Habayit Hayehudi MK outlines new ‘Palestinian emigration plan’

MK Bezalel Smotrich calls on state to pay Arab residents of Israel and Judea and Samaria to voluntarily emigrate abroad • “This is not a transfer,” he emphasizes • “National aspirations? Palestinians? Not here. Not at our expense,” he states

By Nadav Shragai, ISRAEL HAYOM

A new plan put forward by Habayit Hayehudi MK Bezalel Smotrich would see the government pay Arab residents of Israel and Judea and Samaria to voluntary emigrate abroad.

Smotrich will present his plan at a National Union conference next week, where he believes the party will adopt it.

“This is not a transfer,” Smotrich stressed. “Some 20,000 Palestinians already leave Judea and Samaria every year. Surveys they themselves conduct reveal that 30% aspire to relocate abroad. I will help them with this, fairly, with full monetary compensation, and not by force. It will be cheaper than the wars and military operations [we see] every few years.”

Smotrich’s plan also calls for the dissolution of the Palestinian Authority, imposing Israeli law over Judea and Samaria, increasing Jewish settlement activity in the area to match population growth, and in general to “erase the paradigm of the Palestinian state from public consciousness and on the ground.”

According to Smotrich, “It is not desperation that motivates terrorism, but hope, whose main expression is the Palestinian state. This is what I want to destroy. … There will not be peace as long as we preserve the concept that this land is destined to contain two collectives with conflicting national aspirations. There is room here to define and realize the national aspirations of one people only — the Jewish people. This is just. This is moral. This is what will be and it is not open to negotiation. This hope of theirs is the mother of all sin. National aspirations? Palestinians? Not here. Not at our expense.”

Smotrich instead says the Arabs that choose to remain in Judea and Samaria will have two options: “Anyone who chooses to remain here as a private person will enjoy a much better life than his relatives and friends in the Arab countries or … under the corrupt administration of the PA.”

Smotrich said he would initially offer them the administration of their local municipalities and grant them a number of rights, but they would not be allowed to vote in Knesset elections. The attitudes of those that remain would be examined for a period of 30 years, after which they would be eligible to receive a series of other rights, including the right to vote in general elections, on the condition they first serve in the IDF.

As for those who stay and continue to wage war against Israel, Smotrich says Israel must win.

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  1. Sebastien Zorn Said:

    Would open acknowledgement of the nuke arsenal alone or augmented by an open escalaton, give new life to persistent Arab efforts in the UN to sanction Israel, and would that be a problem serious enough to take into consideration?

    Old argument no longer valid as many Arab States developing their own nuke programs and potential like Egypt and Algeria… With rogue states NoKo, Pakistan and Iran already Nuke states and Iran on the cusp of being a full fledged Nuke power Israel has no choice we can’t compete for long in an unbridled arms race in the region spurred on by the USA and Russia.

    Israel needs to change her mil and defense doctrine where our nuke power becomes our basis for defense not just a virtual deterrent.\

    Israel’s open secret for years has been our nuke project and it’s time to openly declare it but more than just declaring it we must be convincing that we intend to use it in our defense not just after being attacked first by someone Else’s nukes/// We are just too small-and too vulnerable to wait to be hit first before responding in kind.

    You see that there isn’t much anyone can or risks doing to curtail Iran, NoKo etc I would reduce conventional forces in IDF to border patrols and anti terror units internally and declare any aggressive moves against Israel by any source will be nuked as our first response. Israel should publish a primary and secondary target list should be be attacked eithe by conventional forces or WMD… I would include Mecca, Moscow, St Peterburg, Rome, London , Paris and Brussels, NYC and Washington on such a list but of course heavy attention such be given to Iran and their oil fields….The Aswan dam in Egypt and Damascus, all of Lebanon….. so if Israel has our responses on automatic backed up by statutory law, meaning laws passed approving such a doctrine Israel might be believed short of that a practical demo might be necessary to convince all those needing convincing.

