Hezbollah rearming – Olmert in denial

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Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah publicly admits that his organization is rearming and secretly transporting arms to south Lebanon, in blatant violation of Security Council Resolution 1701. Nasrallah sends a clear message to his opponents: Hezbollah is determined to maintain its status as “the defender of Lebanon”.


February 23, 2007 | 5 Comments »

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  1. Everyone south of the Litani river is Hezbollah or Hezbollah supporters. They all need to die, Every man and woman is guilty and the children are their responsibility. Anyone else stupid enough to live there needs to die for being stupid.
    The war against Lebanon MUST renew because it WILL renew. They WILL attack again and if we wait Israel WILL be wiped out.
    Hezbollah has both arms and both legs in Canada in it’s emigrant population. Unless the mother of Satan is wiped out in Lebanon, Canada is doomed. Kill them now while your have the chance. Kill every man woman and child, or they will kill us every man woman and child an even our ghosts.

    It is simple. Israel kills them and and maybe survives. Failure to do so guarantees many if not all Israelis will certainly die as well as WMD attacks on North American cities. The fact is they may still win, but if we don’t kill them while we have the chance they will certainly win.

    The only road to peace is to eradicate Islam and all Islamists. Anything else is oblivion for Westerners.

    The Western Public does and thinks what the Western power elite tells them to think through their media. The power elite WILL at some point reverse themselves publicly and declare war on Islam . It is inevitable. The only question is : “Will it be too late?” By the time they wise up we will be walking in ashes and mass graves.

    Guts, courage and hard choices are needed to survive. The actions must be taken and the hatred of the enemy at home and abroad must be faced.
    Let them hate us. Alienate them. isolate them and expunge them including the traitors among us. We can know who they are and kill them at home too. It is satisfying to know who your enemies are. Don’t be afraid of their hate. Encourage it to bring them out of their spider holes.
    I hope all the cowards who are afraid of “making them angry” will reap their karma and get killed by them as soon as possible so that the rest of us can survive.

    Any calm in the region while Islam is a power means death for Israel, the only calm that will produce peace is when all of Islam including Mecca is in ashes.

  2. Hezbolah as a model for Hamas:
    1. The Iranians are a pretty smart people. They are Indo-Europeans and not Arabs. In their historical memory, their empire has largely ruled Arabs, and not the other way around. They adopted Shiite Islam to regain their identity against the Arabs, who are mostly Sunnis. The Iranians strongly support the minority of Arabs who are also Shiites (which includes their historical allies, the Semites of Iraq, who now call themselves Shiite Arabs).
    2. Hizbollah is Iran’s proxy in Lebanon. Shiites comprise 40% of the Lebanese population, and 70% of the Lebanese Army. They are close to becoming the most poweful force in all of Lebanon. For all practical purposes, they have already taken complete control of Southern and Eastern Lebanon, which is to say, the northern border of Israel.
    3. The leader of Hizbolah is a Hitler wannabe. The difference between him and Hitler is that Hitler controlled 60 million German Christians, and the Jews in Europe were defenseless against him. Hizbolah controls only a million Lebanese Shiite Muslims, and the Jews in Israel are quite able to defend themselves against him, if they have the will.
    4. Hizbolah has no legitimate reason to fight Israel, and so has to come up with some trumped up excuses (the release of Lebanese terrorists held in Israeli jails, the return of a small part of Syrian land that Lebanon says is supposedly Lebanese (although Syria doesn’t even recognize the legitimacy of Lebanon, and claims all Lebanon is part of greater Syria).
    5. A fanatic Hizbolah on Israel’s northern border, armed to the teeth by Iran, does not by itself pose an existential threat to Israel. However, when Iran completes its encirclement of Israel by arming Hamas in a similar manner, then a coordinated attack from Hizbolah, Syria, and Hamas in the West Bank and Gaza does become a true threat to Israel’s survival. Iran strongly desires to destroy Israel to gain bragging rights to being the true leaders of Islam.
    6. The actions that Israel needs to take are pretty obvious (and hint: they are not diplomatic). Sharon probably would have done them. It is unclear if Olmert and Peretz will.

  3. All this talk of dealing death to Hezbollah practically and realistically denies the reality that to do so would begin the war against Lebanon anew. That would conflict with America’s greater aims bound up in its Middle East foreign policy to avoid drawing the ire of Muslim Middle East anger any further then it has and at the same time seek to advance American interests in the region. Further, Israel too sees calm in the region as a more conducive climate within which to try to realize her hopes for peace with Palestinians.

    Getting rid of Hezbollah is not so simple as taking a can of Raid or Black Flag and spraying Hezbollah as if they were identifiable pesky ants. Except for their known leaders, Hezbollah cannot be distinguished from the Lebanese general population.

    Further the other perverse reality is that because Westerners are so fearful of even further alienating the Muslim Middle East and possibly prejudicing their efforts to advance their own interests in the region, the West continues to turn a blind eye to Hezbollah’s war crimes of deliberately using Lebanese non-combattants as human shields and deliberately targeting Israeli or Western civilians, while holding Israel to an impossibly high standard.

    Lest one think that America is completely hypocritical in holding Israel to a high double standard, consider what damage America does to itself when it condemns and acts against its own troops for even embarrassing Islamic terrorist prisoners or for being politically incorrect in speaking out against Islamic terrorists.

  4. Gary,
    Unfortunately, straight thinking is in short supply these days. Everyone is playing ideological games for the benefit of the “elite” and its literary lapdogs.

  5. There is just one way to deal with Hezbollah – give them a serious dose of their own medicine. I think that it would be a good idea to start from the top down – begin with Nasrallah. Remove the heads, target their stockpiles, bomb their weapons transportation routes, and put the UN on notice that their mandate (to protect Hezbollah) is over. It is not a complicated formula/concept to take out the enemy who wants to terrorize and kill your people before they (Hezbollah) are given the opportunity and time to regroup and become an even more formidable foe.

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