“F**k Ukraine” – Candace Owens Explains Why America Should Not Support Ukraine

September 20, 2023 | 128 Comments »

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  1. @Sebastien

    Your kind words and those of Ted’s are much appreciated. I only began reading on Ukraine after Giuliani gave a warning about Ukraine during the first Trump impeachment trial. During this time there were many more mainstream reports available which have since been purged, from the BBC most notably, and during 2021 while Biden and Zel were taking turns making threats against Putin, many of the periodicals of Ukraine were removed – democracy right. I went further and further back, and followed the reports of the two sides before much of what has been excised from the net was purged in 2021.

    Regarding the 2014 Ukrainian election fraud, you can find it readily enough if you search for 2014 Ukraine election fraud cyber attack.

    Here is one example discussing the fraud, but there are likely many others that can be readily found as well:

    This was much discussed in the Ukrainian and European press back in 2014 as well, but I don’t have a contemporary site to share.

    I believe this event was also discussed in Richard Sakwa’s book, Frontline Ukraine, as well which I noted before is a particularly important review of Ukraine’s situation.

    The 2014 Ukrainian election fraud was also cited in Powell’s Kraken affidavid for her Kraken case in Michigan.

    Additionally, this event was cited in the research included in the 2020 lawsuit brought against the use of election machine in Georgia which found serious concerns regarding the potential for election manipulation thru machine tampering. This case was also where the infamous “Halderman Report” was first presented. This report was deemed so sensitive to the nation that it was sealed so as to prevent everyone being aware of how easy and possible it was to hack into the election machines. After much fanfair (very much fanfair) this report was finally released this past June and will be included in any lawsuits going forward regarding the election fraud. It is 96 pages exploring the various ways in which the machines might change election results quite simply with very little knowledge or skill. The ruling on the suit, which had desired to keep the machines from being used in 2020, was that the potential of election theft thru the machines was not a matter of if but of when such an event might occur.

    It is believed by people smarter than me that the results of that case were intended to be used against Trump should the algorithm fail to do what it eventually did on election night. In other words, they were going to claim that Trump rigged the election if he won the election despite their efforts to steal it as happened in 2016, and they were going to use the Halderman Report to help substantiate that claim. Well, perhaps that is right, who knows. The timing of that Georgia case ruling was quite coincidental, coming just a few weeks before the 2020 election, and while noting that election machines pose a serious threat, the court failed to prohibited their use in either the upcoming 2020 election or any election afterwards.

  2. @Peloni I “liked” Ted’s post marveling at the depth of your scholarship. I second the motion. Your partial! bibliography – which you said is just the tip of the iceberg! – is jaw-dropping. Move over Lenin. hats off to you, Prof.!

    What is your source for the last posts about the details of how that Ukrainian election was rigged? Or do we have to wait for when this is Belgium, which is to say, Tuesday.

  3. @Bear 😀 Good one. Might I counter with “Banderist running dogs?” 😀 I am, like many an ex-Anarcho-Communist, who tried to reach the same goal by expedient means like the first Marxists, an ex-Stalinist, which is to say, proto-Alinskyite, you know. If you want to go the name-calling route, I could have fun wasting time making these up with you like this all night – or day – depending on where you are, ruthless cosmopolitan that I be. 😀


  4. @Peloni you took me too literally or maybe that was your intent on the analogy with Israel and the Palestinians. It was not an across the board analogy. Point was they are fighting for their country just as Israel and inside their borders their are Russian enemies. Israel has had to fighting Pal-Arab terrorists inside sovereign Israel and also in Judea/Samaria/Gaza. Palestinians tell the world we are killing Palestinians when in fact we are killing terrorists.

    The Ukrainians are fighting for their country and can be very tough but no less than the Russians, who have kidnapped around 20,000 children from the Ukraine brought them back to Russia and changed their names and indoctrinating them into becoming Russians. They have put some in camps and moved others around Russia. So the Ukrainians in my view are fighting a monster Putin who now controls 19% of their sovereign country.

    I think all the former Soviet Republics who have become independent states have a right to their countries and that includes Ukraine. Putin needs to be stopped anyway possible!
    Ukranians have a right to their own sovereign country whether one loves them or not. Some of you feel otherwise and have bought the Russian propaganda. Ted has a group of followers on Israpundits (This for you Seb to make you laugh) that could be called the “Putinpundits” !

