Foreign funding of leftist groups is a blunt interference in Israel’s domestic politics

Hagai Segal, YNET

The only problem with the law against foreign government donations to Israeli NGOs is the great delay in tabling it at the Knesset. It should have been passed a long time ago via an accelerated legislation process and with the support of an overwhelming majority.

The proposed legislation is a clearly needed law that merely seeks to prevent foreign countries from sticking their nose into our domestic affairs and managing our great conflicts via remote control.

Had Holland’s government donated a million euro to the Israeli Cancer Association, we could have lived with that. Even an Albanian contribution for the benefit of the Dead Sea would be received sympathetically around here. But why play innocent? Foreign governments do not donate money to consensual challenges. Their checks are only sent to pro-Palestinian NGOs.

There is no humanitarian generosity whatsoever here, but rather, a cynical outside plot to intervene in our most fateful disputes and promote the likelihood that they will be decided in favor of a very certain camp. The Peace Now and European Union circles cultivate a shared vision – withdrawal to the 1967 borders – and the Europeans are sending money to advance it.

Two weeks ago, an amazing British document was leaked, revealing that some 80% of donation money from Her Majesty’s government to the Middle East is poured into the coffers of our leftist camp. According to the document, the Treasury in London grants very small sums to human rights groups in Syria but large sums to organizations of Peace Now’s ilk.

Private donations are fine

A recent B’Tselem publication on the protests in Nabi Salah notes that the project is funded by the European Union. However, even B’Tselem’s leaders realize that the treasurers in London don’t care about the rights of Palestinian protestors – rather, they care about seeing us running away from Judea and Samaria.

They know that there is no majority in Israel for such flight, and therefore they attempt to promote it via government donations, in line with the finest colonialist traditions. Every euro donated under such circumstances constitutes a grave blow to Israel’s sovereignty and a blatant attempt to circumvent the rules of the democratic game here.

Leftists argue that the Right also enjoys plenty of foreign donations, which is true, but 100% of them come from non-governmental pockets, and that makes all the difference. Private individuals donate to organizations that are close to their hearts. This is voluntary money, devoid of diplomatic conspiracies, and therefore there is no problem with it. Only government money is a problem.

Once Sweden’s government surprises us and suddenly decides to donate a million pounds to the Yesha Council, the new law shall thwart this donation as well.

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8 Comments / 8 Comments

  1. There is a story about a wagon driver for one of the Rebbes in Europe. He was asked the difference between left and right in politics.As the wagon approached a pile of horse manure he said, “the wagon wheel splits the pile in two but the left half and the right half stink the same way”.

  2. Right and Left.. Both Enemies of Jews

    Lemon Lime Blog:

    The Europeans murdered and drove their Jews out. They replaced us with Muslims. I guess the jokes on them. Yamit

    “Europe willingly and exactingly did this with malice aforethought… first degree murder. The holocaust, the pogroms, the kicking Jews out was no mistake. A mistake is one brown sock and one black in a the dim of morning light. It was deliberate and rabid and satanic on their part. America and Britain joined in by refusing to take in Jews running from the holocaust. REFUSING! Turning them away and turning them over to monsters while today they take in millions of illegals who drain their resources and their welfare system and bring crime up in mega proportions. Europe, who would not protect it’s Jewish citizens are now inundated with aliens who use and abuse them. Gang rapes up by hundreds of percentage points in their nations, murders, robbery, their prisons bulging with these alien predators. They now replace the Jews you murdered and pushed out ..multiplied many times over.

    Instead of grave mistake try substituting grave and willful sin. And They are YOUR REWARD.
    Those 20 million are people YOU INVITED IN! Now live with it . Drink it in deeply and choke on it. This is what you preferred to Jews. Now enjoy it.Savor it..there is the main course still to come.”

    Both the political right and the left are enemies of Jews.

    They will use us, scapegoat us… blame us for their own sin and failings, use our brains, our discoveries and inventions, our medicine and science and our bible, and remain silent and stony as we are killed, defamed, hurt and genocide is carried out against us in their rotten orgies of hate.

    Both the political left and the political right are the same exact people… the same exact nations outside Israel who use Israel just like Amalek and Esav always used and abused until their blood lust over took them and they rent us with their teeth and blamed us for their own sins.

    There is not a dime’s worth of difference between these people. They are not our friends and we are warned by Hashem not to have foreign lover, which is all they are. The right, though pretending to love ‘Israel and Jews’ right now, will turn to their Fascist ways yet again when we lose our usefulness. The left will funnel funds and sympathy to the enemies of Jews, enemies whom tanakh (bible) calls the dregs of the world while they overlook what is done to us. They accept gross indecency and murder from these nations but hold Jews to impossible standards they themselves do not live up to.

    They will , in the words of their own scriptures, strain hard at a gnat but swallow a camel.

    Right or left.. they are the same. read more

  3. “Why were religious Jews joining a leftist protest?”

    Don’t look now, Laura, but I suspect it has to do with funding for yeshivas.

    Do you imagine that every religious Jew wears a black coat and hat, won’t serve in the IDF and doesn’t work for a living? Its a terrible generalization that you keep doing when you you use the term religious Jew and throw these accusations around.

  4. It’s not the Jews who keep Shabbat, it’s shabbat that keeps the Jews. People who have such a hate on for the religious among us, be careful, if not for their guarding of Torah on your behalf, there would be no Jews at all. In case you’ve forgotten that’s our covenant as a people with G-d, and that is the source of our entitlement to our Jewsih homeland and no other. Secular Jews, you are part of tht covenant too but you had better start understanding what the source of that covenant is.

  5. “Why were religious Jews joining a leftist protest?”

    Don’t look now, Laura, but I suspect it has to do with funding for yeshivas.


    Concerning “Eurabia”. I’ve been thinking this matter over. Europe has the oldest population and lowest population growth rate in the world, and the Arab states have the youngest and highest, respectively. Because of their geographic proximity, I don’t see how they can successfully ward off an Arab invasion and eventual takeover. They have killed their younger generation through abortion, etc., and they need some young people to step up to the plate and fund their retirement. The best they can hope for, is (1) taking concrete steps that will encourage assimilation or, at the least, cultural mixing, and (2) encouraging immigration from places more culturally compatible with them, or at least a counterweight to the Islamic influence. I don’t know whom to recommend. North Koreans, perhaps? They’ve tried Christian Africans, but they seem to glom onto the Arabs and Indonesians. Filipinos? Worth a try. Of course, they COULD stop killing their children; but don’t expect miracles.

  6. and that hatred is shared by “secularist” Jews, that have self contempt. Why were the protesters that were liberals from Tel Aviv treated with such kid gloves, but when it came to the religious that joined those protests,

    Why were religious Jews joining a leftist protest?

  7. but what do you expect from Europe, soon to be Eurabia? They hate the Jews, especially those that are “religious”!! and that hatred is shared by “secularist” Jews, that have self contempt. Why were the protesters that were liberals from Tel Aviv treated with such kid gloves, but when it came to the religious that joined those protests, out come the jack booted thugs with riot gear to smash the heads of kids with payot… disgusting…