Donald Trump takes hardline position on everything

By Ted Belman

Bill O’Reilly interviewed Donald Trump last night about what he would do if he were elected President.

Trump said he would

    1) make sure that Iran doesn’t get the bomb.
    2) take China on in a way that would return jobs to the us. He mooted the idea of applying a custums duty of 25% until China stops devaluing its currency.
    3) have stayed in Iraq after conquering them to keep control of the oil and control OPEC. Bottom line is if you take the trouble to conquer a country, you keep it.
    4) not have bombed Libya. But if he did, he would insist that Arab League pay for it.
    5) slash spending.

Trump also wants to see Obama’s Birth Certificate.

He is getting traction for his positions. The only thing stranger than him becoming President, was Obama becoming President.

April 1, 2011 | 13 Comments »

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13 Comments / 13 Comments

  1. Mark wrote:
    In the matter of fact I love Trump using “sewer language”. When whole country is in sewer this is the most appropriate language to communicate with idiots who brought USA down to sewer position.

    RobinFox wrote:
    I’m convinced that Trump can kick some serious Islamic ass and then some!

    You CAN bet the ranch on it, Robin. If he doesn’t run he should be made Secretary of State. It’s high time we got a fearless, profane, politically INCORRECT person in that position. He could be OUR version of Ahmadinejad, but I’ll bet The Donald will make that pipsqweak tremble:-))

  2. To Paul Collins:

    In the matter of fact I love Trump using “sewer language”. When whole country is in sewer this is the most appropriate language to communicate with idiots who brought USA down to sewer position. I don’t care if he use any language as long as he names thing what they are. Do you really prefer hussein with his whistling language of liars and America destroyers?

  3. Unlike the intellectually deficient Imam Obama, Donald Trump has the brains to surround himself with intelligent advisers. Besides, he is rich enough that he does not have to be politically correct, and has nothing to lose. He will know when something is not working and make changes if necessary. I will bet you the Islamists will be wetting their underwear if they have to deal with him. His biggest problem will be getting the Republican nomination unless the Tea Party gets behind him.

  4. I like the guy. He is straight shooter with no BS and liberal nonsense. Would be interesting to know his position on Israel. if it positive, I would be the first one to vote for him.
    And I totally reject statement that he is not qualified as President, After Hussein presidency standards became so low that Tram to looks like the model for this position.

  5. I know a number of people who agree with most of what most of us say and what Trump says but I don’t think any of them qualify to be president, not even a senator.

    Snap out of it, folks. You Americans have definitely been watching too much reality TV.

  6. Charles Martel says:

    If he runs as an independent, it will virtually ensure Obama gets re-elected.

    NO doubt about that. It worked in 1992

  7. Laura says:
    April 1, 2011 at 6:31 pm

    I like what he has to say so far.

    I agree.

    Unfortunately I don’t think he could swing it but he would be an asset to the race. He is not afraid of anyone and will not hesitate to call a spade a spade.

    He is right about Iraq. We leave and Iran will take over.

    We don’t want that to happen and I am not happy with the leadership of Iraq.

  8. Trump (The Mouth) could be president in another country where millionaire or billionaire industrialists routinely get elected. He won’t get through the Republican political machinery so his only chance would be to run as an independent, channeling Ross Perot. If he chooses to do so and spend $50 million or so of his own money (as Romney did) to score populist points that most Americans already cheer, i.e., the 5 points mentioned above, great, but that will not get him elected. He has no real solutions to any of the pressing problems of the day and looked like one of his own contestants on The Apprentice.