Gantz’s Impractical And Dangerous Ultimatum to Netanyahu

T. Belman. On Dec 29/23 I wrote Israel is in a strong position, not a weak one.. I urge you to read it again.

Glick argues that the current government will not fall because the left will not be able to muster 61 votes. Particularly since Liberman announced that he won’t serve in a new government with any Arab Party. On May 16/24, Channel 14 published a poll that showed the current government plus Liberman  rising to 65 seats. Netanyahu should not delay in firing Gallant and offering Liberman the the role of Def Minister. The rift must be healed.

The Caroline Glick Show In-Focus


May 21, 2024 | 7 Comments »

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7 Comments / 7 Comments

  1. The present leadership of Israel on all sides is fucked and it will become a revolutionary force or say goodbye.

    For starters say to all…we fight for Gaza we stay in Gaza… eternally

  2. Saar would be easier to integrate into the government than Lieberman into the government and provide 4 or 5 more seats I think. Lieberman does not get along with Bibi or the Haredim and can get completely wacko to deal with.

  3. The treaty made Korea a protectorate of Japan. The five officials were Education Minister Lee Wan-yong, Army Minister Yi Geun-taek, Interior Minister Yi Ji-yong, Foreign Affairs Minister Pak Chesoon, and Agriculture, Commerce, and Industry Minister Gwon Jung-hyeon.
    Five Eulsa Traitors – Wikipedia

    Betcha’ thought I was going to compare them to the Judenrat. Well, actually I was but don’t tell anybody..

  4. TED has a good Highlighted comment here.

    Without Gantz, the govt has a 64 seat majority plus Liberman if he can be brought in.
    As I have repeatedly said, Galant MUST be fired immediately.
    Thus the govt would be more homogeneous, and FAR LESS acrimonious. Ben G’vir and Smotrich also need to be brought into the War Cabinet. They are important parts of the Govt majority and are unwavering in their insistence on complete destruction of HAMAS, which is the declared goal of the PM and his Govt.

    Biden may exert pressure, he does, but with a unified nation of Israel determined, and at last FIRMLY led by Netanyahu, and with the American Public totally against depriving it’s faithful Ally of needed war materiel, there is little he can do but comply, and try to save face.

  5. Great analysis of Gantz’ ultimatum and how the govt will likely not fall even after Gantz and Gallant, and possibly Edelstien, abandon the govt. As Ted noted, the Right must remake its own house, and bring the dissident elements of the Right back into the fold to support the govt, the people and the state against these wanton puppets of the Left and the Americans. The right has for too long been playing a reckless game of chicken, and it must be ended. Israel is at war, the army is in the field, and the civilians have been forced to abandon their homes. If the Right can not coalesce into a functioning wall of defense for the country, it will come at a very steep price for the nation as a whole. Notably, Gantz and his Anything-America-Wants allies are willing to pay that price, but the Right must show that they are not cut from the same motheaten cloth as their colleagues on the Left.