Gil-White meets his critics head on

Francisco Gil-White was interview by Osmund Gjerde from the Norwegian magazine Argument.

Francisco Gil-White published the full list of questions and answers here. Osmund Gjerde will publish an article for his magazine based on some of this material. Mr. Gjerde’s article will appear in January.

If you need a teaser first, here is the list of questions:

1) What proof do you have that the reason you were fired was your views on US policy towards Israel?

2) In Norway, and probably in most of the rest of the world, the perception of US foreign policy as being staunchly pro-Israel is absolutely unchallenged. How is it possible that this perception has become so widespread, if in fact the opposite is true?

3) The US practically always votes against UN-resolutions condemning Israel and financial support from the US to Israel amounts to something like $3 billion a year. Doesn’t this prove that US foreign policy favors Israel?

4) Even though the US might have pressured Israel into accepting a PLO-state in the West Bank and Gaza, the situation seems to have changed considerably since Hamas became the most powerful political movement among the Palestinians. The US seems to work against the Hamas government and are urging other governments to follow its lead in boycotting Hamas. Is this a deceit? What is the real US policy on Hamas?

5) One frequently sees reports about the American ‘Jewish Lobby’ and how they manage to get their way with US foreign policy makers. Are these reports part of an attempt to make use of the traditional antisemitic myths about the hidden powers of a Jewish conspiracy? Are American Jews not really that powerful? Or is it that the most powerful American Jews share the agenda of the foreign policy elites?

6) The Norwegian historian Hilde Henriksen Waage recently wrote a report on the Norwegian role in the ‘Oslo peace process,’ claiming that the Norwegians were heavily biased against the Palestinians and the PLO and in favor of Israel. Do you agree? What was the real Norwegian role in the ‘peace process’?

7) In Norway most researchers and professors who work with the middle east tend to criticize Israel heavily, and I have the impression that the same thing is true about most of the ‘western world.’ Why do you think this is?

8) What is your analysis of this summer’s war between Israel and Hezbollah and the current Hezbollah attempt to overthrow the Lebanese government?

9) Why would the US want Iranian dominance in the Middle East? And what proof do you have to support the claim that this is actually a goal for US policymakers?

10) Why do US policymakers want to destroy Israel?

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