    The “Putinpundits” in my estimation have never spent a lot of time in talking to people who lived under the Russians thumb. These people want no part of that again. I have taken the side of these people and clearly Putin and those like him in Russia are definitely the enemy that I hope Ukraine defeats or wounds so badly they can not rise again for a long time to attack other countries.

  5. @Felix
    Baud stands out alone amid all the other authors, reporters and analysts, as he was actually in Ukraine participating on behalf of Ukraine to both aid Ukraine’s miserable state of affairs on the ground as well as to help limit the small arms present in the region. In these roles, he was provided a uniquely important personal perspective to share on this subject, setting him quite apart from all the others. When I read his first report following the Russian involvement in the war in April 2022, I was quite impressed with how well aligned his testimony was aligned with my own research. So, I clearly agree with your assessment of the import and accuracy of the commentary he shares in his many articles, but he has authored a book on this subject as well which is another important read to consider if you have not seen it.


    His very first paragraph in this book is quite important:

    On May 18, 2022, George W. Bush sparked hilarity in the world by castigating

    “the one man decision to launch a totally unwarranted and brutal invasion of Iraq… I mean, Ukraine.”

    This Freudian slip illustrates and underlines the absurdity of the Western attitude towards Russia. On the one hand, it accepts and supports the crimes of the Western powers and, on the other, it applies to Russia a shower of sanctions which border on the absurd. Three months earlier, on February 24, 2022, Vladimir Putin, speaking on Russian television, announced his decision to intervene militarily in Ukraine at the request of the republics of Donetsk and Lugansk, whose independence he recognized three days later. early. The Western world, in shock, begins to rain down sanctions on Russia and Belarus. Ukraine is neither a member of the European Union nor of NATO; however, since 2014, his regime has been under Western protection. Resolving crises by force is rarely the right solution. The Russians know it as we do. Was Vladimir Putin’s decision relevant? In unison, Westerners respond in the negative, but their unanimity stems from a reading of events that conveniently combines a form of Holocaust denial and revisionism aimed at taking into consideration only what reinforces their prejudices. Added to the political lies is the media illusion, as our news organizations have contributed to the confusion by painting a reality that is quite far removed from the facts.

    However, from the way we understand the crisis, follows our strategy to get out of it

  6. @Bear

    Pretend the Ukrainians are the Israelis and the Russian’s inside of Ukraine are the Pal-Arab terrorists.

    That is one very messed up fantasy.

    Any correlation between Israel and Ukraine is not only a false comparison, it is deeply insulting.

    Ukraine is awash in racists and fascists. The head of their NSA installed after the Maidan Coup was the founder of the Svoboda Nazi party. He has noted that he has never veered from those views, even while he was granted control over one of the nation’s most sensitive and powerful positions. The Ukrainian military have Nazi iconography as part of their uniforms, flags and insignia. Ukraine sent army units overthrow self declared autonomous regions simply because of their desire for autonomy…

    The distinctions and disparities in your comparison are quite lengthy and quite disparaging to the insane degree to which Israel places the lives of her soldiers and public in danger while tolerating a terrorist enclave to which Israel granted autonomy. There is simply no comparison between the two, not even remotely so.

  7. @Felix
    Well for an old guy with a phone and one finger, you still raise a particularly relevant point. As an aside, I have to congratulate you and Sebastien for being able to produce extensive posts on just a phone. This is a skill which my own finger, any of them, can hold no boast.

    By the way, I was in the process of responding to your thread on Baud when Bear’s comment praising Zel overtook my attention, so I will be adding that shortly.

    To your point, the similarities between the post coup elections in Ukraine and the American 2020 election should not be overlooked.

    In Ukraine, the 2014 election oversaw the public’s choice of who would succeed the ‘president’ installed during the US coup. It was an impossibly delicate moment, as the peace candidate, Poroshenko, was chosen to win. Notably, Poroshenko was a particularly credible choice as a peace candidate. He had been one of the founding fathers of the Party of Regions whose party leader, Viktor Yanukovych, had recently been overthrown during the Maidan Coup. He also had significant business interests associated with Russia as part of his financial empire, being the ‘Chocolate King’, ie the basis of his Oligarch status was in part due to his candy making empire with ties to Russia. Most notably, though, was his decision to visit Lughanz in the weeks prior to the election where he promised to end the war not in months but in hours after being elected. So his election was quite a promising development, even earning the accepted recognition of Putin.

