by Emanuel A. Winston, Middle East Analyst & Commentator

The Nations of the world say they have come to legal accommodations in the current rules of engagement for warfare. They have conventions against the use of poison gas which was introduced by the Germans in WW1. In WW2, the Germans expanded that use of gas to kill millions of Jews.

In wars that followed new rules were instituted about the humane treatment of captured soldiers and civilians. But, in practice, aggressor nations never followed those rules. Their victims suffered huge casualties by playing at war like ‘gentlemen’.

Today we watch the Global uprising of the Muslim “Ummah” – the Islamic “civilization” in a murderous rampage against all of the “infidels” (non-Muslim) – all of the Judeo-Christian world. They murder with abandon; they torture their prisoners; they behead them; they use poison gas, suicide bombs, roadside bombs, car/truck bombs, airplanes as bombs.

For “Jihadists” (warriors for Islam) there are no innocent civilians, we are the enemy deserving of the worst.

Now they are gathering area-wide WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) including NBC (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical) with missiles of greater accuracy, range and increasing deadliness in order to kill civilians in aggressive wars in the name of their pagan god, Allah and his killer servant, Mohammed.

Muslim Arab Palestinian leaders have blatantly stated that they have the legal right to target Israeli Jewish civilians – and that the Law, as they see it, allows them to do so. Obama remains silent in terms of action but confronts this danger with lofty, meaningless oratory.

But, the threats to eliminate the Jewish Nation/State of Israel and all of her people seems outside the realm of Obama’s concern and international law or the “gentlemen’s” rules of engagement. This capability for mass destruction by Islamist “Jihadis” (warriors for Islam) has ‘de facto’ been accepted by the nations of Europe and now, under President Barack Hussein Obama, America seems committed to this insanity. This acceptance of “no rules” is especially true for Muslims attacking Israel and American targets.

They insist that Israel (only) must abide by the ‘gentlemanly’ restraints of the ‘laws of war’, despite the fact that the Arab and Muslims, with their Islamic creed, refuse to follow such rules of engagement for ‘restrained’ warfare.

I wonder if the nations of the world will continue to accept Muslims in their midst who blow up buildings in New York and Washington, commuter trains in London and Madrid, cafe’s and buses everywhere?

Will Americans and the MSM (Main Stream Media) continue to avoid using the word “Terror” (as in Terrorists or War on Terror), using the euphemisms of “militants” or “extremist” to obfuscate the truth?

Will America’s Media avoid blaming the U.S. State Department who so anxiously provided visas, passports and even American citizenship with all of its invaluable protective laws to Muslims who fade into America’s melting pot culture until they are ready to activate as “sleeper cells” to blow up American cities and civilians?

Will the American people demand that the U.S. State Department be totally cleaned of pro-Arab employees, many of whom enter the revolving door from American spheres of influence to serve in Arab/Muslim countries as diplomats and back to positions of influence in America’s government?

Will President Barack Hussein Obama be impeached sooner rather than later as a clear and present danger to the American nation because he has demonstrated that he is an Arabist and friend to Iran, Syria and the Muslim Arab oil nations – as well as having been indoctrinated as Muslim while a child?

Will U.S. Army Generals be allowed to train and gather the troops they command to fight the Muslim enemies within the American nation?

Only the Jews are told they cannot fight back against threatened and real Islamic Terror – except in a way that shields the attacking Muslims. All through the seven major of wars of defense against the Arab Muslim aggressor, the Muslims fought Israel, using their own people as Human Shields. The nations of the world remained silent, except to excoriate the Jews for defending themselves.

When the Muslims put Triple AAA (Ack-Ack) on the roofs, school yards and parking lots of schools, hospitals and civilian apartment buildings, the nations remained silent.

When the 7 invading armies from Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Yemen were able to capture Jews, hideous torture was the rule, not the exception.

When the Muslims could manage to overrun a civilian kibbutz, village or even the Holy City of Hebron, their routine practice was to slaughter men, women and children – with no restraint – no pity – no thought of the Geneva Convention – or all those other useless laws of “civilized warfare” – and the nations were silent.

