Hezbollah is duty-bound to attack Israel if Israel attacks Iran

According to Lebanon Now Hezbollah has built a concensus that is very fragil and likely to fall apart if Hezbollah lead the country into war with Israel.

    This poses potential problems for Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, Hezbollah’s secretary general. His implicit contract with Iran is that his party be prepared to protect and advance Tehran’s interests in the Levant, to the extent that Hezbollah would retaliate against Israel if the Israelis were to bombard Iranian nuclear facilities. But for such a project to be effective, for Hezbollah to go to war with confidence that its countrymen are not working behind its back against its interests, the party would have to enjoy widespread Lebanese backing.

That may be so but I don’t believe it would stop Hezbollah from following Tehrans orders.

March 27, 2011 | 2 Comments »

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  1. Hezbollah is duty-bound to attack Israel if Israel attacks Iran

    Ted, is this news? Please tell us something we don’t know. Hezbollah and Hamas have been Iranian proxies for several years now.

  2. The possibility for the fall of Assad Jr. to radical Sunni Islamic opposition may force Syria to attack Israel. I heard the leader of the Sunni opposition to Assad and he makes Assad seem to be an Arab version of Mother Theresa.

    There was widespread speculation that Tehran would do its utmost to rescue the Syrian ruler who only recently opened the port of Latakia for an Iranian base.

    Giving Hizballah a foothold in Syria is more complicated given the unstated competition between him and the Syrian ruler and the latter’s reservations about the former’s rising military strength and effective secret and terrorist capabilities. Assad would undoubtedly take into account that once Hizballah gained a foothold in Syria, it would be hard to dislodge.

    Putting the fate of the Assad regime in the hands of radical Palestinian organizations would be equally imprudent and, worse, a humiliation.

    It would give Palestinians their second open door to an Arab uprising, the first of which gave Hamas undreamed of leverage in Egypt.

    Assad may even stage an attack on Israel as a desperate diversionary tactic from his troubles.

    Bird was correct (on another thread) in that Libya is not a direct threat not an immediate concern to Israel. Syria, Egypt, Jordan and the Palis are. That’s where our focus should really be directed.