Former President Donald Trump on Not Firing Fauci, Lockdowns, COVID Vaccines, and More

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  1. From Dr. McCullough:

    Trump claims the vaccines saved a hundred million lives. That unforced error will become a problem for him during the campaign season. I have learned as a doctor never to overstate clinical benefit. We err on the side of caution being hawkish on safety and conservative on efficacy. Trump did neither.

    Fair, though understated, criticism of Trump’s continued support for the vaccines’ efficacy. Trump must pivot on this point. He would be well served to do so while championing the vaccine injured against criminal manner in which the shot was forced upon the public. Unfortunately, I have no expectation that he will do this, but it is essential that he should.

    The following statement of McCullough before the European Parlaiment demonstrates the catastrophically tone deaf, poorly informed and politically damaging consequence of supporting the shots:

    The contrast between McCullough’s devasating report to the EU and Trump’s request of support for having saved 100 million lives could not be made more glaring.

  2. Yes I agree with @Tanna that Trump was at the time in a no-win situation. Currently he is also in a difficult situation in which the full power of the state is being used to threaten him, exhaust his funds, time, energy, etc. all because he wants to drain the swamp. The entire swamp is united against him: that means both the uniparty in Congress, and 95% of the federal work force, as well as the legacy news media and so on.

    At the same time, he has a great deal of support from Americans: working class Americans, Black Americans, Hispanic Americans, women, are flocking to him because he kept his promises.

    Those who hate him usually hate him because they read the NY Times and/or Washington Post both of which represent the deep state and the globalist predators. They listen to NPR, they parrot what they hear, and they assume anything that isn’t said on CNN or NPR must be a conspiracy theory.

    The never-Trumpers are members of the uni-party who understand that he plans to take away the punch bowl. They are ready to accept whatever PSYOPS, lies, and misquotes of Trump instead of considering their sources. Like the man said, “a person who get his information from the mainstream media is like someone who drinks sewage when thirsty.” These are people who are not capable of objectivity about Trump. Instead of examining the policy decisions he made and their outcome, they focus on lies about his character told by those whose job it is to assassinate his character.

    But the issue of the vaccines is a serious policy issue. As many who have written their thoughts on this, he has had time from being on the hot seat to evaluate his decisions and to use information that is available now that wasn’t available then to change his position.

    The fact that he is justifying his decisions instead of rallying to support those Americans who have been damaged or killed by the injections is very worrisome.

    The reality is this: to this day hospitals in the US treat COVID with protocols unlike any ever used in the history of medicine in this century. If a patient is dehydrated, on a COVID ward, they do not treat dehydration. Nothing like this has ever happened before. They use drugs that depress the respiratory center in the brain, and they use Remdesivir that can cause kidney failure. And as a result of the PREP act, the doctors and nurses on these units have a liability shield if their patients die. It is license to murder.

    So what happened with the fake pandemic in order to justify lockdowns, a massive wealth transfer from the middle class to the elites, the partial destruction of the middle class, and use of a bioweapon which they masked by calling it a vaccine, all these destructive events happened and are still ongoing: this is genocide and it cannot be overlooked or justified. All this happened and is still happening despite the fact that the coronavirus was/is 99.5% survivable!

    I do not know to what degree Trump is responsible. But as President he had a responsibility to acquaint himself with the legalities and to recognize what he was dealing with. Also he had a responsibility to get the best medical information, and I don’t think even he respected Fauci and Birx at the time. He often disagreed with them and put his disagreements into his tweets. Dr. Paul Elias Alexander PhD (Presidential Takedown) wrote that Fauci and Birx were doing everything they could to make him look bad and to make the pandemic as damaging as possible without any scientific validity to their behavior.

    I also do not think Megan Kelly’s interview should be taken as if “this settles everything.” There are many people who want to make Trump look horrible, and they will use anything they can to pile on.

    I think it is important to note that Trump came out early for the use of Hydroxychloroquine, despite that option being prevented by the NIH and Fauci because it got in the way of their plans for genocide. In addition Trump was against the lockdowns continuing and recently made comments about the idea of new masking and restrictions etc. by saying through social media, “Do not comply!” That does not sound like the people who want everyone injected.