I suppose there is no need to remind our readers about Adolph Hitler’s total disregard for International Law in his murderous crusade nor the willingness of the nations he conquered to assist in killing their own Jews against all laws of humanity and G-d. Recall how Faisel al-Hussein, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, frequently visited Adolph Hitler in Nazi Germany and pleaded to have Hitler’s Genocidal machine to be brought to what became Israel to slaughter every Jew there.

As I recall it was Arnold Toynbee who spoke of Jews being the “Fourth Estate” with the King and Aristocracy being the First Estate, the Church as the Second Estate, the Merchants and Peasants as the Third Estate. But, the Jews were the “Fourth Estate” and generally did not enjoy the protection of law as did the first three. We Jews were outside the loop of legal protection enjoyed by the other three – all through the Dark and Middle Ages – continuing on through the Present.

Since Israel is once again categorized as the “Fourth Estate” by the nations of the world, there is no reason for Israel to follow the current “rules of engagement” for a restrained ‘gentlemanly war’ in defense of her very existence. Her enemies, including and especially the Muslims and Arabs have made it clear in prior wars or in future wars they do not intend to follow any rules of International Law with Israel or any other “infidel” nation. Israel faces a continual existential threat – a threat to her very existence while Obama pressures Israel for ‘restraint’.

Presently, the Muslim proxies of Syria and Iran – Hezb’Allah and Hamas, are building an enormous army and storehouse of the most modern weapons. They have stated plainly, over and over again, that they intend to occupy Israel from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. Obama – with his gaggle of almost 40 pro-Arab Czars and Czarinas – has long known about the shipments of offensive weapons by Iran through Syria to their Terrorist clients and proxies, especially Hezb’Allah and Hamas. Much of that high tech weaponry comes from Russia. How much of it might be WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction), including NBC (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical) as well as launching missiles with ever-increasing power, distance-to-target and accuracy?

Hezb’Allah and Hamas are to act as the advanced army for Iran and Syria wherein they will trigger the opening assault with Syria and Iran immediately following with saturation missile attacks. Note! The Hezb’Allah and Hamas already have huge numbers of long range missiles, some with chemical and biological warheads supplied by Iran and shipped through Syria.

In addition to Iran’s growing capability to mount Nuclear Warheads on its missiles much sooner than anyone in America is willing to publically admit – perhaps as early as in one month.

Israeli Intelligence has made public the fact that Hezb’Allah in the Lebanon is placing its missiles in civilian villages, on roofs and in basements of apartment buildings, schools and hospitals with the civilians therein. “Human Shields” are only one line of defense used to incite the U.S., U.N., E.U. and Russia to scream bloody murder if Israel must strike the missile launchers emplaced in civilian enclaves because they are aimed at Israel’s civilian population.

Hamas is doing the same in Gaza.

Both expect Israel to follow the “rules of engagement” in a ‘gentlemanly war’ and refrain from attacking their sites protected by their own women and children positioned as human shields. The Israelis always try to avoid creating civilian casualties and the barbarous Muslim Military uses that to their own advantage. The Israeli Military even sends prior warnings when they have to bomb near civilian homes or school yards where the Terrorists hide out and from which they launch their rockets.

They did this during Operation “Cast Lead” in Gaza, which they launched defensively after 8 years and 10,000 Hamas rockets, missiles and mortar landed in Israeli civilian areas. Despite all their warnings, leaflets and phone calls for civilians to evacuate the targets, thus losing the element of surprise, the U.N. under Judge Richard Goldstone issued a scurrilous report, damning Israel and thus demonizing, delegitimizing and denigrating the Israeli Jews.

Note! I have attached an article by Ya’akov Katz from the Jerusalem Post, May 7th: “SECURITY AND DEFENSE: Taking to the Streets”.

Therefore, although the Jewish Government of Israel has exercised extraordinary restraint and abided by Geneva Conventions and other “rules of engagement” as insisted on by the Europeans and Americans – even though the Arab Muslim enemies ignore such fake “rules”. IF Israel is to continue to exist, she must accept the “Rules of War” practiced by its enemies.

