Egypt Joins the Israeli War! Hundreds of Tanks Entered Gaza! Muslim Countries Vow Revenge

October 14, 2023 | 6 Comments »

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  1. Hi, Sebastien.

    @Michael The article you just cited is dated ten years ago and was about Egypt fighting Islamist terrorists.

    Oops. I think I was very tired.

    So much Arab BS on this. As far as I can surmise, Egypt is beefing up its military on the border in order to lock up the Pals in Gaza. 😡

  2. @Michael The article you just cited is dated ten years ago and was about Egypt fighting Islamist terrorists.

  3. I can’t take a position on what is actually going on, clickbait or real info, but I’ll provide an interpretation of what it means when the people want to attack, and the leaders restrain them. Sisi and other Arab leaders have made wonderful, reasonable comments and taken appropriate actions, to suppress Islamist extremism in their countries. However, this is not the whole story. Sisi is a Muslim, just as I am a Jew, however unbelieving. The old saying blood is thicker than water, is true, especially in the Middle East.

    To me, this means that Sisi will do everything he can to keep the peace, until it seems to him and other reasonable leaders that there is a chance to finally destroy Israel and claim the land for Islam. It’s a balancing act, not real friendship. I don’t fault Sisi for this, he has the right to his religion, which obligates him to conquer land for Islam and kill the enemies of Islam.

    Now I will give examples, just some folk wisdom that is true and more important than the learned b.s. from PhDs in the Dept. of Realpolitik (spit). The president of El Salvador, a brave and brilliant man who has brought peace to his country by imprisoning cartel members, tweeted about this war. He said, Hamas is to Palestinians as the cartels are to Salvadorans. And that Hamas doesn’t serve the Palestinian cause. He used that very expression. His father is a Palestinian, a former Christian who converted to Islam and is an imam. Bukele is a Christian, his mom is Salvadoran. But it’s important to note that he referred to the Palestinian cause. In other words, he is not a Zionist, LOL, and why should he be. Just because everyone in the world should admire him for restoring law and order to a cartel ridden shithole country, does not mean that he is a friend of Israel or ever will be, any more than you or I would be a true friend of the Palestinians, except for some individuals. President Bukele is a Palestinian and we are Jews, period. Knowing this will save lives, fantasies get people killed.

    Another example, I was in Iran in 1973 as a hippie tourist. The Shah was in power, Iran was modernising. The older hippie tour leader told us young ones, don’t go near the authentic neighborhoods, the people aren’t modern. I saw women covered head to toe in those black shrouds, yet in the city, there were modern career women who spoke English and would have fit in anywhere. But the adult hippie tour leader knew the truth. The people were what they were, the Shah and his middle class westernized people were icing on a different kind of cake. In effect, the adult hippie read the room and knew what would happen later.

    So, if Israel wants to keep its Arab “friends,” it must keep winning. If things go wrong in this or any future war, all the jackals will pounce at once, whether they have treaties or not. It is who they are, and I don’t blame them one bit. They have the right to be who they are, it is Western people who must face this. There are many wonderful people like Bukele, who are not on our side. So when I see a video like the above, it’s a little like Schrodinger’s cat. Why are the tanks there? It depends on how well Israel does.

  4. The video above implies at first that Egypt has already joined the war against Israel, but gradually states that Egypt has positioned tanks at her border with Gaza to protect the Egyptian border. The video states the Egyptian people want Egypt to fight in support of Hamas. It makes it seem as if this is the overwhelming majority of Egyptian people. It offers no evidence for the number of people that want Egypt to fight along side Hamas. Most Muslim countries teach hatred of Israel as the eternal enemy of Islam, so if there were a majority of Egyptians protesting the war it would not be surprising. It is difficult to know if there is any evidence for any of the claims in this video.

    Is Egypt at war with Israel? If you watch the whole video you are led to doubt it by the end of the video. Did they use that “bombshell” of a headline just to get eyeballs watching their video? Or is it true?

    Ted Belman noted in a previous post that Mudar Zahran told him that Al Sisi and King Abdullah II of Jordan were involved in starting the war against Israel.

    I had thought Al Sisi was someone who expelled Muslim Brotherhood members from Egypt, and has taken public positions against radical Islam. I had read he united a number of gulf Muslim countries in confronting Qatar on their role in radical Islamic terror in the Middle East. Now, Zahran says he is joining the Muslim Brotherhood (i.e. Hamas) in their fight against Israel? When did he have a change of heart? Also, if Gazans flee due to war conditions, this would be a problem for both Egypt and Jordan, two countries whose leaders in the past have not wanted to take the Palestinians in. What does Jordan and Egypt gain by going to war against Israel and siding with Iran? Is all of the Middle East except Israel now siding with Iran despite feeling up to now that Iran was the most dangerous country in the Middle East?

    Here is another video. This video below appears to be about Syria joining the war, but is actually about how Israel has been gaining control of the borders of Gaza, and in Syria, about how Israel has successfully taken out two main airports which supply weapons to Hamas and Hizb’allah.