Europe’s Floozies . . . America’s Burden

By Howard Galganov

GOOD FOR TRUMP . . . Trump was RIGHT about the Gorgeous NATO Building in Brussels, where all the NATO Leaders Posed for their Photo-Op, for which President Trump didn’t want to know how much it cost, since I think he didn’t want to PUKE Live On Camera, considering that this EXTRAVAGANT Building was MOST Probably Constructed almost ENTIRELY with American Taxpayer Dollars.

The Cost Was Somewhere Just Under $2-BILLION . . . Which Is An Obscenity.

BUT GIVEN HOW THESE EURO-CREEPS . . . are Deadbeats on their Financial NATO Commitments, it is probably not wrong to assume that Uncle Sam PAID the FULL SHOT, yet these POMPOUS Bastards Strut Around As If It Was Theirs.

IT’S UNFATHOMABLE . . . How the Euro-Trash Love their Privilege, as long as Someone else Pays For It, in this case . . . The People Of The Good Ole USA, whom they look down upon.

SINCE THE EURO-TRASH . . . aren’t Anteing-Up their 2% GDP Share to NATO, with some of whom, who are hardly Anteing-Up Anything, except SPENDING GOD ONLY KNOWS HOW MUCH MONEY ON THEIR NATO CATHEDRAL, with what Money do these EURO-LEECHES think will be there to FIGHT the World’s Enemies when the time comes?

OUT OF 28-NATO COUNTRIES . . . Only FIVE have Ponied-Up to their Commitment to spend 2% of their GDP towards NATO, which includes the USA, Greece, Britain, Estonia, and Poland (in order of the most to the least), while the other TWENTY-FIVE, who are way below their SIGNED 2% Commitment . . . Strut around like Frigging Peacocks.

I guess it’s really nice having the Monuments . . . But how will those Monuments, INCLUDING THE PALATIAL NATO BUILDING stand-up to Bombs, Bullets, Tanks, Missiles, Jet Fighters, and Skilled Warriors . . . WHEN – NOT IF . . . BUT WHEN IT HITS THE FAN?


My Dad used to tell me Stories about being in Europe during WWII, from the very beginning (1939) while stationed in England, until deployed to Sicily, to the very end (1945).

He Spoke Well of the working Class Brits, and thought the British Elitists were the SCUM they thought everyone else was.

My Dad LOVED the American Soldiers once America got into the War, since they looked down on no one, and were generous to a fault. He really liked the Dutch who knew how to show their Gratitude. And he DETESTED the Uppity French, the Fancy Italians, and the In-Your-Face-Belgiums who forgot how to say Thank You for Liberating Them. So What’s Changed?

I HEARD & READ HOW SOME LEFTISTS . . . Muttered after President Trump’s NATO Remarks, that he didn’t even mention how NATO Sprang into Action, sending Troops, Ships, and War Planes to Iraq and Afghanistan after 9/11 . . . But what they didn’t say, was . . . had it not been for the British, Australians and Canadians (under the Leadership of Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper), the REST of the NATO Troops who “Sprang Into Action” mostly served as Tourists for Photo Ops, as they Rarely Left the Safety of their BASE.

It’s One Thing To Be In The Middle Of A War . . . But It’s Something Else To Fight.

BESIDES . . . There’s NOTHING the Euro-Trash could ever do, or claim to have done, or say, which could or would ever REPAY America, Canada and Australia in any Way, Shape, or Form . . . or by any Conceivable Degree or Percentage, FOR SAVING THEIR BACON NOT JUST ONCE . . . BUT TWICE.

And Then REBUILDING Their Economy & Infrastructure For Good measure.

SPEAKING OF CANADA . . . There was the Grinning Canadian SCHMUCK Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Camera, who is in the process of Passing Laws to make it ILLEGAL for People like me to write CRITICALLY OF ISLAM, who should have HID HIS FACE IN SHAME, for being one of those DEADBEAT NATO LEADERS, since Canada under Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Government, HAS CONTRIBUTED “LESS” THAN ONE PERCENT of our Canadian GDP, not even coming close to the Required 2%, in order to Support Canada’s Fees To Belong To NATO.

Canada Always Punched Above Our Weight Class . . . But Now We’re FREE-RIDERS.


NOW DON’T GET ME WRONG . . . President Trump DIDN’T EXACTLY call them Dead Beats, because even for “THE DONALD”, that would have been somewhat Over-The-Top, but that is certainly how I took his Criticism of them to be, whether he used the word DEADBEAT OR NOT, since that is exactly who and what they are.

But Then Again . . . How Can You Insult Elitists Who Are Beyond Reproach?


YOU HAVE TO “LOVE” THE UN (United Nations), which also expects the USA to Pay For Everything, while these HORRIBLE TIN-POT DICTATORS live like Royalty in New York City, as their countrymen FLOUNDER in Poverty, while the UN Jerks FLOUT American (NYC) Laws, as they Illegally Park Wherever they Want, Speed with Reckless Abandon, and NEVER PAY FOR A TICKET.

And because they’re part of the UN . . . They enjoy all forms of Elitist Entitlements, like PRIVILEGED Accommodations, Movement to the Front of Lines, and the Kind of Respect NONE OF THEM DESERVE.

AND NOW . . . Here Comes the G-7 – Which Also FEEDS-OFF The American People, who better Wipe their Smug Smiles Off Their Faces, before President Donald Trump WIPES THEIR SMILES OFF FOR THEM. And don’t think it isn’t coming.

THE SWAMP IS GLOBAL . . . And Draining It Will Take More Than Simple Diplomacy. IT WILL TAKE TRUMP AND HIS TEAM OF GENERALS . . . to once again Storm the Beaches of Europe, But This Time – The Beaches Of European Depravity.


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  1. “…Rarely Left the Safety of their BASE…”

    Which brings us to our “ally,” Saudi Arabia.

    Do they do anything for us — other than using their oil wealth to practice “stealth” or “civilization” jihad — “to” us, technically — or do we just need to keep them from being invaded by Iran; and the last time we went in there ourselves, Bin Laden used that as a pretext to attack America at home?

  2. There’s no problem with the Europeans that cannot be resolved. So far, they have never been called upon to behave correctly. Now it’s time. Even if they have grown accustomed to getting the benefits without paying their dues, they will wake up and start behaving responsibly when the benefits go away. An easy way to start is not to remove the UN from USA. It is much better to move it to Death Valley. Let them pay their bills for air-conditioning or cook.

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