D’Souza: Obama is motivated by anti-colonialism

Dinesh D’Souza explains How Obama Thinks in a Forbes article this month. Everybody is talking about it.

D’Souza also is soon to publish a book, “The Roots of Obama’s Rage,”

Gingrich commented on the Forbes article in Obama’s ‘Kenyan, anti-colonial’ worldview

Did you know that Obama lent over a billion dolars to Mexica so it could drill in the Gulfl. At the same time he won’t allow drilling by the US in the Gulf. D’Souza says that Obama did it to reverse colonialism and reduce energy consumption by the US.

October 2, 2010 | 2 Comments »

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2 Comments / 2 Comments

  1. Reading D’Souza’s piece reminded me of the efforts by theoretical physicists seeking to find a “theory of everything” being a theory to explain the interaction and connections of all known physical phenomena. Albert Einstein too sought to complete what he called a “unified field theory” to explain the interconnections of all fundamental forces and elementary particles within the ambit of his theory of general relativity and electromagnetism, which goal was called the “unified field theory”.

    Neither Einstein nor the theoretical physicists were able to complete their respective theories for some things just did not fit and some links could not be established to explain the link between all the forces of nature, big and small in the universe and our world within it.

    D’Souza has written a brilliant and insightful piece that seeks to find that one irreducible fundamental factor that explains everything about what moves Pres. Obama to think and act the way he does. D’Souza finds that fundamental factor to be a sense of anti-colonialism instilled in him by his Kenyan father and ingrained into his heart, mind and soul.

    Obama’s father was an economist, a socialist and implacably hateful and resentful of the Western powers that he saw as being avariciously and immorally colonialist, that took great advantage of weaker, poorly developed nations to their great prejudice and disadvantage.

    Anticolonialism seared into his psyche, does explain much about Obama’s past, his thinking and his actions and policies since assuming the presidency.

    It seems to explain how Obama could sit in Rev. Wright’s church for 20 years, listening to Wright’s racist anti-white and anti-semitic ravings. After all, the colonialist powers over the last century were white Westerners. America too was a colonialist power in her earlier history, but for Rev. Wright, America being the leading Western power is stained with its colonialist past. Israel too is seen as a colonialist power by the Palestinians/Arabs and a great many other nations around the world, colored or white.

    An anticolonialist view of the world also explains much as regards Obama’s taking the world stage to deny American exceptionalism and apologize to the Muslim world for America’s unspecified sins which presumably Obama allowed the Muslim world to specify in its vilification of America and the West. Anticolonialism explains why Obama in his apololgy speech failed to hold the anti-Western and anti-semitic elements within that world accountable for their sins.

    Anticolonialism also is a good explanation for why Obama found Saul Alinsky’s theories and beliefs so compelling and why Obama is so intent on wealth redistribution.

    Newt Gingrich says of D’Souza’s analysis:

    D’Souza has made a “stunning insight” into Obama’s behavior — the “most profound insight I have read in the last six years about Barack Obama.”

    “What if [Obama] is so outside our comprehension, that only if you understand Kenyan, anti-colonial behavior, can you begin to piece together [his actions]?” Gingrich asks. “That is the most accurate, predictive model for his behavior.”

    Is anticolonialism the single irreducible fact that explains everything about Obama? Probably not, but it goes a long way to explaining much about Obama.

    A problem with D’Souza’s treatise, as insightful and brilliant as it likely is, is that D’Souza is an intellectual writing for intellectuals.

    People be they Americans or not would benefit greatly by what they can learn from D’Souza’s treatise. We however live in a world that has little patience to read beyond a headline, lead and concluding paragraph of a news article. Most people it seems have adjusted their attention span to the time it take for them to be spoon fed news and opinions by newscasters and pundits on radio and TV.

    It likely would take a person with the smarts of D’Souza to figure out how to explain everything important about D’Souza’s analysis in a few hundred words or less. That is no small task.

    How then can the American people come to know Obama as D’Souza knows him?

    Lets say most Americans did read and grasp D’Souza’s piece, would they have an Aha! moment? Would D’Souza’s words lift the fog from their eyes and allow them to see that they had elected an anti-American president who has been devoting his time and energy to bringing America down?

    Other questions comes to mind.

    Assuming D’Souza is right about Obama, how can his views be used to predict what Obama will do next and enable those who know D’Souza’s truth about Obama, be be better prepared to act and to be that much more effective due to their foreknowledge?

    What practical use can D’Souza’s analysis be put to?

    Finally, Gingrich says of Obama:

    “This is a person who is fundamentally out of touch with how the world works, who happened to have played a wonderful con, as a result of which he is now president,”

    Though American zeal for Obama’s grand promises of hope and change and his policies to that end, seems to be waning and criticism is quickly mounting, the opinion polls still give Obama an over 50% personal likeability score.

    The American people may well suffer from culturally induced attention deficit disorder, but most Americans have much common sense and are far from stupid.

    Anticolonialism does not explain how a person like Obama can be so out of touch with the world and still play such a con on the American people and continue to do so for a great many Americans yet today as Newt Gingrich claims.

    So what has enabled Obama to be as successful as he has?

    The fact is however, that the American public is turning away from Obama due in large measure to his policies that were filled with so much hope of change for the better. That is because those policies and actions delivered far less of better and much more of worse for a great many Americans.

    If Obama’s popularity and support will continue to decline, his agenda stopped in its tracks and he is put out of office in 2012, it will not be because the American people have awakened to the insights of D’Souza, no matter how brilliant and accurate they may be.

    Rather Obama’s downfall will be at the hands of the American people who will have personally experienced greater hardship impacting them and people they know and care about and they will connect their discomfort and suffering directly to Pres. Obama.