Haaretz undermines Israel at every turn

By Ted Belman

I should not be surprised anymore when reading Haaretz, but I am.  It continues to undermine Israel at every turn and runs cover for the Palestinians.

Here are some of today’s headlines:

Don’t deny prisoners the right  to hope.  Guess what that is about.  How perverse. Israel should bring back the death penalty.

Empowering dissenting US Jews.  In other words, shilling for J Street.

Palestinians to U.S., EU: Add Israeli hate crimes to terror lists. See what the left has wrought. Livni and others on the left have equated price tag attacks with terrorism. In doing so they have given voice to the Palestinians to claim the same thing.

The Palestinian Authority has officially asked the United States, Canada, Russia, and the European Union to declare “price tag” perpetrators and “hilltop youth” activists as terrorist organizations, and include them on those countries’ list of terror groups.

The chances of success for this Palestinian campaign are not slim; there is already a precedent in the United States of including a Jewish Israeli group on the list of terror organizations. In the 1990s, the U.S. government declared Kach and Kahane Chai as terrorist organizations and put them on the list.

Furthermore, for the past several years both the U.S. and the EU have vehemently condemned anti-Arab hate crimes. So-called “price tag” attacks are regularly included in the annual State Department report on terrorism. In addition, EU member states have been mulling the option of barring the entry of “settlers who are involved in violent incidents” into the European Union.

Denial, delusion and Jewish settlements are killing the two-state solution

There is nothing wrong, they (most Israelis) believe, with Israel building or planning thousands of housing units in what right-wingers insist are “disputed territories” – despite the fact that even that neutral label implies that it’s a dispute that has yet to be settled.

With breathtaking self-persuasion, most Israelis have convinced themselves that the physical, geographic and demographic transformation that has taken place in the West Bank as a result of four decades of Jewish settlement does not constitute a unilateral act that undermines a peace process, while Palestinian letters to international bodies such as the United Nations or the World Health Organization are irrefutable indications of bad faith. And the only possible reason for the world not to concur is that it is anti-Semitic.

You see it is not prepared to see the lands as “disputed” and attributes such claim as a right wing thing. Also there is no prohibition against unilateral acts which undermine the peace process, yet it along with its anti-Israel friends want to impose such restriction on Israel. They want to tie us down like the Lilliputians tied Gulliver down.

Loving Israel to death is a polemic against banning criticism of Israel.

Within major American Jewish organizations and many mainstream synagogues, the above (saying positive things) is the only permissible definition of love; criticism of Israel is anathema. Israel faces enough attacks from without, these institutions and their leaders argue. The Jewish community’s response should be to batten down the hatches and defend Israel at all costs, not join the chorus against her.

The most recent casualty of this mentality is J Street, the pro-Israel lobby urging American politicians to move Israel toward a two-state solution, which was recently denied membership in the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations.

This approach, I think, is dangerous and destructive.

And asking the US to rape Israel is not destructive?

The apartheid state we’re in

The Basic Law being advanced, which seeks to make Israel “the state of the Jewish People,” separates Israelis into first-class citizens (Jews) and second-class citizens (minorities), as well as transparent citizens – those with no citizenship or right to vote.

The purpose of the proposed Basic Law is to cancel the worn-out oxymoron “Jewish and democratic state,” and make it clear that Judaism trumps democracy.

This legislation is the precursor to the annexation law: It will make it possible to annex territories without giving rights to the residents therein – which is, of course, the right’s wet dream.

Even without this Basic Law, Israel is become more and more Jewish, and less and less democratic. The oppression and occupation mechanisms are in force not only against the Palestinians, but also secular Israelis.

That’s all I can take for one day.

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15 Comments / 15 Comments

  1. the phoenix Said:

    s nur’kaleh back?

    Rabbi Marvin S. Antelman

    The Supreme Rabbinic Court of America and the U.S. coordinator of the Jewish Survival Legion Chief Justice Rabbi Marvin S. Antelman, for example, is an internationally recognized organic chemist and biochemist. He has developed many specifically designed molecules used in many vital industrial processes. He is also noted for his for his work in physical chemistry and astrophysics, and has delivered original papers before the American Association for the Advancement of Science. He heads his own chemical research laboratory at the Weizmann Institute in Rehoboth, Israel. He is one of today’s leading experts on Jewish Law (Halakhah). Like the other members of the Court, his professional and scientific work permits him to carry on his judicial and rabbinic work. Almost all the Justices (are) veterans of the Israeli or American Armed Forces. All are experienced in governmental work.

    The Supreme Rabbinic Court (the American predecessor and branch of the Sanhedrin Qitanah, has dealt with many “unpopular” questions such as the excommunication of Henry Kissinger, Rabin and Peres.

  2. @ bernard ross:

    Read His online link to Vol. 1

    He was once part of JDL and switched to Betar/ Irgun opposing Black militants in Boston and their Jewish supporters.

    The danger I see is every Jew Hater in America has latched on to his work quote out of context cherry picked nuggets and turn them on the Jews. Worth a read and take from it what ever you want.

  3. @ bernard ross:

    I am sure he is very much Orthodox. Works at the Weizmann Institute. Hard to find any bio information on him. I will write to Tamar Yona and ask her. Some links are blocked for Israel

    I understand Wikipedia expunged him.