    We have entered into a new and different era and our military posture and doctrine must reflect the changing circumstances…… Nukes will eventually be used..as have every other weapon invented by man in past history.

    Waiting for a scenario like the President of the US and UN demanding Israel give up our nukes and our reply “Sorry we just used them all up” BoooM!!!!

  2. @ yamit82:
    Would open acknowledgement of the nuke arsenal alone or augmented by an open escalaton, give new life to persistent Arab efforts in the UN to sanction Israel, and would that be a problem serious enough to take into consideration?

    I believe this is the first year the Arabs didn’t propose this. Is it thanks to Trump and/or Haley, behind the scenes, or increasing practical thawing of relations with Sunni Arab and African states, generally third world states, thanks to generous Israeli assistance over the years, fear of Iran, and Bibi’s effective foreign diplomacy? He may leave something to be desired as PM, but would you say his years as ambassador to the UN during the first intifada have stood him in good stead when it comes to foreign policy?

    Or is it really all Trump and by extension, Haley.

    Despite Trump’s backtracking, it still really appears to be a difference as stark as that of day to night from a year ago, would you say?

  3. So many questions 🙂

    Depends on who we have to fight.

    We can survive most wars with enemies who are evident today but if there is Big power direct involvement then probably no.

    Risk long run? Every conflict and war runs risks but some carry greater obvious risks than others. Too speculative but Israel has removed preemption from it’s defense doctrine and that is dangerous….. The 200K missiles arrayed against us in Lebanon and Syria exist today as an existential threat no less and maybe more than a nuke threat by a future Iran. Israel allowed this to happen 1) by not defeating Hezbollah 2) by withdrawing our buffer enclave in Lebanon 3) By not attacking Iran 10-12 years ago when such an attack could have succeeded.4)- By continuing to subvert our own national interests to Americas by way of example continuing dependence on America for supply of our air-force to the exclusion of all other options and that includes the Russian option… We can’t use the F-35 without approval of the Americans as they control both maintenance and computer targeting update disks. The purchase of the F-35 locks Israel into American political control of Israel for the next generation or more… very myopic and stupid from Israel’s independence and survival. My greatest fear is our dependence on America notwithstanding our history of many critical betrayals of America against Israel from 1948 till the present.

    America has largely been checkmated by primitive Pakistan, N-Korea and soon Iran because they have nukes and delivery systems….. Great powers can and are countered by the destructive power of Nukes in the hands of MAD nations that cannot be controlled or understood by Western minds that makes them too dangerous to mess with….

    Israel today is a major regional power even a world power in terms of our potential for military power if we had the right thinking leadership and the world believed we would use that power against any foe especially any existential threat from any source. If as reported Israel has up to and exceeding 500 nuke warheads some MIRV’s and we have the means of delivering them from tactical artillery shells, nuke land mines hundreds of nuke cruise missiles on or submarines and of course JERICHO ICBM’s and F- 15 and F-16 and now F-35 stealth fighter bomber. Point being there is no place on this globe beyond the nuke reach of Israel should we choose or need to employ that power. Israel employs our own mil sats so we are not dependent on others.

    My philosophy is Israel must behave as a mad dog too dangerous to mess with and to that end we need to become aggressive and employ always massive disproportionate response to any attack or real threat to our security and existence. Therefore Israel must elevate our Nuke arsenal as it’s main basis for deterrence and defense. Regional proliferation is occurring and will continue to grow in any event the genie is now out in the wild and can’t be put back… We need to preempt and attack the nuke program of any neighbor friend or foe.. It will come to all I have said but out of no choice and then the consequences for us will be much more expensive. In that kahane was correct.

  4. @ yamit82:
    What might such a war look like? Could Israel survive it, or only one or more scenarios? Would it be worth the risk in the long run? Can Israel survive just leaving it like this? Would the dangers and casualties from war be less or greater down the road if postponed? Is there any scenario that does not involve war at some point if Israel asserts Jewish rights? Is there anything that can be done to forestall the worst scenarios? Is this statement by R. Kahane in 1976 dated or still true?