Desperate pleas – save the settlement enterprise

My name is Aviya Margalit and I am 10 years old and live in the neighborhood of HaUlpana, Beit El.

As is known, my home and the homes of one hundred and sixty children in the neighborhood are threatened with demolition. Same with my friends’ houses in Givat Assaf and Amona.

Our houses were built on barren soil for many years, even after the houses were built, no one claimed to be their owner.

My house was built on land bought from an Arab, but suddenly another Arab came and claimed this as his land, and it has still not been proven he was right.

In the Supreme Court lawsuit, the State did not take this into account nor about the consequences and they probably did not have all the facts, and ruled that my house should be demolished.

Without going into the fact that according to real estate law, in such cases, compensation is provided to the land owner, and it can not be that due to a government error the government can throw us out.

Talking about the construction of new homes or moving all the houses elsewhere, it reminds me of my brother who wanted to attach training wheels to the bike instead of fixing the flat tire.

Incidentally, I did not check all the houses in the West Bank, but Dad said that 9,000 homes are in the same situation of ambiguity and need a comprehensive solution, otherwise there will be a new law suit every day.

I’m not a politician and know that there are objections to the regulation bill, but I do know that after years of kombinot (not sure of translation, robin), we should stand courageously and allow for permanent regulation of building in Judea and Samaria and stop the policy of the previous governments to repair flat tires rather than paving a road with no holes. Such a solution can only be accomplished with legislation.

I know things are not as simple as I think, but I know you can not do justice by injustice. So I ask you, even if you disagree with the regulatory bill, don’t be a partner to harm us and throw us from our homes from where we grew up. If you do not vote for the Regulation Bill, at least do not oppose it.

Thank you very much for your time,

Yours, Aviya

From Women in Green:

This Wednesday – The Likud’s Judgement Day

This Wednesday between 12:00 and 2:00pm- we will be there at the tent

This Wednesday, 16th of Sivan 6/6/12 the Regulation Law will be brought before the Knesset for voting. If the law does not pass – Givat Haulpena, Givat Assaf, Amona and many other communities in Judea and Samaria will topple like dominoes. Thousands of Jews will be expelled. The Disengagement Plan, part II.

It was unnecessary to reach this point, and this time Ba’Ga’Tz, the Supreme Court, are not to blame. The accusatory finger is pointing at Bibi Netanyahu, and him alone. If not for his weakness, he could have easily saved the communities.

We are all wracking our minds searching for what can be done. Some fellow activists have already started a hunger strike outside the Prime Minister’s Offices and a march and it is important to come and strengthen them. Other activists are preemptively making preparations to fight the eviction and it is obviously crucial to have a strong resistance to any and every eviction and destruction attempt.

But before we rally our resistance in the field – there is one more thing we can and must do: Bibi Netanyahu and the Likud ministers that will vote against the law or are absent from the vote, must be punished, politically, once and for all.

A statement must be made immediately, that if the Regulation Law is not passed on Wednesday – every true lover of the Land of Israel will leave the Likud party permanently. If the law is not to pass, it will prove once and for all that registering as a member of Likud was a terrible mistake that shattered the National political camp. The whole idea of “influencing from within” will be proven as wrong. The National camp gave Bibi Netanyahu 8 (!) mandates, yet he has no problem tearing down the communities in Judea and Samaria.

On Wednesday, if the law is not passed, Bibi Netanyahu must know that he is loosing all 8 mandates. Every true lover of the Land of Israel within the Likud, including Members of Knesset and Ministers who are loyal to the Land of Israel – must leave the Likud and form, together with all the other lovers of the Land of Israel, both religious and secular, one large party. Such a party could easily reach 18 mandates, if not more, and will finally present a true political power. No more “influencing from the inside” of a sick entity but rather creating one healthy movement that will represent the voice of the the Land of Israel, the voice of Zionism, the voice of sanity.

This Wednesday – we will all gather at the hunger strike tent from 12:00-14:00 (12pm-4pm)- at the time of the vote.

Yehudut Katsover and Nadia Matar
Women for Israel’s Tomorrow (Women in Green)

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9 Comments / 9 Comments

  1. @ Marlene Langert:
    Marlene Langert Said:

    Ira, you must not have any experience with the ten year old of today

    Dear Marlene,
    You are absolutely right!!!
    My daughter Estee, will be 10 coming this September.
    BUT, I have 3 more if they count for past experience…KC 16, Daniel 37, and Roy (Ro’ee in Hebrew) 42. they were all 10 years old, and hi-IQ is not an exclusivity of last years kids.
    I still think she didn’t write it, AND I also said that I do not dispute the facts.
    But leave these details behind. Legaly speaking: It is in my mind,a CLEAR case of Sub-Jdice.
    The supreme court took a decision while the case is still tried at a lower court. A wrong-doing that undermineded the legal system. If either of the sides do not agree with the ruling, they can always apeal to a higher court. The LAST instance would than be the supreme court.

  2. @ rongrand:

    A normal people would have mobilized thousands and stormed the mount and by force of numbers imposed our rights to pray or stay.

    We are the Sheeple who went to the gas like sheep and not much has changed to alter that mentality. We are not even an independent nation. Fear and Uncle Laban rule the roost.

    It took 40 years to rid the Jews of their Egyptian slave mentality and it will take a lot longer than 64 years to rid ourselves of 2000 years of a different form of slave mentality.

  3. Ira, you must not have any experience with the ten year old of today. They are so brilliant, so knowledgable and she is speaking of something she is experienceing, not something she has to learn in a book. Have a few children and you will find out.

  4. @ Linda Rivera:

    We live in the Age of Betrayal.

    Every age is an age of betrayal. The trick is not to be put in any position where we can be a victim of anyone’s betrayal. If you have any ideas as to how let me know and I will pass it on. 🙁

  5. It doesn’t look as a child writing as an adult, but rather an adult writing as a child.
    I don’t dispute the facts, I only reject the manner in which it was presented.

  6. @ Uzi Kattan:

    Uzi, this is all depressing.

    Time for Israelis to rid themselves of a secular progressive government intent on the destruction of Israel.

    They should be about the business of securing the Holy Land G-d entrusted to them and not squander it away.

    I am sure G-d is not pleased with a secular progressive government that will not even allow her people to pray at the Temple.

    Time to remember why the Jews returned to the Holy Land and who led them back.

  7. This shows what a cruel arrogant tyrant Pipi Peres-ra-hu really is. He is going out of his way to persecute Jews in Yehuda and Shomron and the fact that this ten year old is threatened and will be psychologically scarred for the rest of her life from this trauma (if Netanyahu’s storm troopers don’t murder her) doesn’t matter to him. His wife Sarah is more concerned about the Sudanese children’s fate (because of the money her husband is lining his pockets with for each illegal) but is ice cold when it comes to Jewish children threatened by her rasha husband.

    These families had to go through numerous steps to get their homes and while Arabs steal national land and build as they please, Pipi is obsessively going after Jewish homes to make the area Judenrein for a terrorist state.

    Aviva we pray for your and I hope that enough people show up with rifles to stop this anti Jewish atrocity and send some of these YaSSam storm troopers back in coffins. These sadistic black uniformed subhumans made up of non Jewish Russians and Ethiopians take pleasure in abusing Jews and only violence will stop them. Hunger strikes and demonstrations are ignored by the tyrant Pipi who is running to please his master in Washington the Obamanable Muslim.