Fitzgerald: Ten questions for 10 out of 11 British Muslims

From Jihad Watch

    As many as one in 11 British Muslims agree with and proactively support terrorism, a Government adviser [himself a Muslim] has warned police.

    Haras Rafiq also told officers at Scotland Yard that up to 20 per cent of the Muslim population ‘ sympathise’ with militants, while stopping short of being prepared to ‘blow themselves up.’ from this article

Of course this number is a guess, but it is not a guess to call it the absolute minimum. I suspect it is a gross underestimate. But in any case it is not the only question to be asked. Other questions to be asked include:

1) Do those 10 out of 11 British Muslims who do not “proactively support terrorism” actively denounce it? Do they work with the police? Are they eager to do whatever they can to protect their fellow (though Infidel) citizens? Are they going all out to work against, on every occasion, that “1 out of every 11” who are not true-blue citizens?

2) How many of those “10 out of 11 British Muslims” believe that all obstacles to the spread of Islam, including the legal and political institutions created over many centuries by the non-Muslims, the Infidels, of what is now Great Britain, should be dismantled, and that Islam, by right, should dominate everywhere, and Muslims, by right, should everywhere rule, as they do now in Dar al-Islam? Or do those people who identify themselves as Muslims in fact simply not believe the main tenets of Islam, and the worldview that divides us all into two categories: Believers and Infidels?

3) How many of those “10 out of 11 British Muslims” who do not “proactively support terrorism” do so in other ways — for example, by lending moral and financial support to those who do “proactively support terrorism,” and would, if necessary, refuse to report on them, and even help them to escape?

4) How many of those “10 out of 11 British Muslims” who do not “proactively support terrorism” know perfectly well what passages in the Qur’an, what stories in the Hadith, what details in the life of Muhammad, so obviously can be appealed to, and are appealed to, by those who are enrolled in the army of those who “proactively support terrorism”?

5) How many of those “10 out of 11 British Muslims” who do not “proactively support terrorism” are actively monitoring the mosques, and especially taking note, or even recording, the khutbas (the sermons at Friday Prayers), and reporting anything that smacks of encouraging hatred toward Infidels — Christians, Jews, Hindus — and toward the institutions of the Infidel nation-state, including Parliament, the army, the judiciary?

6) How many of those “10 out of 11 British Muslims” who do not “proactively support terrorism” have decided to actively encourage their children to understand the hostility, even murderous hatred, toward Infidels that is explicit in many passages in the Qur’an and Hadith, and in the life of that Perfect Man, Muhammad? How many have encouraged their children, not by ignoring but by confronting and denouncing, such passages, to be able — just — to fit into the society which has, without much thought, welcomed them into its midst, or allowed them to settle deep behind what Muslims are taught to regard as enemy lines?

7) How many of those “10 out of 11 British Muslims” who do not “proactively support terrorism” know perfectly well the real numbers and are alarmed, say, when the British government depends on “experts” such as Haras Rafiq — who wildly understate, and almost comically limit, their discussion of aspects of the matter to the problem of terrorism?

8) How many of those “10 out of 11 British Muslims” dare to face up to the texts and tenets and attitudes and atmospherics of Islam, and begin to tell something like the truth about it, to themselves, to their children, to their fellow Muslims, and above all to the Infidels to whom they owe a great deal — for being allowed to settle in a well-run polity, a polity that recognizes the individual and his rights, that unlike Islam is not a collectivist faith, a Total System, but that allows them to breathe, mentally and morally, in ways that neither they nor their children could possibly do in the lands of Dar al-Islam from which they came?

9) How many Muslims are willing to describe for the sake of Infidels the actual talk that goes on about those Infidels among Muslims — in madrasas, mosques, or in shops and on the street and of course inside houses — when everyone thinks no Infidel is present? Then some begin to tell the disturbing home truths that those who have been born and raised in Muslim societies know perfectly well about. Every defector from Islam knows them also. These people are the best of the best among those who have been born into Islam through no fault of their own, those unassailable witnesses, from Ibn Warraq and Ali Sina to Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Wafa Sultan. They have testified, are testifying, will continue to testify. And they are being joined, every minute, by the very best people born into Islam, who can no longer stand it, even if they may continue to call themselves, say, “cultural Muslims” — when in fact they are what I have long described as “Muslims-for-identification-purposes-only” Muslims.

10) How many of those “10 out of 11 British Muslims” who do not “proactively support terrorism” have tried to do everything they can, in thought, word, and deed, to recognize, and to alert the British public — or do they feel no loyalty to the Infidels of Great Britain? — about the other instruments or weapons of Jihad? How many would say, as one Muslim writer in the U.S. did the other day, that he, and other Muslims, ought by rights to be deported — and that in order to save the United States, even though he himself was no threat, as he recognized the naivete of Americans and also the magnitude of the threat, he too would be willing to be asked to leave ? This was a most telling admission. And, of course, he is exactly the kind of truth-teller who should be allowed, even encouraged, to stay.

There are ten.

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