Fighting the Islamic scourge

Jihad Watch has a couple of related posts.

English Defense League forms Jewish Division.

Here’s their first press release,

    We, the English Defence League Jewish Division, support the British Armed Forces, the IDF and the British people.

    We are English, we love England, and we are committed to combat racism, fascism, anti-semitism, the biased media, and uninformed politicians.

    We are here to fight for all people – Jews in England in particular – against attacks by pro-Islamic, anti-Jewish, anti-Israel media propaganda and lies, relating to Jews, Jewish culture and beliefs, and against blood-libels propagated by the left, Nazis and Muslims.

    We are committed to waking up the sleeping Jewish press, e.g: The Jewish Chronicle, to the threat of Muslim attacks on Judaism, Zionism and to Muslim attempts to delegitimise Jews, the Jewish state of Israel and to force, by stealth and overt means, sharia law on England.

    Our EDL units have gays, transgender, Black, Sikhs, Hindus, Jews and ex-Muslims (apostates) members. We are professionals of ALL classes!

    We are the only organisation in the UK that demonstrates against Muslim violence and discrimination against women, such as forced marriages, underage marriage, female genital mutilation and honour killings. Not one so-called feminist has spoken out against these terrible things, preferring to collude with male Muslims and respect these appalling acts as “culture”!

    Our Facebook page is -by invitation only.

    We are also connected to the wonderful English Defence Youth, who have their own website which, we contribute to.

    Our fight is worldwide: against Muslim hegemony, polygamy, misogyny, sharia law, the building of any more mosques in the UK, racist attacks on non-Muslims (or kuffar as they call us!), homophobic attacks, Islamic no-go areas for British people, Muslim-only services paid for by the tax-payer, laws just for Muslims.

    We repudiate preferential treatment for Islamic hate-speakers, terrorists and groups/organizations like IFE, Muslims against Crusaders, who, apart from being sponsored by terrorist organizations, proselytise against our armed forces and against the freedoms that the generations of English people have fought for!

    This struggle is everyone’s struggle, and remaining silent is no longer an option.

    No Surrender!

    English Defence League Jewish Division

    Morrigan Emmaleth

    Cassandra Victoria

“Dutch Politician Forms Anti-Islam Coalition,”

by Alex Rossi for SkyNews, July 16:

    Controversial Dutch politician Geert Wilders has said he is forming an international “freedom alliance” to amplify his anti-Muslim message across the West.

    Mr Wilders will launch the movement later this year in five countries: the United States, Canada, France, Germany and Britain.

    The aim of the alliance is to end immigration of people from Muslim nations.

    “The message: ‘Stop Islam, defend freedom’, is a message that’s not only important for the Netherlands but for the whole free Western world,” Mr Wilders told the Dutch parliament.

    The far-right politician identified the five nations as “ripe” for his message as they already have a large number of Muslim immigrants and face a threat from Islamic terrorists….

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  1. a female English journalist who describes Gaza as a concentration camp was standing in a market brimming with fresh produce.

    That would be the sister-in-law of Tony Blair, Lauren Booth.

  2. The liberals have insisted that European groups that oppose jihad are neo-Nazis, so what gives? I saw posted online yesterday the opulence many Palestinians in Gaza are enjoying. In one photo, a female English journalist who describes Gaza as a concentration camp was standing in a market brimming with fresh produce. These journalists get away with telling the biggest lies; she should be publicly humiliated as a gross propagandist and sent packing. What America needs most is a television news organization that will spend its time contradicting the propaganda of the media. When our voters go into the polling place (assuming they can sneak past the Black Panthers), they cast their ballots based on misinformation. Our democracy is being destroyed by media lies. Obama never would have won if America had an honest media.