    But the manner in which the election was won had some novel developments, or at least they were novel at the time, but have since been seen to be somewhat less unique while looking at the US 2020 election.

    As the vote tallies were being collected and counted, counting stopped and the final election results were not released until many hours later the following morning. The basis for this aberration of election norms, even for Ukraine, was that a cyber attack had been launched to first changed the election results and later delay the vote counting. Prior to the cyber attack being detected, the notorious Dmitri Yarosh of Right Sector had won a plurality of 37%, but by the next morning this outcome was amended to reflect Poroshenko winning an outright victory of 54%. The halt to vote counting was particularly unique at the time, but as has been seen in America’s 2020 election, this was simply the foreshadowing of how elections might soon be run and ‘won’. Dare we say HAMMER or SCORECARD? Well, instead of this, the Ukrainian Security Services said that a virus had been pre-installed on the election computers and that it had been detected less than an hour before the election results were to be announced. Russian media did in fact report on the election results that evening, but a new tally was derived overnight with Poroshenko being named the victor.

    It should be noted that Yarosh curiously enough did not contest his defeat even amid the peculiarities of the election. He later responded that he had no real interest in governing the country and that he could control policy from outside the govt and to this point he later threaten Poroshenko that “we removed Yanukovich, and we can remove you.”

    One more curiosity regarding the 2014 presidential election is that the hacked election results did not result in a new election, but rather the amended election count stood as the official outcome of the post coup presidential election.

    Additionaly oddity about the 2014 presidetial election was that there had never been an outright election victory in Ukraine’s presidential election since 1991 when Leonid Kravchuk became Ukraine’s first president with 61% of the election tally, not even in 2019 when Zel won in a run-off election. It is true that the territory where Ukraine was conducting its Anti-Terror Operation against the ethnic Russians in the Dombas were excluded from voting in 2014, thus making any comparison to previous elections in Ukraine obsolete, but as I have noted below, this same built-in anti-Russian bias was also present in the 2019 presidential election as well when no one even came close to gaining a majority of the vote.

    Again, Felix, very good of you to raise this very important corollary to my previous post.

  8. @Bear Peace with the Perpestinian Arabs isn’t possible. They just want us dead. It’s a different situation. We must re-claim our birthright and remove them to survive. It’s been 23 years now since I realized that and switched sides. I’m a second generation Shoah survivor. And, that’s not a little thing.

  9. @ Bear I can’t answer the question because it’s too hypothetical. The devil is in the details, as they say. I agree with Ted and McGregor that NATO, led by the U.S. started this war to attack Russia, something that’s been in the works since the fall of the Soviet Union and that Putin’s stated goal is his actual goal, a neutral de-Nazified Ukraine and no NATO on Russia’s borders.

    Notice, Putin hasn’t invaded Belarus yet Belarus is an ally. And even within Russia, it’s a federation. Different languages are spoken. This Ukraine won’t tolerate that. It’s not a little thing. The ethnic Ukrainians here who have spoken to their relatives in Western Ukraine I have spoken to believe it’s a lie or say they do.

    The Russian speaking parts of Ukraine should remain in the Russian Federation which is less repressive there, yes, and Transnistria should go to Hungary. Only Western Ukraine is reallly Ukraine. But if Putin has to conquer it to maybe give that part back after peace, so be it. That’s war.

    Putin is fighting a defensive pre-emptive war like Israel against Egypt in ’56 and ”67. Israel should not have returned the Sinai. i think Putin is defending his country as you think Zelensky is defending his.

    They may very well both be brutal autocrats but you’ve admitted yourself you don’t really care, either. given the wider contex. So were the Big Three during WWII, eg, internment of Japanese-Americans, fire-bombing of Dresden, carpet bombing of major German cities, nuking of Japan, military dictatorship over Japan and Germany after the war, ethnic cleansing of Sudeten etthnic Germans, domestic suppression of dissent and that’s just the U.S. Lincoln suspended Habeus Corpus and put Copperhead states under martial law, arresting elected officials or forcing them to flee the country during the Civil War. Civil liberties were largely suspended during WWI, as well. And all upheld by the Supreme Court, at the time. During the American Revolution not only the right to dissent but plays and sports were outlawed.

    I think we should woo Russia away from Iran. Russia is a nuclear power. Iran wants nukes to perpetrate another Shoah. This is crazy stuff. Especially since this another Vietnam for us.

