Head to Head


Today Jeremy and I went head to head with Anjem Choudary – a radical Muslim Cleric from the UK.

As far as I know an exchange like this has never happened before!

A J-vs-choudary


Listen as we hold this infamous Muslim’s cleric’s feet to the flames with questions and arguments that are nothing like the exchanges you are hearing on BBC or CNN!

Very important to listen to this one all the way through!

We would love to hear your thoughts.

Shalom from Jerusalem,


January 20, 2015 | 2 Comments »

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2 Comments / 2 Comments

  1. I think this interview was most interesting. Far more than when Choudhary appeared in Fox News with Hannity. It is essential we interview our opponents – even those of the lunatic fringe if they have a broad following – rather than continuousy preaching to the choir, or to a half-choir.

    However, Ari and Jeremy tried to do too much in too short a time. Dealing with theological (Islam), legal (Shar`ia), historical (medieval Spain) and political (v.g. “Palestine”) issues in just 30 minutes is crazy. Better to have this clown back and, next time, deal with one single issue – say, “Palestine, stolen by the Jews.”

    Then, there would be countless opportunities to put him against a wall – and keep him there – where he could no longer resort to his usual tergiversations and evasive answers. His glaring logical fallacies would then become apparent, for all to see.

  2. I dont agree with this supposed dialogue. its just a venue for all parties to show they are the winner. Ari and Jeremy dont look good with people like this, they should only hold discussion with people who have similar values wrt discussion. the only discussion with people like this is to liquidate them, any thing else is a pretense designed to sway an audience to something but that is not served here. Any one listening to them would already have their opinion on the muslim nutter. Better they should dialogue with those who respect dialogue, for killers only killing should be reserved.
    His “feet were not held to any flames” …..nice jewish boys should not be playing softly like this with jew killer wannabe’s