    I do not know what COVID policy Trump would have if President again. I don’t think we should rush to judgment on that one interview with Ms. Kelly. What is needed is to watch his speeches and gather information over the course of time.

  3. If everyone in your cabinet telling lies and half-truths, what could Trump have done. They were putting him under fear just like we the American people were put under fear. We were being told millions would die. IF that had been the case, there would be no funerals just MASS graves. Who would want that on their record.

  4. @EvRe1

    I think he needs some help getting up to speed on the issues.

    Malone and McCullough have each stated that attempts to contact Trump for this very purpose were rebuffed by his gatekeepers at the highest levels. This was well over a year ago, so I am not sure what has transpired since then. Just FYI.

  5. I think this is a serious flaw in Trump’s understanding of both the vaccines and the legislative infrastructure that underpins the US bioweapons program. That program used a fake pandemic (which Trump appears not to realize it was) to use a bioweapon calling it a vaccine. In no way, shape, or form was it a vaccine. If anything it is gene therapy. It causes the body to produce a foreign protein and because it is a foreign protein, the body mistakes the foreign protein for host proteins and starts attacking its own cells. This causes the targeting of blood vessel walls, the heart muscle, the liver, the ovaries, the testes, the brain, etc. And there is no way to control the amount of spike protein in the blood or turn off the production of it.

    This constitutes genocide. I knew this was going to be difficult for Trump to acknowledge, because either he did not know what he was doing and needs to acknowledge he made a mistake, or he knew that this was genocide and doesn’t want to admit that. But he cannot take credit for a toxin that destroys innocent people.

    I think this is why those in the health freedom movement have decided they can no longer trust Trump. They have decided that RFK Jr. is the only one who will be honest about the nature of these vaccines.

    This is very difficult because of all the policy issues that affect this nation, Trump’s policies were almost all positive and constructive. His policies on Israel, his policies on the economy, his policy on criminal reform, his policies on China, and his recognition that globalists are the main predators to Americans makes him the best President we have had in decades.

    But this issue is serious and it is extremely troubling that he cannot own up to having made mistakes. It is possible that he fears going up against the Military, since the “vaccination” program was a military program. I don’t know what is going on with him on this issue, but he is going to have to speak more honestly to Americans on this.

    In reading the book by Paul Elias Alexander, PhD, I was led to believe that Birx and Fauci ran the policy and that Trump did not have an opportunity to oppose them, or that if he tried to oppose them the whole country would have turned on him. Dr. Scott Atlas and Paul Alexander did oppose them, but I think Trump was out of his depth because these are complex technical issues.

    I spent the lockdowns reading many scientific studies on all the issues, including virology, COVID 19, SARS, and the issues related to the mRNA technology with several others with medical backgrounds, so I understood pretty early on that Fauci and Birx were completely destructive. But I am a physician and Trump is not. I think he was set up to fail no matter what he did at the time.

    But now he can look into all of this, which is available online, and he can learn about how the legislation puts everything in motion as soon as the secretary of HHS calls a “medical emergency.” Then the military program gets started and the Joint Chiefs is in charge. It’s not a public health program, it’s a military program.

    His responses to Megyn Kelly were not helpful. He sounded defensive.
    I think he needs some help getting up to speed on the issues.

    Thank you for posting this video.

  6. I’ll preface by saying that while it’s difficult to like or support Trump, the flawed-in-so-many-ways individual, I’ve been a great supporter of his policies not least vis-à-vis Israel.

    Having said that IMO anyone getting their news from credible sources – and Trump surely is or should be one of those people – would’ve concluded at least a year ago and arguably closer to two, that there were serious issues with the so called vaccines for FAR more people than any previous/actual vaccine, which led to the former being pulled but not the latter. And yet all this time, rather than acknowledge this and that he was misled by purported “experts”, for which he would’ve been forgiven by his base and many others, Trump’s outsized ego, something I believe has enabled him to keep fighting when more modest men would’ve caved long ago, seems to have kept him from any kind of mea culpa re COVID. I believe many dispassionate Trump supporters now prefer RFK Jr. for this one reason. But of course Kennedy has his own deep state challenges to contend with. Perhaps the two men will find a way to bridge the gap and “make a deal” between now and Election Day. That the two have been deferential to one another I think is telling.

