FRANCE IS BURNING: The Leftist-Islamic Alliance Makes Its Move In France

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While the Leftist-Islamic alliance is cracking elsewhere due to the Left’s determination to normalize gender delusions and fantasies and sexualize children, in France, it has the whole country aflame, and could conceivably bring about the end of the Republic. What is happening now in France was entirely foreseeable, but few dared foresee it, for fear of being called “racist,” “Islamophobic,” and “far right.” Once again those who have been smeared with such terms turn out to have been right all along.

The now-nationwide riots started as video spread of an incident that look place last Tuesday, when a 17-year-old Muslim, who has been identified only as Nahel M., was shot by police. According to the New York Times, “French news media, citing anonymous police sources, initially reported that the teenager, driving a yellow Mercedes, had plowed into police officers, leading one of them to shoot.” However, “video soon surfaced on Twitter that seemed to contradict the police. The teenager, the video shows, was stopped by two police officers, one of whom has his gun drawn. As the teenager drives away, a loud bang is heard as an officer appears to shoot within point blank range in broad daylight. The police officer who fired the shot later told investigators that he was trying to stop the driver from fleeing and was worried that he or his colleague would be hurt if the driver got away.”

That officer has now been charged with homicide, but that did nothing to quell the rage on the streets. Muslim migrants in France, along with their far-Left allies, contend that the shooting of Nahel M. is (according to the Times) “emblematic of a deep-rooted racism within France’s law enforcement agencies and its history of disproportionately targeting Black people and immigrants of Arab descent, particularly in France’s poor urban suburbs.”

And so the George Floyd riots have come to France, featuring the same dubiously-based righteous rage cloaking organized and clearly planned operations designed to destabilize the state. As in the George Floyd riots, Leftists are out in force, as journalist Andy Ngo described in one of several videos of the riots that he tweeted: “In scenes reminiscent of the 2020 American BLM-Antifa insurrection where police stations were attacked, officers witnessed black bloc militants carrying out a coordinated assault on the Fresnes Prison near Paris during the ongoing race riots.”

Antifa black bloc militants, however, were by no means the only forces taking advantage of the situation. Another demonstrator shouted: “Allahu akbar, we are Muslims, if the police kill us we have the right to kill, it’s written in the Qur’an!” Many, if not most, of the rioters and looters are Muslim migrants. France is around ten percent Muslim, and that population is significantly more youthful, and growing more quickly, than the non-Muslim population.

When France embarked upon its policy of admitting Muslims into the country in massive numbers, there were many who predicted that a significant percentage of those Muslims would refuse all efforts to assimilate them into French society and culture, out of the belief that French culture was the product of the “most vile of created beings,” as the Qur’an calls non-Muslims (98:6), while Muslims were “the best of people” (Qur’an 3:110). The French government did little or nothing to stymie the growth of Sharia enclaves all over France, as these enclaves were the natural product of the ethos of multiculturalism; anyone who noted how inhospitable they had become to non-Muslims was shouted down as “Islamophobic.”

Likewise marginalized and silenced were those who pointed out that given the Islamic imperative to wage jihad against non-Muslims in order to extend the hegemony of Sharia (“Fight them, till there is no persecution and religion is all for Allah,” says Qur’an 8:39) made conflict between Muslims and non-Muslims in France (and elsewhere) inevitable. While some Muslims would ignore this imperative, French authorities were foolish in the extreme if they were counting on all of them to do so. It’s more likely that those authorities neither knew nor cared that such a passage existed, or that Islam has a doctrine of jihad involving warfare against and the subjugation of unbelievers.

As is so often the case in our victimhood-obsessed modern age, this jihad proceeds by means of grievances. The alleged plight of individual Muslims, or of the Muslim community as a whole, both stirs up the believers to fight and provides a theological basis for doing so: when a Muslim land is attacked, it becomes incumbent upon all Muslims to fight to defend Islam. The jihad proceeds on this basis against Israel, India, and other countries, with injustices magnified or concocted outright in order to provide a pretext for fighting back. The Leftist establishment media happily amplifies these fabricated atrocities.

Will the French government be toppled? Macron is ostentatiously unworried, even to the Marie-Antoinettish extent of attending an Elton John concert as his nation burned. But his position is more precarious than he is letting on, as the riots are ubiquitous and so far uncontrollable. Will an Islamic state be imposed in France? Almost certainly not, or at least not yet. Given demographic trends, one may be inevitable, but there will likely be a few intermediate steps first. Since the rioters are both Leftists and Muslims, the first government after the fall of the republic could be an authoritarian Marxist one. But for the Left’s allies in France, that will not do in the long run.

As the Leftists of Iran quickly discovered in 1979, their alliance with the warriors of Islam was one of expedience, not a lasting partnership. As they languished in the prisons of the Islamic Republic, those Leftists had plenty of time to regret having done so much to bring the rule of Islam to their nation. Now that the next act of France’s prolonged drama is unfolding, the black bloc militants who are being so helpful this week may have plenty of time (behind bars, of course) to muse upon how unwise it was for them to enable the rule of Sharia in France. But none of them can say that they weren’t warned.

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