Hamas has offered to release all the hostages in exchange for a permanent ceasefire

November 29, 2023 | 14 Comments »

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14 Comments / 14 Comments

  1. Agree with CG!
    Liberalism is dying of its natural death. An ideology with no ethics and no hope, like all the other branches of leftist theology.
    See Germany, France and Great Britain. The US is following but not far behind.

  2. The end of Israel, the end of Jews worldwide, except if they hide. No, don’t let this happen.
    Tanna gets it right, referring to Haggai, chapter 2. It is not what Biden wants, or what Bibi might want. What does the Lord want??? Who are we if we forget the Lord who brought us out of Egypt, then out of exile, and every minute can bring us out of darkness, ignorance and defeat – if we turn to Him. When we don’t we are punished by losing the land.
    Get it?

  3. “National destruction”

    More like “international destruction”.

    Easy for me to say, but the words “not a chance” quickly come to mind. Countries now have to assess the impact of their respective Muslim populations on their native populations. Although I believe this has been firmly established, there are still many who want to display their “superior morality” even at the cost of the end of civillzation,

  4. 1. Israel can’t stop the war without getting the hostages back.
    2. Israel can’t stop the war without utterly defeating Hamas.
    The solution would seem to be: get rid of Bibi. However, that solution, which is supported by a large number of people who have been tearing down Israel for the last 10 months, leaves Israel without leadership. We already saw what the “other side” did when they were in power. The most obvious thing they did was to follow orders from the Biden administration. That cannot continue, and the only person around to adamantly refuse to follow the US “lead” is Bibi.
    So, the other solution is the replace the US administration.

  5. It’s interesting to watch. this all started Oct 7, sinchat Torah /shemini Atzeret.

    From Yerushalayim(Iyar 28) Jerusalem day. till Tisha B’Av is 70 days.

    From Tisha B’Av(Av9) till Shemini Atzeret is 70 days.

    From Shemini Atzeret till the eighth day of chanukah is 70 days.

    Oct 7 till the 8th day of chanukah is 70 days.

    Haggai chapter 2

    21st day of 7 month corresponds to October 7th.
    24th day of 9th month corresponds to December 8th. add 8 days.

    We are entering day 54 since the shedding of innocent blood.

    Interesting times we are living through.

  6. I want to add one thing, as an example of how the Sunnis are playing a game. Everyone except me was so encouraged when some bigwig spokesman from Bahrain condemned Hamas. But what did he say next? I don’t remember exactly, but he did some moral equivalency dance about the poor Gazan civilians. They do this all the time, it’s the current version of “But you have to understand” that the westernized Arabs treated us to after 9/11.

    Don’t be fooled when they say the right things in excellent English. They’re just getting more slick. The part they leave out is, Israel will make concession after concession until they run out of land.

    Call them out already. If they want to be friends, stop the excuses about the poor Pals. They can dump the Pals if they want to. But they won’t because they’re the best weapon against Israel.

  7. @Peloni I don’t know that the Sunnis want a strong Israel either. It would seem logical, since they’re afraid of Iran. However, Saudi Arabia has backed off on normalization, because they also treat the Pals as their precious untouchable pets. So, if you look at the behavior of these supposed closet Israel supporters, they are actually putting almost as much pressure on Israel as the Biden administration.

    The most logical thing for Israel to do is to accept that the Sunnis aren’t all that into them and move on unless the Sunnis abandon their pets. Also, the most logical thing for Israel to do is give up on the hostages and attack full out, get it all over with in a few days, with massive “civilian” casualties.

    But this would alienate everyone, so why not try lying, signing a silly deal, and getting some more hostages before destroying Gaza? Same result, but will save more hostages.

    Also, as Vic Rosenthal says about honor and power in the ME, lying about a cease fire and then blowing everything away will impress the Sunnis. If they want a strong Israel, that’s how to impress them.

    I know the US won’t give Israel any more weapons, but maybe Israel can make the most of what they have and then get weapons from somewhere else.

  8. @ketzel2
    Many are suggesting the road that you are describing, and though it may seem like a clever way to have your cake and eat it at the same time, it will result in doing nothing more than securing Israel’s enemies while placing Israel in an impossible position in which to survive.

    If Bibi accepts this deal, his govt will fall. There will be no further moves towards war while a new election is coming. Also, the Iranian supporting US will not support restarting the war.

    In fact, I would argue that this deal did not originate with Iran, Qatar, or Hamas, but with America. This is why they have made continuing the war impossible with their demands that Israel find a way to fight without incurring any civilian casualties. And now conveniently enough, they have an offer which will satisfy the Islamist Dem base, remove Bibi from power, and preserve all of Iran’s threats against Israel with an ever greater strength in the face of Israeli weakness after staging such a strategic strike on Israel and her population. None of this will go unnoticed by the Sunnis who see a strong Israel as a desirable ally, but in the same moment, a weak Israel remains a common enemy.

    Hence, I would argue that if Bibi accepts this deal, it will render a great victory for Iran, Hamas and Arabists American while leaving Israel’s ability to survive the aftermath very much in question. When Glick states that accepting this deal will fast track Israel’s destruction, it should not be mistaken as mere hyperbole.

  9. I would agree to all conditions, get all the hostages, then wait for Hamas to violate the truce. Which is every 5 minutes. So Israel can do anything it wants. There is no point to arguing over any contract. Just lie like the other side, get the hostages, go back to killing bad guys.

  10. It will be interesting to see what happens.

    The other goal Biden has had all along is to destroy Bibi. This may be one way to do it: force Bibi’s hand so that he makes a decision that goes against ALL of the Israeli people, which would lead to his destruction politically.

    We don’t know if Israeli leaders have any choice in this. Suppose Biden says “take the deal or no more weapons. period.” Well that forces their hand, doesn’t it?

    The only thing that can save Israel would be to fight with weapons obtained elsewhere. Israel has won prior wars without help from the US.

  11. No Dice! Hamas must be ended at a minimum, and in truth the real aims of the war should have been to neutralize the Iranian threat from the many aspects of its proxy crescent to the rule of the Mullahs in Tehran. Failing to even remove Hamas from Gaza will demonstrate Israel’s abject weakness in a region which targets weakness for destruction.

    The weakness existing in surrendering to pathetic and inimical Hamas will mean the destruction of the state. This deal in the form of a surrender must be rejected by one and all.