Europe should butt out.

By Ted Belman

What follows are three articles condemning Israel for the regulation law for many reasons, chief among them is that they make the TSS harder to achieve. Europe together with Obama set the parameters of such Peace agreement which itself was impossible to achieve. The problem is with them for supporting the PA rejection of anything remotely possible and the PA incitement to violence. Their criticism really pisses me off.

Outpost law damaging Israel’s credibility, French envoy charges

This is troubling for the international community, who is wondering if she should trust Israel when Israel says it’s ready to discuss with its neighbor, the Palestinians, to reach an agreement on the two-state solution,” ambassador Hélène Le Gal told Army Radio in an English-language interview.

“The fact that Israel is accumulating facts on the ground, makes [reaching] a solution more difficult,” she said


Germany ‘disappointed,’ lost confidence in Israel after outpost law

“The confidence we had in the Israeli government’s commitment to the two-state solution has been profoundly shaken,”

“Only a negotiated two-state solution can bring durable peace and is in Israel’s interest. It remains a fundamental tenet of our Middle East policy.”

Israeli legislation on settlements violates international law, says UN chief Guterres

“The Secretary-General insists on the need to avoid any actions that would derail the two-state solution,” the statement said, adding that all core issues should be resolved between the parties through direct negotiations on the basis of relevant Security Council resolutions and mutual agreements.

Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely in response to the criticism of the regularization law:

“The settlement law that the Israeli parliament passed this week reflects a just legal principle. The underlying premise behind the critics of Israel is that this is occupied Palestinian land. This premise is incorrect. Israel has both historic and legal rights to this land and the law reaches the right balance between the rights of the Jewish families to their homes and the right of the owners of these plots of land to get compensation. The legal principle of compensation is known in all western legal systems. And this principle that Israel adopted this week creates the right justice between the Palestinians and the Jewish families.

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  1. @ Michael Dar:

    Since it’a as obvious as the Empire State Building, that the local Arabs have NO PROPERTY RIGHTS in YESHA, other than the spurious “grants” of land given to them by the Jordan King during his illegal invasion and Internationally unrecognised occupation of YESHA for 19 years, kicked put again in a defensive war, their only remedy is to vacate to Jordan-of which they are citizens- and extend profuse apologies.

    Israel is well within her rights in demanding compensation from Jordan for this illegal invasion and occupation, depriving Jews from the uninterrupted enjoyment of their Land, as well as from the Arabs who illegally held the Land for 19 years.

    WHY…oh WHY does the High Court act in it’s”decisions as if thos grants were legal. They are doing a great disservice to Israel, for so many years. We can hope that this will come to an end during this present government, and they get a long overdue rump-kicking off the bench and out of the legal scene forever. No punishment is strong enough for them to suffer, as they’ve made countless Jews suffer.

  2. BB tells UK: “‘How Would You Feel if Israel Funded Welsh or Scottish Independence Groups?’ PM Netanyahu Asks UK Counterpart in Call for Foreign Governments to Stop Giving Money to NGOs That ‘Slander’ the Jewish State”

    In the comments I wrote, “Israel should do just that.”


  3. Also, I think that the law of wars must be considered. Israel is the aggressed party in the conflict and as such entitled to hold on to territory gained in the conflict pending a peaceful, final and permanent peace agreement.