Hamas rules with Saudi support

By Ted Belman

I have a very well connected Saudi friend who advises

“Abbas went to brief King Abdullah on the Annapolis unintelligible conference before going home.

Abdullah said that he hopes that “the efforts of the international community will result in the establishment of a Palestinian state on their soil with Jerusalem as its capital.” The Saudi monarchs will not support any solution unless Hamas dictates the terms of any future accommodations with the Israelis.

The shallow American analysts saw the Saudi presence as support for Abbas when in fact the Saudis wanted to make sure no agreement would be considered without Hamas full participation and Jerusalem remains Muslim in Muslim hands. All roads lead to and go through Riyadh.”

My friend has a PhD and knows whereof he speaks.

Remember Saudi Arabia stabbed the US in the back when it engineered the Mecca Accords between Fatah and Hamas.

Mort Klein of ZOA reports on the unity here.

Two Days After Annapolis – Abbas’ Fatah Declares It Will Join Hamas Fighting Israelis If Israel Attacks Terrorists In Gaza

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