‘Hamas Will be Able to Use Global Aid for Terror Tunnels’

Israeli security source reveals transfer of Gaza crossings to PA will actually help Hamas attack Israel and build terror tunnels.

By Ari Yashar, INN

Gaza HamasAs international donors led by Qatar pledged $5.4 billion to Gaza on Sunday in Cairo, and Palestinian Authority (PA) security forces are posed to takecontrol of Gaza’s border crossings, Israeli security sources expressed concern that the new realities will only help Hamas commit more terror on Israel.

Israel is closely following discussions on how PA forces are to be posted at the Rafah, Erez and Kerem Shalom crossings.

A senior security source told Walla! the way authority is transferred to the PA from Hamas may pave the way not only for corruption, bribery and bureaucracy that may slow the crossings – but also for renewed terror tunnel attacks by Hamas, as it will no longer be held responsible for the crossings or keeping the quiet.

“Hamas is setting in motion a sophisticated process,” said the source. “It is raising a ‘people’s army’ of youth aged 15 and up, so as to distance criticism on its military arm, on which it will never give up.”

Indeed, Israel’s demand for the demilitarization of Gaza has been swept completely under the rug in the Cairo donor conference. As for Hamas’s terror tunnels, the group has already said the IDF did not destroy all of them, and it has likewise already begun reconstruction on the tunnels.

The security source also admitted that it will be difficult for Israel to follow the path of massive amounts of construction materials entering Gaza, despite thesupervision mechanisms being implemented which Israel is also supposed to take part in.

“These are billions of shekels that will be transferred to the Palestinians, and in order to reconstruct Hamas’s tunnels, they just need a small percentage of the materials that will be allowed to be transferred to them,” stated the source.

In preparation for the last Hamas terror war on Israel, the group siphoned hundreds of millions of dollars off of international aid to fund its terror tunnel project; the IDF revealed during the operation that each of the 30 tunnels it destroyed cost millions in materials and cement that was meant for humanitarian needs.

The security sources told Walla! that Hamas is not the only threat on the horizon, warning that the Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis currently engaged in a brutal struggle with the Egyptian army in Sinai is liable to quickly turn its weapons on Israel.

“It’s a matter of time until the gunfire against the Egyptian army is turned on the border with the state of Israel,” warned the source.

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