    But returning to the Megyn Kelly interview, to my knowledge Jeffrey Tucker has no axe to grind with Trump and is as credible as anyone when it comes to the truth about COVID, so I’m inclined to regard his comments/criticisms of Trump’s claims on Megyn’s podcast as factual/legitimate:

    Jeffrey A Tucker
    There are so many lies coming from the man’s mouth. It’s utterly absurd that he left it to the states. He THREATENED the states. He DENOUNCED those who opened. He also said no one knew. It’s preposterous.


    Saved 100 of millions is a joke the shot injured killed millions.

    I quite agree. Trump’s continued support of the benefit of these shots do seem quite inexplicable to me, particularly in light of all that is known about them today.

    More important than this, though, the advocacy he provides for the shots plays into the gaslighting of those who have been injured, maimed and killed by the shots. These people have been denied fiscal, medical, and political support for their situation when, in fact, they deserve not only to have their issues recognized and addressed, but to have someone who will speak for them, someone who will champion their right for redress and advocate against the gaslighting of their situation which is enforced everywhere. The long term dangers of the shots, which are still being grasped, also make the importance of recognizing the toxic nature of these shots all the more relevant.

    It was stated about six weeks ago that Trump was going to come out and specifically address the vaccine injuries associated with the toxic shots, but that never seemed to have materialized – and that was quite unfortunate.

  8. Trump is full of it, I agree at the beginning of covid, but as real info came out, he didn’t change course like DeSantis. Saved 100 of millions is a joke the shot injured killed millions. Sad to see Trump act like a politician and lie on this issue.

  9. No one with half a brain would have fired Fauci during 2020. Had Fauci been fired, Trump would have really made him a star, one with the credentials to demean and belittle any action taken by the administration, regardless of its benefit or import.

    Also, recall that there was a pact between Fauci, Robert Redfield, Stephen Hahn, Deborah Birx and others to resign if Trump fired any one of them. In the midst of a ‘pandemic’ the most visible members of the task force formed by Trump to deal with the pandemic would have quit in protest had he fired Fauci. The repercussions of such a deep state plot would have triggered social, political and medical unrest around the country, with no significant benefit being gained outside of the pleasure of having fired a member of the team whom Trump over-ruled on many occasions.

    It is true that by maintaining him in the govt, Trump provided this inept criminal a significant pulpit from which to wield his influence, but this would be nothing compared to the position and prominence which he would have after being fired and having Trump’s Coronavirus Taskforce quit in solidarity with him. Ironically, choosing such a course would be the ultimate hallmark of a true narcissist, something which Trump has commonly been demeaned to be.

    Like I said, no one would have fired Fauci.

  10. Desantis states that he locked down the state for a few weeks. Megyn claims it was a month. Trump was quite correct when he stated that it was a lot longer than either of these estimates. After cancelling Spring Break in March, Desantis shut down Florida on April 1, began a partial reopening with serious restrictions on May 11 of only part of southern Florida, and this was slightly reversed again in June. Even on Sept 26, when mask mandates were finally barred by Desantis, he still allowed local govts to enforce limitations of 50% capacity in bars and restaurants.

    In fairness, Desantis was under a lot of pressure from various local govts to both open and close down thru all of this, and his political future depended upon him making the right call in a state which held the highest proportion of the most susceptible, ie the elderly. He provided his public with regular and useful conversations regarding the basis and extent of his restrictive measures, helping them cope with the trauma and damage his regulations were causing, but these were his restrictions. It was his state, and these were the choices he made for his constituents.

    He should never have locked down the state, just as Trump should never have allowed him to do so. There is a shared responsibility for the damage which was done to the country between the federal and state govts, but ultimately, the governors made the choice to close the state down or not, and Desantis did exactly this, and for a lot longer than just a few weeks. A fair question for Desantis would be, if he had been Trump, would he have forced the entire country to do what he did to Florida, or would he have done what Trump did, and allowed the governors to choose their own path forward. The best answer to this question would be that he wouldn’t have allowed any carte blanche infringements on personal liberty anywhere in the country, but that wouldn’t exactly fit with his record of having done exactly the opposite.