While Israel is continuing to use high tech targeting devices, she must now also use the Dresden example set by the U.S. and Britain in their WW2 war against Hitler.

The same example was the total destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki wherein civilian casualties were necessary to end the war the Japanese started as quickly as possible. The Arab Muslim population declared war against Israel and proclaimed they would enact a great slaughter of Jews – after which they would “Dance in the Blood of the Jews”, a phrase used in sermons by the “Jihadi” imams and clerics.

In each successive attack the Muslim Arab leaders promised Genocide against the Jews – with no restraining ‘rules of engagement’. It’s long past time for Israel to accept the death it’s citizens with such passivity, hoping the world would accept and honor her restraint.

However, the nations of the world neither accepted nor honored Israel’s noble gestures. In fact, they joined Israel’s enemies in many ways, confirming Toynbee’s assessment that Jews were not to be treated fairly within the laws the “other” nations accept for themselves except when they abandon such laws to target the Jews/Israelis and to save their own people.

Regrettably, Israel must abandon such rules of restraint that seems to apply only to the Jewish Nation/State.

So, wherever a Terrorist has set up operations, no matter in the basement of a hospital, the roof of a school in the middle of a village – always using cheering civilians as their “human shields” that should be a target.

If Jewish children, schools, hospitals, homes are acceptable targets for Islamic Terrorist then they have established today’s appropriate”rules of war”.

Be aware that many of the recent “failed” attacks and incidents on airplanes are probably a concerted effort to probe America’s weaknesses and soft targets. Imagine if the December 25th underwear bomber or the May 1st Times Square bomber had been successful, what stage of surrender would this Obama Administration be now implementing.

Regrettably for many reasons, I do not expect President Barack Hussein Obama and his advisors will move to protect American citizens against the Muslim Jihadists who are implanted deep in American society – other than to raise a white flag of surrender when the Terror attacks reach an intolerable level.


? Security and Defense: Taking to the streets By YAAKOV KATZ

Jerusalem Post 07/05/2010

Narrow alleys, enemies posing as civilians and schools doubling as storerooms for weapons – urban warfare is an IDF nightmare.

Not many periods resemble this year in terms of military buildup among Israel’s enemies. A quick glance along the borders demonstrates just how significant the current trend is – Hamas is re-arming at an unprecedented rate in the Gaza Strip; Hezb’Allah is doing the same in Lebanon; and Syria is also training its forces in guerrilla tactics in the event of a future war.

What will spark this future war is unclear, but IDF officers joke about how they will have to cancel their overseas vacation plans this summer. One possibility is an IAF strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities, which will likely lead to conflict with Hezb’Allah, Hamas and possibly Syria. Another possibility is that Hezb’Allah will succeed – after many failed attempts – to avenge the 2008 assassination of its military commander, Imad Mughniyeh, in Damascus. If it shoots down an El Al plane or blows up an embassy, Israel will likely feel compelled to respond.

Conflict could also erupt if Israel decides to attack a Syrian weapons convoy to Hezb’Allah. This comes amid news that Syria has transferred an unknown number of Scuds as well as hundreds of M600 missiles. The Syrian-made M600 – which has a solid propellant and is a clone of the Iranian Fateh-110 – has a range of 250 km., a 500 kg. warhead, and is equipped with a sophisticated guidance system, giving Hezb’Allah unprecedented accuracy.

On the ground, the common denominator between all three fronts is the urbanization process that is taking place. While Syria retains its tanks and artillery, its recent investments have been in its commando units, antitank missiles, rapid deployment capabilities and the construction of ghost towns
along the border to trap IDF troops.

Hezb’Allah has done the same. In the Second Lebanon War in 2006, the IDF encountered an enemy both entrenched in civilian infrastructure and heavily deployed in what it called “nature reserves,” forested areas where Hezb’Allah dug bunkers and set up Katyusha launch sites.

