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  1. At last!!! A great big heapin’ shovelful of sense… from a cowboy. He has obviously outdone our “intellectual elites” and of course, the UN (which contains no intellectuals).

  2. Laura, Darlin, be careful of Cowboys. I warn yawl from bitter experience. Must be fussed up, eat like horses, and track muddy boots all over the kitchen floor. And of a Saturday night prepare to party hardy, I won’t even bring up their dogs Can yawl drive a tractor? Or swathe a hay field?

  3. Laura Darlin be careful full, of bitter experiences, Cowboys ain’t t’all what they seem. They need constant care and fussin up/ Eat like a horse, track muddy boots all over. the kitchen floor, terrible flirts, Of a Saturday nites be ready to dance yawls shoes off