  10. Sebastien

    That is your key post what measures Zelensky took to remove opposition allied with use of election.

    Coming back to Democratic Party in 2016 election

    This is the definition of Fascist Rule

    Was done BEFORE Zelensky in the Maidan hired snipers

    Very VIOLENT political current

  11. The Pogroms of 1918 to 1919 in Ukraine were terrible

    The Red Army eventually conquered

    The Jewish remnants seeking revenge joined the Reds and some even sat on tribunals. The Pogromist leaders were Executed.

    Another memory to store by BANDERISM

    On to Lvov July 1 1941 and later the gas ovens

    People of new generations renew this racism

  12. Peloni

    How those post coup elections were conducted. That’s valuable and links with American elections

    And the UN principles. Which the UN itself is breaking its own principles.

    These are racist currents. I think rooted in the shock waves which the revolution of 1917 created.

    The Pogroms of 1918 IN UKRAINE followed

    Stored inside of the Whites

    Taken to Germany by the defeated and ideologically become part of Hitler’s formation

    The next stage was the Holocaust.

    Russia had to fight this racism because it was implicated

    Then Jews escaping to the west some absorb another form of this racism in the cold war

    I just sketch these things because I type on phone with one finger. I’m an old guy now.

    I ticked you post pretty comprehensive

  13. Thank you so much Edgar. That’s a real problem inside the “patriotic” side of Zionism today.

    But Zionism didn’t begin among rich Jews. It’s heart was in the poorest living in great difficulty.

    I always think of them in Ireland and how they travelled selling their little items to the poor also near peasants

    An amusing story. One Goldberg travelled from Dublin to Cork and selling little religious items and remember it’s quite a walk, maybe the Sacred Heart along the way.

    What an undertaking.

    I look to the future.

    Sebastien and Peloni have knocked the stuffing out of the Zelensky cult on Israpundit and Ted is remarkable.

    Biggest hero is Baud.

  14. @Seb, talking about jokes this will give insight into the conflict. The ethnic Russian I met also had this type of attitude about Ukrainians.

    However, since the fall of the Soviet Union, when Kyiv’s position as Moscow’s partner began to crumble, Russian jokes became more politicized, expressing anger for Ukraine’s desire for self-government. Ukrainians started to be depicted as stingy and mischievous Russophobes, rural “lard lovers” with a ridiculous obsession for the modern West. The famous Russian proverb “Even if the night is quiet in Ukraine, it’s better if you hide your lard” directly depicts Ukrainians as thieves.

  15. @Seb, you did not answer this question:

    Do you also support Putin and Russia if they try and take Moldova, Latvia, Romania, Poland, Georgia, Lithuania? If not Putin needs to be stopped now.

    Curious what your answer is. Do you believe Putin has a right to expand Russia to include some or all of those countries or just Ukraine?

  16. Thank you, Peloni and Ted. And Felix, for your astute and informative comments and especially for complimenting me. 😀

  17. @Felix Actually, it was I who clicked “like” on a couple of your posts on this thread, not Edgar, as I also did Peloni’s and Ted’s.

  18. FELIX-

    From my limited perspective, it seems to me that you have pertinent comments to make on the subject, but I also see that No One deigns to answer you.

    It’s as if you have been ostracised and ignored, which-if true- is disgraceful behaviour for a Jew, and especially since you are a very long-time Israpundit member. It lacks respect for your person.

    I could be wrong, and if so, I apologise to all….but I could be right……!!

  19. @ Seb, like I said we would never agree. Analogy for you. Pretend the Ukrainians are the Israelis and the Russian’s inside of Ukraine are the Pal-Arab terrorists.

    That is how Ukrainians feel about the Russians trying to destroy and steal their country. The Russians are not loyal to Ukraine in many cases. Some of them literally were fighting Ukrainians and some were spies.

    So the Israelis have a right to fight the Pal-Arab terrorists I think you would agree. But what you are saying in practice, I am siding with Putin and any Russians that want to destroy Ukraine and capture it.

    Do you also support Putin and Russia if they try and take Moldova, Latvia, Romania, Poland, Georgia, Lithuania? If not Putin needs to be stopped now.

    Curious what your answer is. Do you believe Putin has a right to expand Russia to include some or all of those countries or just Ukraine?

    None of the eastern Europeans want to be under the Russian Bear again. That includes Ukraine. There are potential conflicts in some of those because the Soviets (Russian dominated) ruled some of those countries have transplanted ethnic Russians still living in those countries. So Putin of course could use the same ruse he is trying to protect Russians and they are all NAZIs so they need to be cleansed.

