Harel hits the nail on its head

Israel Harel says Israel will be Paying a high price at Annapolis

[..] Justice lovers of the world believe that the strong must defer to the weak, and the rich to the poor. By this logic, if Israel caused the refugee problem, then it bears the responsibility of bringing them back ‘home.’

Anyone who concedes in advance on the main principle – namely, the Jews’ right to the Land of Israel – and leaves it for the Arabs alone, creates world support for the Palestinians. Anyone who insists on thinking, like the current hedonistic and misguided government, that the more concessions, the greater the chance for peace, is liable to find himself in the not-so-distant future without any rights at all.

The main topic of international debate today is over rights. For that reason, the Palestinians, who never stop speaking the language of rights, have broad support in the world and even in the Israeli left. The language of the rights of the Jews, however, is unfamiliar to Olmert and Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, who were raised in the Betar movement. It is not uttered loudly – it is not uttered at all – not even on the ceremonial level, by those who are cooking up the stew of concessions for Annapolis. They promise us, just as Yossi Beilin and company promised at Oslo, that “there is a partner for dialogue” and “we must take advantage of the window of opportunity” and in order to reinforce the partner “we must make gestures,” and, above all, for the sake of peace, make “painful concessions.” “The partner,” in case you were not paying attention, is the same partner as in Oslo, and the language of gestures and concession is exactly the same language that led to the Oslo disaster. [..]

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  1. Nu Harel?say something new, insightful,How to respond, How not to respond, alternatives to Olmert and Co,? The same POLEMIC repeated once again is not going to do it now, will it? Enough of retreaded words and worn out rhetoric, Your day is past your star no longer shines. You Harel have become the problem no less than Olmert and The Left. You were a mover and a shaker once ;now you have sunk to writing tired political crap that nobody reads and even fewer if possible care about. You always were a paid stooge for the powers in government both left and right, they always saw fit to take care of their finks and that is exactly what you and the rest of the past Yesha council were and still are. You sold us out in Yamit and Sinai, you sold out the best of your youth in Gush Katif and Amona and now we see you still holding on to the Israeli Treasury deep pockets by keeping your unelected jobs. Where is your sense of moral accountability? Right: when it comes to Job Security you have none of these. Again Personal interests as always TRUMP NATIONAL INTERESTS. In our recent past you would have born the mark of collaborator at worst and willing Kapo at best. We saw you guys in action in Gush Katif and Amona, or should I say INACTION. If today all of J @ S as well as JERUSALEM is in danger of being LOST it is you and your fellow finks who have more than anyone put us there. The apparent apathy and silence of the settlers today stand as an indictment of the Leadership past and present in the settler movement. There will came a time when your motto of LETS MAKE A DEAL, will ring hollow and no one will listen and no one will even care. Thanks Harel, you and your boys really did a job on us! History and Me will remember you and what you did!

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