Based on current intelligence, the situation has gotten worse. Hezb’Allah is almost completely stationed inside cities and villages throughout Lebanon. A future war will be fought not in the hills but in the narrow alleys and streets of Bint Jbail, Maron a-Ras and Hirbet Selm.

Hamas is no different. Following Operation Cast Lead, it underwent an extensive internal inquiry, together with its Iranian patrons, and decided to increase its dependence on civilian infrastructure. If Hamas fighters hid in a dozen hospitals during Cast Lead, the number is likely to be double in the next war. If it fired rockets from a dozen schools, the number next time will likely be triple that.

Tasked with preparing IDF units with the future urban warfare it faces is the Ground Forces Command (GFC), currently headed by Maj.-Gen. Sami Turgeman, a veteran tank commander and until last year commander of Division 36, the IDF’s mobilized division on the Golan Heights.

Immediately after the Second Lebanon War, the IDF embarked on a process which culminated six months ago in the approval by the General Staff of a new operational doctrine for ground forces. Other IDF branches, like the air force and the navy, are currently in the process of writing their own operational doctrines.
The document, authored by a number of senior officers and overseen by Brig.-Gen. Ilan Peretz, one of Turgeman’s deputies, essentially serves as the reference for the military on how it should prepare its infantry, armored, combat engineering and artillery forces for a future war, either asymmetric or conventional.

“The document is our compass,” a top GFC officer recently told The Jerusalem Post. “We analyzed what the nature of the next war will be and what we need to do to get ourselves ready for it.”

Urban warfare, for example, has two innate difficulties. First, the closed quarters makes it easier for the enemy to conceal its positions and weaponry. As a result, it is difficult for the military to collect
intelligence. It is also difficult for a conventional military to accurately distinguish between civilians and fighters who wear civilian clothing.

Therefore, the GFC recently decided that urban warfare training would be mandatory for all its units – whether infantry, armor or combat engineers – in their basic training.

“We don’t train for specific missions, but we create the capability the soldiers will need to effectively carry out any type of mission they receive,” the senior GFC officer said.

With the demand for the increase in training has also come the need for additional IDF urban-warfare training centers.

Currently equipped with close to 20 facilities – the largest at the Tze’elim base in the Negev – the IDF will increase that number by close to 50 percent by next year and is currently building new facilities at the Golani and Kfir infantry brigade training bases.

The IDF is also constructing a mock village in the Combat Engineer training base in the Negev that is modeled after urban areas in the Gaza Strip and southern Lebanon where, according to the IDF, Hamas and Hezb’allah have booby-trapped homes and built underground passageways stretching dozens of

Another decision was to create brigade combat teams (BCTs) made up of a combination of infantry, armor and combat engineers like the forces that fought in the Gaza Strip during Operation Cast Lead. All combat units are part of BCTs, so while the commander of the Paratroop Brigade, for example, is only in charge of his four battalions on a daily basis, in the event of a war or large-scale operation, his brigade will take in tanks and engineering squads.

“The name of the game is interoperability,” the officer said. “This way the commanders already know how to operate together and how to effectively utilize the wide variety of forces under their command.”

For large-scale operations which involve the air force, each brigade commander will receive an air liaison officer. This officer has his own armored personnel carrier and enters the area of operations with the BCT and serves as the brigade commander’s main air consultant.

“The brigade commander can say that he needs a specific target destroyed, but doesn’t know which bomb or aircraft to use,” the officer said. “This is what the liaison’s job is.”

To meet operational requirements, the GFC has recommended to the General Staff that training regimens be increased from 13 weeks every two years to 17 weeks. The target date is next year.

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  1. Though Winston’s point about the rules of engagement regarding Islamism are most strongly made in relation to the singularly high standard the world imposes on Israel regarding her right to self defence, he also makes that case against all declared enemies of the Islamists.

    Who can doubt that had America and the West had maintained the same definition of victory that they were guided by during WWII, America would have utterly defeated North Korea, North Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and the Islamists in Pakistan and throughout the Middle East?