    Here are a list of his works on Amazon


    The Chief Justice of the Supreme Rabbinical Court of America and the U.S. coordinator of the Jewish Survival Legion, Rabbi Marvin S. Antelman, clearly stated the position of Jewish Noahide law on abortion when he said in 1978 that “All major religions have their parochial and their universal aspects, and the problem of abortion is NOT a parochial one. It is of universal morality, and it is neither a Catholic problem, nor a Jewish problem, nor a Protestant problem. It involves the killing of a human being, an act forbidden by universal commandment.

    Notice I didn’t link directly to Chamish.

  4. yamit82 Said:

    @ yamit82:
    The Satanic Cult That Rules the World By Henry Makow Ph.D
    – See more at: ttp://www.henrymakow.com/the_satanic_cult_that_rules_th.html#sthash.tHNfY8tx.dpuf

    somehow, it always leads here (from commennts section of video):

    Henry Makow has shown that most likely the Protocols are real. Download his “Illuminati, the Cult that Hijacked the World”. The Protocols are completely in line with the thoughts of the Sabbatean-Frankists, the followers (Rothschild, Warburg & Co) of the satanic “Jewish” Messiahs Sabbatai Sevi and Jacob Frank. ?

    I have been unable to find Rabbi Antelman religious affiliations other than being on bneinoah website and on a “sanhedrin”. One of my ocncerns was in the opening he kept referring to his “impeccable sources” which appear to be professors at recognized Universities like stanford. I beleive a great deal of anti semitism comes out of stanford. I was interested in his affiliation as their was a referenc, I forgot where, to Israel being an evil created by the zionist sabbatean conspiracy. I wondered if he was a naturei Karta, satmar or other Israel hating ultra orthodox who condemned Jews to die in Europe?
    I just read an article by chamish on antelman and realized that it was chock full of claims such as this:

    During the French Revolution, documents were discovered which exposed the Illuminati’s plan to destroy the foundations of European civilization; family, religion, royalty and morality, through revolutions.

    “discovered” documents are often planted documents.
    “conspiracies” need not be intricate when blackmail and extortion are involved. The corrupt know that it is best to put other corrupt parties into positions of authority and power. This is common sense.

  5. Until Israel HaYom knocks them out, the only question Israel supporters world-wide should have is: What do we call Ha’artez? – “Al-Jazeera Israel” or “Ha’aretz Pravda.”

  6. Haaretz undermines Israel ? Absolutely ! It also fosters anti-semitism world-wide.

    I confess I was an Israel-hater and a Jew-hater as a young man because I was a daily reader of the New York Times and Haaretz.

    Only when I expanded my reading to the JPost, the WSJ, and studied early 20th c. history, did I finally understand the truth of Jewish legal, historical, and native rights to Judea and Samaria and East J.

    Today as a conservative Christian.. I humbly ask for forgiveness from God for my ignorance and former hatred towards Israel. May God Bless and protect Israel and Jews everywhere !

  7. Court sentences Olmert to 6 years in prison; first Israeli PM ever to go behind bars

    Corruption, known by foreign intelligence agencies, is probably the best reason for why Israeli leaders keep ignoring the will of the people and instead doing the bidding of foreign governments especially the US. I believe the same was true of Sharon and that if the strange anti Israel behavior of other leaders were to be honestly investigated we would find out what the CIA and others have on those leaders also. Dirt sticks to many who rise to the top of the pile like feces rising to the top of a cesspool. Such dirt is the basis for first extorting small corruptions and over time the accumulated known corruptions are leveraged into large demands: e.g. the withdrawal from gaza, and Olmerts rush to give away everything. My wager is that Sharon’s action kept his family safe from being eternal pariah’s.

    Furthermore, one should look carefully at those politicians who endorse and support these behaviors as they are probably also implicated. After all, no sensible foreign service will have only one corrupt politician, or influential media person, in their pocket.

    This is the real world in which we live and not the ludicrous BS we are daily fed by bought and blackmailed media and politicians. Networks of the corrupt are created and extorted. It has nothing to do with beliefs, ideologies or religion.

  8. The “peace process” never existed and is a Jewish illusion. The conflict is fueled by brazen lies that too many Jews are willing to accept. The only solution that is fair and just would be based on telling the whole truth and an end to lies. The Palestinian narrative is false and is only designed to destroy Israel. The only proper solution is to change the name of the artificial entity called Jordan to Palestine. Arabs living inside Israel and the territories who are hostile to Israel should go to Jordan where they can have full autonomy. Jordan must not be allowed to block that idea. Arabs who are willing to live at peace with Israel could be allowed to stay as guests but without the right to sit in the Knesset. In addition there must be laws that identify groups like Haaretz as internal enemies who will be held accountable for deliberate treason against Israel. This position would mean that Jews would get rid of their guilt complex and learn to be normal people without apologies to anyone.

  9. Daniel Levy, Amira Haas, and the other main writers for Haaretz should be required to live in Sderot and commute daily to their offices. This would open their eyes, and may change their thinking.

    On second thought, leopards don’t change their spots. They would probably just double down on their hatred of Israel. They would no doubt start a campaign to turn Sderot over to Gaza. Stupid Haaretz writers.

  10. If you did not know you were reading an Israeli paper it seems like you could be reading Maan (Palestinian Paper). Some of their better known writers like Daniel Levy and Amira Haas could only be described as haters of a Zionist Israel.

    This paper does Israel a lot of international harm, as our enemies site HaAretz in their writings. Many times they post their articles in their entirety as fuel for their propaganda.