  20. Seb, if you meant that Zelensky got rid of Russian spies and traitors. That did happen and how else could he rule if he allows Russian spies and people loyal to Putin in the country

    😀 How’s that bit go, again? ” I’m a free spirit, he’s a playboy, she’s a slut.” So “Putin’s a brutal autocrat but Zelensky is a patriot getting rid of traitors and spies.” 😀


    Bear, you slay me. And they said comedy was dead, or I did, or whatever.

  21. @Seb & Peloni, I simply do not believe what you wrote in your last posts in the slightest. Zero, nada, kloom, nichts or not one thing! Seb, if you meant that Zelensky got rid of Russian spies and traitors. That did happen and how else could he rule if he allows Russian spies and people loyal to Putin in the country.

    Not one of my Ukrainian neighbors and friends believes it either, meaning that Zelensky is a bad man. They view him as a national hero. They still have family in the Ukraine. So I will take their view and what I read from sources I trust to be the truth.

    We obviously will never agree on this topic. So I simply will propose we agree to disagree. I clearly will never change your minds and you will not change my view.

    My view if I have not made it clear is that Putin needs to be stopped from trying to take back eastern Europe countries that were part of the Soviet Union. I am glad the Ukrainians have mad life miserable for Putin and the Russian Occupying forces. I hope they win a clear victory and get all their land back including Crimea. I hope Putin and his cronies are removed to the dustbin of history.

  22. @Bear

    Is Ukraine so model country probably not.

    What an understatement. Is this how you would describe Ukraine if the following actions were being taken against Jews rather than Russians (mind you this is Ukraine so the question remains a relevant one to consider) :

    Zel outlawed his entire political opposition. He had the leader of the largest political opposition party arrested, beaten, and held for ransom from another country. He outlawed an established religion and arrested many of its clergy. He has refused to remove an execution list published on the web from which many people, including innocent journalists and civilians, have been executed and on which Kissenger and other Americans have been listed. He very recently sought advice from the notorious “White Leader”,Andriy Biletsky, the founder of the neoNazi Azov battalion as well as the neoNazi Azov movement, and published the video of the meeting. He has outlawed the teaching of Russian language throughout the country and outlawed the publication of Russian speaking newspapers.

    Regarding Zel’s election, he was elected without the votes of the very people on whom his rockets have been targeting since before he was even elected. Also, more than just those Ukrainian citizens in the Dombas were precluded from voting in 2019 because Ukraine refused to allow the more than 2million ethnic Russian ex-pats to vote unless they returned to anti-Russian Ukraine. As if this was not enough of a deterrent, coincidentally, just weeks before the election, a marshal law was declared which blocked all voting aged males from being able to return from Russia to vote in the election. Between the war and the blocked border, literally MILLIONS of Ukrainians were disenfranchised in the election which saw Zel elected, and yes the 67% turnout was only with the exclusion of the Russian citizens who were prevented from voting for or against Our Man Zel.

    In truth the likelihood is that the election was rigged simply because it was too important not to be controlled by the West, but we don’t even need to demonstrate the fraud which was obviously present in the 2014 election to describe the election of Zel to be overwhelmingly unfair.

    All of these actions have been taken to further the diminution and erasure of Russian people and Russian culture from his country. They are a violation of the UN Charter, the Helsinki Final Act, the Budapest Memorandum and the OSCE Charter, all of which REQUIRE that the rights of minorities within each nation be PROTECTED rather than PERSECUTED.

    And NONE of this is relavent to Russia.

  23. @Bear

    He did not jail or murder the opposition.

    Yes he did. Both. I posted a link specifically about that. And the Maidan crowd came to power in a NATO- backed coup. He got a big turnout because he ran on a platform of reconciliation which he betrayed. He’s a puppet of Biden and the Banderists and a Front man for them. It doesn’t matter if the fascists have a majority in parliament. They control key positions in the military, paramilitary and police as well as influential positions in the government and parliament.

    The world media covered Ukraine honestly before
    The war. I don’t have to rely on Russian information and wonder if It’s propaganda since I learned that. Even Ukrainian government news proudly announced the banning of
    Opposition parties, nationalization of tv news and banning of the Russian-affiliated Orthodox Church, jailing priests, bishops, monks and nuns and seizing their