by Emanuel A. Winston, Mid East Analyst & Commentator

Is America to be dragged down into a reputation of betrayal as Hitler stained Germany with the Genocide of the Jewish People? Hitler had two objectives. One was to satisfy his pathological hatred of Jews. The other was to stir up not so latent anti-Semitism across Europe as his troops conquered all the European nations. In any case, it was a successful diversion and 6 million Jews paid the price.

It has been 62 years since Germany and the Europeans completed their human sacrifice to Moloch (a flesh-eating god) always demanding more human sacrifice.

The monster is back again, demanding his due and, regrettably, we observe the nations gathering once again to feed Jews to Allah as their sacrifice.

The Shame for America is that we have leaders who are leading and guiding all others to use Israel as the selected sacrifice. The American people who are decent, generous and honest will come to hate those scurrilous leaders for shaming all of us in order to bribe the Arabs for a “good deal” on their oil.

Think about what some American leaders have already done mostly without the knowledge of the American people.

The State Department, with the approval of several Presidents funneled Billions of American tax-payers’ dollars to the arch-Terrorist and grandfather of modern Arab Terrorism, Yassir Arafat, little of which passed through to the Arab Palestinian people. Instead, those who provided American dollars knew for a certainty that the money was being used to arm Arafat’s Terrorist Army and the hundreds of Terrorist operations against Israeli civilians, to include children and women.

Rice-Bush-Baker know and just don’t care that Saudi Arabia has been the deep pockets for Global Terrorists, many of whom migrated to Iraq to kill American soldiers and Iraqi civilians. For years there has been a group at the highest levels in Washington dedicated to protecting Syria – despite knowing that they were planning Terrorist actions. Recall the 242 Marines from Pennsylvania who were blown up in their barracks in Lebanon in 1983. When President Ronald Reagan ordered our battleship in reprisal to fire its 16 inch guns at Syria positions, then Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger countermanded Reagan’s orders. Weinberger shielded Syria while carrying on a deadly vendetta with Israel.

James Baker III, a frequent visitor to Hafez al Assad could, no doubt speak to the matter of who was responsible and why Syria was never held accountable for its many Terrorist operation against America and Israel. Why did Congress never ask “Who are these guys and what are they receiving as agents for foreign countries?”

Would you believe that the U.N. just voted on September 17th for Syria to serve as Deputy Chairman for its 51st session in Vienna of the General Conference of the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) – the U.N.’s nuclear watchdog. This was just two weeks after Israel’s bombing raid in Syria, to take out North Korean nuclear materials. And, of course, the Syrian news agency SANA proudly announced that “the Israeli nuclear deterrent arsenal is an item on the agenda of the conference.” While Iran will be a focus of the discussions, the agenda does not refer to the Iran Islamic Republic by name. The Director of the IAEA is Mohammed ElBaradei.(1)

Arab Muslims, be they Arab League or Palestinian Terrorists (either Fatah or Hamas) have detailed, non-cancellable Charters and Fatwas calling for the elimination of Israel by any means possible.

Rice-Bush-Baker, knowing all of this, still insist upon the corrupted Olmert give-away of vital tracts of Jewish Land vital to the defense of the small State of Israel. Olmert offers this defensible Land to hostile Arab Muslim Palestinians who will and have already brought in Al Qaeda, Hezb’Allah, Hamas, Al Aksa Martyrs’ Brigade of Fatah, Tanzim, and other proxies of Iran and Syria to battle Israel from within and without.

Rice and Bush and especially Baker know all of this from U.S. and Israel Intelligence but, even knowing these truths, they insist that Israel commit national suicide for whatever good it will do them with a species of killer who will not ever be appeased. Knowing is being a collaborator in the next Jewish Genocide. Would you care to comment, Ms. Rice?

Rice, Bush and Baker know with certainty that Syria has acted both as an entry point for Terrorists going into Iraq to kill American soldiers and has chosen NOT to respond. Mr. Baker, as point man in shielding Syria, might we have your comments?

After Arafat died, Mahmoud Abbas (aka Abu Mazen), his 40 year companion, financier, fellow leading terrorist took over Fatah, which is the main operational Terrorist organization of the PLO. The U.S. not only ignored the on-going Terror against Israel through her many factions but paid money, trained and armed Arafat’s Army still in place under Abu Mazen (Mahmoud Abbas).

Syria and North Korea have been extremely close in the exchange of missile technology and supposedly recently discovered interchange of nuclear technology and materials.

The Europeans insisted on funneling money, arms, explosives and terrorists into Fatah and Hamas – despite continued attacks against Israel through Kassam Rockets and Katyusha Missiles – both with increasing range and accuracy.

Russia’s President Putin wanted to supply armored vehicles to Fatah along with weapons transited through Iran and Syria.

Egypt also played its nefarious role by winking and blinking when shipment of arms to the Palestinians went either through the Sinai or was shipped via the Suez Canal. (Not a word of condemnation from the U.S. State Department or the Bush Administration.)

I have mentioned only a fraction of what has been happening with Bush, Rice, Baker and earlier Father Bush have either watched in silence or even assisted.

The SHAME I have mentioned earlier is that the Bush Administration is perfectly willing to gather all of the above gang of cut-throat nations to judge Israel and hang her as appeasement bait to the murderous Arab Muslims. The names of nations are the same used by Hitler in his Genocidal march to his 1000 Year Third Reich. Why must Bush and Rice leave a legacy that will mark America with an ugly stain much as remains on Germany and participating nations.

In the future, will the Americans and the world be asking such questions as follow:

“Hey, Ms. Rice, was it you who gathered the nations for that November Conference where it was voted to chop Israel into small digestible bite size bits?”

“Hey, Mr. George Herbert Walker Bush, was it you who finally pushed through your New World Order plan, causing the collapse of America’s monetary system?”

“Hey, Mr. President George W. Bush, is it true that you arranged the conquest and Genocide of the Israeli people?”

On a personal note to President George W. Bush: We humans have obliterated whole species of plants, animals and birds. The carrier pigeons were driven to extinction. We tried our best to eliminate the buffalo. We made a great effort to kill off the whales and, no doubt, we will succeed in time. We do keep trying to kill off each other.

Certainly, the nations made every effort to kill off G-d’s messengers leaving only perhaps 15 million Jews on the planet today. Now you and yours are diligently trying to eliminate even this remnant. So, will this be your legacy, namely that President Bush and nations eliminated the last Jew on earth?

Yes indeed, there will be a lot of reputations stained with the accusations of betraying an ally and selling her to their most vicious enemies.

This then is what Rice, Bush and Baker are planing for Israel in the coming November Kangaroo Court, arranged just for the Jewish Nation and staged by Washington.

Americans will then have to share in the Shameful history of Germany.


1. “SYRIA VOTED CO-CHAIRMAN OF THE IAEA” by Herb Keinon Jerusalem Post 9/19/07

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