Hey Obama, Sarah’s gunning for ya.

By Ted Belman

I took the time to listen to Sarah Palin’s 50 minute speech at a GOP fundraiser in Chicago Land. And what a great speech it was.

Hill Buzz, a former supporter of Hillary Clinton and now supporter of Sarah Palin, wrote up the great speech under the title Ronald Reagan was born in Illinois — and so was Sarah Palin’s 2012 presidential campaign.. Here’s his interpretation of Sarah’s remarks on Israel.

    In both the Rosemont and Washington speeches, Palin clearly drew a line on the ice with her sharpest skate and dared anyone in the world to lay a finger on America’s greatest friend in the world, Israel. She extolled the virtues of Earth’s pluckiest and most determined nation — a country that sits upon the gates of Hell, that is often the only thing standing between order and chaos. Israel the brave, Israel the bold, Israel our true friend and ally.

    We’d imagine President Palin defending Israel with the strength of a momma grizzly taking care of her cubs…or of a hockey mom jumping the railing and hitting the ice to pull an ogre of a bully off of her kid. The pitt bull’s got lipstick — to distract you from her bite.

And ends with,

    It’s going to be mighty hard for Barack Obama and his ragtag band of loons and Leftists to argue to Americans that the country would be better off following the path of Europe, as socialism across the Atlantic implodes and the lazy, welfare-dependent, corrupt, and hapless fools in the “socialist utopia” failed states drown in oceans of their own debt.

    How will Obama contrast Palin in a general election, when Palin possesses more testicular fortitude than our fey, professorial, lecturer of a president could ever muster in his wildest dreams?

    Though he’ll once again try to paint everyone who opposes him as a racist, and will try to use words like “polarizing” against Palin, as magical spells to convince some out there that she’s “unelectable”, in the manner in which he used these tactics against Hillary Clinton, we believe he’ll fail miserably.

    Palin’s got his number.

    She’s got the media’s number too.

    And, we believe, she knows EXACTLY what the RNC plans to do to her so they could push the nomination to Mitt “It’s His Turn” Romney.

    Watching Palin deliver these speeches, considering all of this, we kept looking to the side of her and at Todd smiling there in the shadows, watching everything from the sidelines, just as he did at Palin’s basketball games when they were in high school.

    Todd’s smiling because he knows just what Palin’s going to do to her opponents.

    He knows what she’s capable of. He’s seen her field dress a moose.

    Seen it a million times.

    That’s going all the way back to Saracuda’s days on the court when some out of town team arrived in Wasilla and underestimated the skills Palin possessed. They fell right into her trap, and she mopped the floor with them, just as she did all of those fat cats in their smoky rooms plotting and scheming against the people of Alaska.

    In every challenge she’s ever faced, Sarah Palin has stood up and given her absolute all, never backing down, never surrendering…only pausing to reload, but not to retreat.

    The Left has never faced anything like her before.

    The woman lives rent free in the White House already — occupying a cavernous suite in Obama’s nightmares and imagination. At 3am, our current president, Dr. Utopia, is too exhausted to answer the phone because he gets so little sleep. Closing his eyes, he hears the swoosh, swoosh, swoosh of blades slicking against the ice, bringing something strong, large, and massive his way…a thunder from the north…a polarizing force like an Arctic blast…a hockey mom and momma grizzly who is not going to let any of the Left’s usual nonsense stand in her way. It’s MOMENTUM, baby, in all caps, with a you-betcha twang.

    If we were Romney, Pawlenty, Huckabee, Thune, Huntsman, Daniels, and even Michael Steele, we’d get little sleep as well.

    She’s coming for all of them. They should know it.


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