How Hamas Terrorizes Gaza’s Citizens

by Joseph Puder, FPM

The U.S., along with the European Union and Israel, considers the Palestinian Hamas regime ensconced in Gaza a terrorist organization primarily because of its use of suicide bombers and its covenant which vows to replace Israel with a Palestinian Islamist state by force of arms.  Hamas refuses to recognize Israel’s right to exist, much less make peace with it. The Guardianreported on January 8, 2009 that:

    The incoming Obama administration [was] prepared to abandon George Bush’s doctrine of isolating Hamas by establishing a channel to the Islamist organization, according to a source close to the transition team.  In 2006 the U.S. Congress voted into law a ban on any U.S. financial aid to Hamas.  Most recently, despite Congressional objections, the Obama administration [as reported by] on April 13, 2012, sent $147 million in U.S. taxpayer dollars to Hamas-run Gaza for “humanitarian purposes.”

It has since been revealed, in a report by Human Rights Watch (HRW), that Hamas is perpetrating gross human rights abuses against its own Palestinian people.

Joe Stork, Deputy Middle East Director for the New York-based HRW, charged this week that, “After five years of Hamas rule in Gaza, its criminal justice system reeks of injustice, routinely violates detainees’ rights, and grants impunity to abusive security services.”

According to Saudi-based Arab News, an HRW report titled “Abusive System: Criminal Justice in Gaza” alleged that Hamas security services failed to inform relatives of the whereabouts of detainees, and had arrested and abused lawyers.  Stork added that “Hamas should stop the kind of abuses that Egyptians and Syrians and others in the region have risked their lives to bring to an end.”

Stork is right about Hamas’s abuse of its Gaza residents and is somewhat correct about Egyptians and Syrians risking their lives to bring an end to the arbitrary justice meted out by these authoritarian regimes.  Regretfully, the Islamists have managed to hijack both revolutions, and it is apparent that Hamas’s Islamist “justice” will serves as a model for the future of criminal justice under the “revolutionary” Islamist regimes in Egypt and Syria.  The Islamic Republic of Iran – a key supporter of (Sunni-Muslim) Hamas — is another example of Islamist justice (of the Shia variety) where torture, rape, and murder of detainees are commonplace.

The HRW report calls on the Hamas regime in Gaza to institute urgent reforms, and a moratorium on the death penalty. One category of people upon whom the death penalty is imposed is alleged “collaborators with Israel.”  This distinction has become a convenient way in which to settle any criminal scores, and on many occasions is meted out without a shred of evidence.

The HRW report cited the case of Abdel Karim Shrair, who,  according to family members and lawyers, was tortured under interrogation before being executed by a firing squad in May 2011, after confessing to collaborating with Israel.

The Guardian reported on October 3, 2012 that the European Union condemned the death sentences that were handed down last month to two men in Gaza, one for murder and the second for alleged collaboration with Israel.  Martin Barillas, a former US diplomat, a democracy advocate, as well as the editor of Spero News, reported on December 8, 2010 that a military tribunal composed of Hamas members convicted three men of alleged collaboration with Israel. One of them received the death penalty.

According to a Palestinian Authority (PA) law, the president of the PA must approve all execution orders before they can be carried out, yet Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas was not consulted since Hamas does not recognize the legitimacy of his presidency. And, earlier in April of 2010, Hamas subjected two men to capital punishment on charges of collaboration with Israel. In 2008, during Israel’s Operation Cast Lead in Gaza, at least eight people were murdered by Hamas for allegedly helping Israel fight terrorism by providing information on local terrorist groups.  In September 2011, Hamas cracked down on collaborators with Israel, detaining residents of the Gaza Strip, including two physicians, an engineer, and members of Hamas itself. Hamas refused to identify those who were arrested.

Martin Barillas reported that the “Hamas campaign has created fear and suspicion.” According to local media, a resident confided that the Islamist campaign has had a really bad impact on society.  People no longer trust each other. He said, “We don’t talk openly with each other.” And HRW charged that Hamas has killed at least 32 alleged informers and political opponents during and after Operation Cast Lead and maimed dozens of others.

The HRW report accused Hamas of failing to investigate alleged cases of torture and abuse, while granting impunity from prosecution to security services officials.  The HRW report claims,  moreover, that “the intra-Palestinian political rivalry between Hamas and Fatah remains a significant factor behind many of Hamas’ abuses against detainees in Gaza.” The report goes on to say that the “Fatah dominated Palestinian Authority in the West Bank also arrests and detains Palestinians arbitrarily, including Hamas members or sympathizers, and similarly subjects detainees to torture and abuse.”

