Don’t pee on the electric fence

By Jack Golbert

“There are people who can learn from books and lectures. There are others who can learn from the experience of others and there are some who just have to pee on the electric fence themselves”. (Someone anonymously spread that on the internet.)

Most of humanity seem to fall in that last category. So they cannot learn from history, which is learning from the experience of others. Then there are the Jews, many of whom seem to be incapable of learning survival skills, not even from peeing on the electric fence themselves. We fight an enemy who declares its intention of destroying us. And we stop fighting while the enemy is still able to rearm, regroup, replenish its ranks, upgrade its tactics and capabilities and fight another day. And then we do it again. And again. And again! And each time, the enemy is stronger. The “voltage” of the “fence” is greater each time. How many times do we have to pee on the same electric fence before we catch on?

As of this writing, the goals of the Israeli government are still to leave the enemy badly damaged but intact, still able to rearm, regroup, replenish its ranks, upgrade its tactics and capabilities and fight another day.

Conditions are spoken of, such as that Gaza should be demilitarized. Will Hamas agree to demilitarization? Sure, when pigs can fly. Who will enforce demilitarization on Hamas? If not Israel, no one. Our Prime Minister talks about the “international community” undertaking all this but that is laughable. Was he too young to remember how well the international community monitored the cease fire in Lebanon after the Second Lebanon War? One attack on UN troops and the peace keepers upon whom Israel relied sued Hezbollah for peace, promising not to see anything they do if only Hezbollah would not shoot at them again.

That answers the next question: Who will monitor the demilitarization? If not Israel, no one.

In fact, no agreement with our enemies makes sense at all. No promise they make is worth a tinker’s damn. Whatever they give to get the deal is all that Israel will get. It appears they will give nothing for an agreement. They have only demands to make.

And even if they do make an agreement, who can prevent their overthrow and replacement by ISIS or Al-Qaeda or whoever comes next, who our leaders tell us might be “even worse”? If not Israel, no one.

Israel has only two alternatives: another cease fire which will leave Hamas intact, still able to rearm, regroup, replenish its ranks, upgrade its tactics and capabilities and fight another day, or reconquer Gaza, destroy the Hamas and kill all known terrorists, annex Gaza and offer its Arab inhabitants a generous emigration package.

We can hear our national leaders crying out in panic, “but that would end the peace process.” In fact, there is no peace process and there never was. The Oslo process was never intended to lead to peace, unless by Arafat’s definition, which is the destruction of Israel. That is the “peace” the world envisions and that explains why the world, including Israel’s indispensable “friend,” the USA, have moved at every step to preserve the terrorist organizations seeking to destroy us, such as saving the PLO from destruction in 1982 and staying Israel’s hand with respect to crushing the “Intifada,” and every other Israeli resort to armed action; why it was so important to the US to pressure the Shamir government, in 1992, to commence the “peace process” in Madrid with the goal of bringing the PLO from Tunis, where it was inabe to inflict injury on Israel, into the heart of Israel, where it could do unprecedented damage to Israel. The world’s acceptance of Arafat’s definition of peace explains why the CIA was eager to train PLO terrorists, under the pretext of making them effective “security forces,” adept at suppressing terror, no matter how many times they declared their intention to turn their guns only on Israel and no matter how many times their “security” personnel perpetrated terror attacks. It explains why successive American administrations have sought the precious legacy of creating a “Palestinian” state.

The Road Map never showed where the road leads. The road ends at New Auschwitz. That is where our “friends” and the “international community” are pushing us, step by inexorable step. Sooner or later, Israel will have to say “no” to them and mean it. Is Israel more able to do so today or less able than before Oslo and the entry of the Palestine Liberation Army into Israel’s heartland? More able or less able then before the surrender of Hebron at Wye? Clearly, every capitulation has weakened Israel. Every concession has weakened us strategically and has demoralized us.

On the other hand, events have conspired in our favor to make this the propitious time to reassert Israel’s interest and restore its deterrence. Egypt wants Hamas destroyed as part of the government’s efforts to suppress the Muslim Brotherhood. Hezbollah is deeply committed to the Syrian civil war and would be stupid to open a second front against Israel by firing rockets in support of Hamas. And the Israeli economy is strong and Israeli technology enjoys relatively inelastic demand.

The portents, however, are that the Israeli government will pee on the same fence again and Israel will have to do it all again in a matter of maybe a year or two. This has been going on for decades now, one government after another, no matter which party leads the government. And we, the voters, keep on shunning new parties with decisive ideas because our media tell us that they are “extremists.” We go on electing the same ineffectual, spineless puppets, election after election. All we do is reshuffle the seats.

That too is an electric fence. How many times are we, the voters, going to pee on that fence before we catch on?

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  1. We clearly exposed the truth behind the present government cadre true intents connected to the Hamas operation.
    Netanyahu will not ever complete the destruction of Hamas or any other enemy. Yet they will return to the plan to destroy Jewish communities and Heritage.
    There is only one plan applicable to move away from that settng.