.

    The problem lies with those we elect. Hopefully the Tea Party has awaken Americans to take back their country.

    I also believe Israel needs a strong PR program in the US, one that will bring the truth and not the lies the liberal left and anti-Semitic media puts forth. The truth to pull the liberal American Jews together and get off the obama kool-aid and support Israel.

    And for all those who don’t know better, G-d led the Jewish people back to Israel, the Holy Land, all of it from the River Jordan to the Mediterranean, including Judea, Samaria, the Sinai, Gaza and the Golan Heights (and tell the Syrian president he can’t have it).

    Yes, Jerusalem is an undivided city, capital of Israel and for those who think the Palestinians have rights, forget it and read:

  12. Dear Joemit.

    Friends that forsake Jerusalem are not friends…no matter if it is Hussein Obama or George Bush. Do you understand George Bush could not say ever, Jerusalem is the undivided capital of Israel.
    This is a friend? Jerusalem is the core of every Jew. He who forsakes Jerusalem forsakes a JEW. Period.

    By not signing the embassy act George Bush proved he was no friend of Israel. By not sending not even the lowest level Representative of his government to the Anniversary Ceremonies of the Reunification of Jerusalem knifed the heart of every Jew. It spoke loud and clear, JERUSALEM IS NOT THE UNDIVIDED CAPITAL OF ISRAEL.

    Furthermore, Joemit,calling a Holocaust denier a MAN OF PEACE spit on the graves of my ancestors.

    I loathe Obama with all my heart but to rationalize away what Bush did to Israel just because having Obama in office is more than we can bare is disingenuous and haughty at best.

    There are thousands of Jewish Republicans who changed their voter registration from Republican to Independent because of broken promises; because Bush lied about Jerusalem. (and that is only the start) Phony words of support for Israel by politicians will no longer sway us or cut the mustard at the voting booth. Not now or ever again. The silence of the Republican party (the party we supported wholeheartedly) concerning Israel while Bush was in office will not be easily forgiven, nor should it be no matter who is now in office, no matter how awful that occupier of that office is, no matter how troubling the future looks. We are strong and we are now united. We are a force to be reckoned with.

    We learned it is deeds which prove friendship not mere words.

  13. Presidents are Presidents, not Kings, not Dictators. There are a lot of different sides that need to be catered to
    in order to get a majority and get things done. I hope that you are not equating the feelings of George Bush for
    the country of Israel to that of Hussein Obama. He did what he had to do, but in the end, he was Israel’s friend.
    By comparison…..its brother.

  14. Mario Goveia. I have some questions for you. First let me say I voted for George Bush because of his campaign promise to me as a Jew that ‘if elected’ in his first week of office he would sign the embassy act. Sir, I saw no outrage or throwing our elected leader beneath the bus not after the first time he(Bush) failed to sign it or even 8 years later. NOt only were we betrayed by a supposed BEST FRIEND but those who purported to support us for their voice was silent! Sir, signing the embassy act would have legitimized Jerusalem for Israel is the only country in the entire world without an American embassy in it’s capital city. Mario, where was your voice…your outrage?

    Where was your outrage when each time our President made bad on his promise to me as a Jew whose heart is Jerusalem, he made good on the promise to sign the lease for the PLO office in NY?

    Where was your outrage when our elected leader failed to send even the lowest level representative of his administration to the very important Anniversary celebration of the Reunification of Jerusalem?

    Where was the outrage when our leader admonished Israel in public time and time again as to the

    daily humiliation of the Palestinian people

    , warning Israel that the future Palestinian state should be

    viable, contigous and not look like swiss cheese?

    Where was your outrage and the outrage of the hiarachy of the Republican party (my supposed friends) when Bush formulated the U.S led quartet for peace made up of 3 arch enemies of Israel? (EU, UN and Russia)

    Such silence when Bush gave millions to train PA security forces(stormtroopers)and in the open those stormtroopers marched to the NAZI GOOSESTEP. Of course that tied in so perfectly with the leader Bush called a


    who was a proven denier of the SHOAH. All tied in perfectly with the Abbas sanctioned poster which showed all of Israel, Palestine. For that, Bush invited Abbas to the Rose Garden lavishing praise upon him.

    For certain Obama should be cast aside as the worst of the worst but what hurts me to the core was the silence when Bush the man thought of as the best friend of Israel turned out to be nothing more then a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Now my supposed friends scream and yell?!@#@ PLEASE. Now when we have a supposed closet Muslim narcissist in chief occupying the oval office, everything is different.

  15. keelie says:
    October 1, 2010 at 1:00 pm

    My rabbi suggested that perhaps I should find another shul…

    She first needs to find Judaism.

    Perhaps the shul should find another rabbi…

    No. They’re getting what they asked for.

    Just like we in Israel are getting what the majority voted for.