    The West has been self defeating by imposing rules of engagement upon itself that it does not impose either on the Islamists or on Russia. Russia still is at risk from Islamists, but that risk is not nearly as great as the West faces. Russia’s nearly levelling Grozny, Chechnyia in 1994-1995 did much curb Islamist enthusiasm for war with Russia. Western condemnation of Russia for its actions against the Muslim Chechnyans was muted at best.

    When it comes to rules of engagement and concern for human rights, the West imposes a much lesser standard on Russia and China.

    Obama has more then past American Presidents, watered down the definition of victory even more to a definition closely associated with containment and has imposed even more restrictions on the rules of engagement so as to further limit the American army’s and American Home Security to effectively wage war against Islamists. The point is however, that Obama’s actions in that regard are not new, but rather an even more dangerous and self defeating extention of past American policies.

    The EU is even worse then America when it comes to being willing to stand and fight against Islamists. The EU prefers to let America do the heavy lifting in that regard.

    There are some signs however that some EU nations are beginning to dip their toes in the waters of the battle not only against Islamists, but the battle to preserve their own civilization from Islamists. The American people will have to demand that Obama, the Congress and Senate do the same, because without mounting public pressure, there is not much reason to hope that Obama, the Congress and Senate will take those steps on their own.

  2. ayn reagan Said:

    Wipe out all the enemies at the same time, with absolutely no foreshadowing of events.

    Ayn Uncle has it, you got it and I have it. Now we need to persuade the Israeli leadership to come on board.

    Strike both Hamas and Hezbollah simultaneously with devastating blows. By the way who gives a damn what BHO thinks.
    Israel in not and should not seek his approval.

  3. It makes tactical sense to remove the threat of Iran’s proxies to the north and south first if we are going to attack Iran.

    It must be simultaneous because Obama is the X-Factor.

    He will seek to thwart any Israeli act of self-defense…especially one of preemption.

    The Israelis must therefore model their strategy after Michael Corleone’s winning approach at the end of Godfather II.

    Wipe out all the enemies at the same time, with absolutely no foreshadowing of events.

    Well, maybe not all the enemies.

    Bombing the Oval Office would probably be ill-considered.

  4. yamit82 Said:

    It makes tactical sense to remove the threat of Iran’s proxies to the north and south first if we are going to attack Iran.

    Uncle, it makes a lot of sense. Right now the Hezbollah buildup of missiles in Southern Lebanon poses a great threat to Israel and her people. The ADF should level the whole area and while they are at it take out some installations in Syria, maybe hitting that goose neck idiot president.

    In addition the Hamas leadership should be taken out as well.

    I am sure Israeli intelligence has an eyeball on the where.

  5. Some observations:

    It seems quite dumb to let the enemy define the battlefield parameters, especially when we have the wherewithal to bypass the enemies prepared

    entrenchments and preparations. If Israel has to replicate the allied bombing of Dresden then we do it. Every town, village or other

    entrenchment should be leveled to rubble by air power and artillery. Since I assume the civilian population will have run for the hills anyone

    left must be considered an enemy combatant and fair game. Extensive use of relatively inexpensive primitive weapons like napalm should be

    used as extensively as needed and it will have the added effect of acting to terrorize the enemy as well.

    Israel should always have primarily two focuses A- To Save as much as Possible Jewish lives (IDF) and kill as many of the enemy

    as it is within our power.B– In other-words to implement in all cases of conflict with our enemies the concept of total war.

    If we know that it will take another year of upgrading and revamping the training of the IDF for the new battlefield urban fighting doctrine, so does the enemy and it seems logical for them to move the engagement timetable up before the IDF is better prepared. That is if Israel still allows the enemy to choose the time, place and type of warfare? So both sides may have a strategic interest to go at it sooner than later.

    A Summer war may not be purely speculative then.

    Since Israel gets no political benefit from playing by the rules others place on her she should discount them and Apply my references of A and B.

    We will be condemned and pilloried in any event.

    It makes tactical sense to remove the threat of Iran’s proxies to the north and south first if we are going to attack Iran.