Gil-White takes on Conrad Black

Optimism is dangerous

Israelis, and Jews more generally, are better served by healthy pessimism

Historical and Investigative Research – 29 December 2011
by Francisco Gil-White

    More than ever, Israelis, and Jews more generally, should beware of “friends” who tell them not to worry, that everything is going to be fine. Everything will not be fine. However it happens, things are going to get ugly. The only question is whether Israelis, and Jews more generally, will wake up in time and prevail.

At HIR we have been arguing with our usual vehemence that things are not going well for Israel. In particular, we have warned that the “Arab Spring” bodes nothing but great trouble:

“Here comes the Muslim Brotherhood”

And yet I must have missed something because yesterday Conrad Black published an opinion editorial in the New York Sun titled: “Israel’s Prospects Have Never Been Brighter, As Arab Spring Fades Into Winter of Discontent.”[1] This was immediately republished on Israpundit to cheery acclaim. I am very busy, but this made me angry.

See what Gil-White had to say here.

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6 Comments / 6 Comments

  1. Anyone who really want to understand Ron Pauls economic plan Listen to this. He’s totally MAD!!!!

    This has something to do with Gil White? Some people are going mad around here, but their names aren’t “Ron Paul”. You, Yamit, among others, seem to have a fixation with that person. Perhaps you have done something against him, and need his forgiveness, so you can’t stop thinking about him. Write him an e-mail and ask forgiveness, and you will feel better.

  2. Laura, your right as usual. What really bothers me is the anti-Semites who continue to condemn or blame Israel for the problems in the ME. Yet, nobody has stated what Israel has done to warrant this condemnation. It’s nothing more than anti-Antisemitism.

    We have those in government who complain about aiding Israel, our only true friend and trusted ally in the ME but those same idiots have no problem providing financial and military aid to the Arab world and they hate and despise us.

    I guess I lived a sheltered life living in a community with a large Jewish population and if anti-Antisemitism existed, it was pretty much hidden.

    As a youngster I lived down the street from the Jewish Community Center and I was a frequent visitor and I was never asked to leave.

    Our family doctor was Jewish, he was the best and well liked and admired in the community.

    Again, why the hatred towards Jews??????????

    Somebody, someone, anyone please tell me.

    Sad, isn’t it.

  3. There is nothing wrong with being optimistic. By being optimistic, Conrad Black wasn’t necessarily saying there’s nothing to worry about, but that Israel can overcome difficulties. Israel has had greater challenges than they are faced with today and the nation prevailed and has since thrived.

  4. This was immediately republished on Israpundit to cheery acclaim.

    I was not in the chorus. I agree with Gil-White: It will be a difficult year. May you all have a sober and uneventful Sylvester’s Day.