The Hamas missile attacks against Israeli civilians, especially women and children, as well as its disregard for its own people as indicated in the HRW report should put the Obama administration squarely against this terrorist group allied with the genocidal regime of Iran. But instead of seeking its demise some in the Democratic Party and in the Obama administration would like to portray Hamas as a “victim.” Ruben Navarrette, a nationally syndicated columnist with the Washington Post Writers group, wrote on September 12, 2012, “There has long been a constituency on the left that despises Israel for what it perceives to be abusive treatment of the Palestinians.  And, it seems, this element made itself heard at the Democratic National Convention.”

Navarrette pointed out that “[a]lso deleted [from the 2012 Democratic Party platform along with references to God and Jerusalem] was language recognizing Hamas as a terrorist organization and calling on the U.S. and its allies to continue to isolate Hamas until it renounces terrorism, recognizes Israel’s right to exist, and abide by past agreements.” And, while Jerusalem and God were hastily restored into the 2012 Democratic Party platform, a day later after an outcry in the media, the condemnation of Hamas was omitted.

This means, for all intents and purposes, that Obama, his administration and his party’s platform, consider the condemnation of a terrorist organization that murdered Israeli women and children, as well as Palestinians, too controversial to put in its platform. Will this week’s HRW report change the Obama administration’s attitude towards Hamas? I would side with the skeptics.


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  1. To protect myself from the present political campaigns, I subscribed to the next tier of cable television, which is mostly reruns of old tv shows and movies. It is especially the Westerns, like Gunsmoke (with the late, great James Arness as Marshal Dillon), Rawhide, Wagon Train and the black and white Western B movies that I’m attracted to.

    The comparison is undeniable: Extremist and politicized Muslims are the outlaws, killing and robbing and stealing whatever they want, trying to take over the land and towns. The Egyptian cleric who recently called for jihad to replenish the coffers and get more land for Muslims could not have filled the outlaw stereotype any better.

  2. Canadian Otter Said:

    that the buck stops at the Prime Minister’s desk.

    notice that I began my equation with bibi and not Barak. There must be a reason why Bibi keeps on Barak who appears to represent a miniscule constituency. Do you think it’s his expert abilities?

  3. @ Bernard Ross:
    There is a pervasive state of denial of the fact that the buck stops at the Prime Minister’s desk. This state of denial shows on talkbacks everywhere expressing the notion that Ehud Barak is to blame for the implementation of every anti-Jewish policy in Israel, and that if Bibi only knew, he would straighten things out immediately.

    “Bibi wake up” is a common expression illustrative of this state of denial. It’s all very, very sad.

  4. Canadian Otter Said:

    Could it be that police want Jews to get used to the idea of allowing Arabs to roam at their pleasure all over Jewish property

    bibi = barak = police = arabs roaming over jewish property

  5. @ keelie:
    Could it be that police want Jews to get used to the idea of allowing Arabs to roam at their pleasure all over Jewish property without Jews ever – ever – challenging intruders or protecting themselves and their own property?

    This is so outrageous, all the more since police know that PA Arabs, along with their leftist buddies, make it a point to routinely provoke settlers and then call police claiming to being attacked, while videotaping the settlers’ reactions as proof.

    This situation is so toxic, it needs to be mitigated by extending sovereignty all over Judea and Samaria. This would turn second class Jewish citizens into Israelis just like the rest of Israeli Jews. Dhimmi Israelis, but at least with a few more rights, such as property rights ….. kind of.

    Police department policies needs to be revamped too, so that they will comply with the law. But that will require a change of status for the entire country, away from creeping Dhimmitude.

  6. @ Canadian Otter:
    Isn’t this called “entrapment”? Wonder what would have happened if these “shepherds” had been shot and killed outright by the settlers. Then the folks who set up the trap and gave all the orders would have caused the deaths of the undercover “shepherds”.

  7. Am I supposed to feel compassion for muslims in Gaza or anywhere else? I have more compassion for an ant about to crawl into my underwear and bite me. NONE!!!!!

  8. THE OTHER WAR AGAINST JEWS. Arab terror is not enough, it seems.

    ENTRAPMENT? Three young Jewish settlers are suspected of attacking undercover police officers who were posing as Arab shepherds. One officer was injured in the incident. Police officers disguised as Arab shepherds approached a farm. One of the settlers walked over to them and told them to leave the property immediately. The shepherds refused. The settlers turned to the army and police and asked that they clear the “shepherds” from the property. When no one showed up, the suspects were forced to take matters into their own hands. The settler alerted friends who proceeded to attack the “shepherds”. At some point the officers identified themselves and arrested the assailants. Judge Dov Pollock extended their remand, saying the suspects may be DANGEROUS –,7340,L-4289452,00.html

    Jewish citizens doing their legal and moral duty of protecting their families and communities from Arab intruders are now treated as DANGEROUS criminals in Israel. What are settlers supposed to do when they see a group of unannounced Arabs approaching their homes? Invite them in for tea and cookies?


    FALSE FLAG operations? Police admit that settlers are NOT involved in Price Tag incidents. District Police chief admitted that “most of the people who carry out these offenses come from outside of Judea and Samaria”.