How PM May differs from Pres Trump

British Prime Minister Theresa May used her speech in Philadelphia to needle the new Trump administration on a number of issues ranging from globalism to climate change, Islam, and even to defending the European Union.

By Raheem Kassam, BRIETBART


Mrs. May began her speech at the Republican Retreat in Philadelphia with a brief history of Anglo-American relations, invoking the spirit of the Founding Fathers of the U.S. as well as expressing gratitude towards America’s involvement in the World Wars of the 20th century.

But her speech was also littered with politically correct terms, as well as left and centre-left talking points regarding international institutions, Islam, and radical Islamic terrorism, the latter of which she called “Islamist extremism”.

The British premier compared “open, liberal and democratic” societies in the West versus “closed, coercive” ones. She hailed the United Nations, praised the World Bank, and called NATO “the cornerstone” of Western defence.

And Mrs. May also spoke of the necessity for multilateralism in stark contrast with the line pushed by the White House — which prefers bilateralism — over recent days. She cited the need to tackle “climate change” as one of the reasons to back globalist institutions.

She called for the two nations to be “internationalist” and “global”, though noted “Some of these organisations are in need of reform and renewal”.

And while committing to the destruction of the Islamic State, she failed to mention the name of the group, choosing instead the term “Daesh” — a word preferred by politically correct types and most notably popularised by former Secretary of State John Kerry and President Barack Obama.

She went on to describe “radical Islamists”, stopping short of echoing the phrases used by the new U.S. administration including “radical Islamic terrorism”.

The British PM stated: “Of course we should always be careful to distinguish between this extreme and hateful ideology and the peaceful religion of Islam, and the hundreds of millions of its adherents, including millions of our own citizens, and those further afield who are so often the first victims of this ideology’s terror”.

And while Mrs. May hailed the founding principle of “liberty” and claimed the title of “conservative” to draw parallels between her beliefs and those of Republican attendees, she is perhaps best known in the United Kingdom for an unprecedented expansion of the surveillance state and indeed mass migration at historic levels.

Mrs. May was a Remain campaigner during the Brexit referendum, and also used her speech in Philadelphia to underscore her commitment to Britain’s foreign aid spending.

And while the British government voted against the State of Israel in the now infamous UN Security Council vote in December, she stated that democratic allies like the Jewish state must be protected.

Mrs. May spoke of verification and “policing” of the Iranian nuclear deal and spoke of the trading relationship between the United Kingdom and United States.

Curiously, despite Britain’s Brexit vote, Mrs. May said of the European Union: “We will build a new partnership with our friends in Europe. We are not turning our back on them, or on the interests and the values that we share. It remains overwhelmingly in our interests – and in those of the wider world – that the EU should succeed”.

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  1. PM May is neither conservative domestically or internationally. Furthermore, despite lip service contrariwise, she is not a friend of Israel.

  2. Israel is America’s closest ally. Not, “one of,” Not “In the Middle East.” The Closest. UK, Germany, all the other so-called allies are constantly opposing U.S. foreign policies in areas where they have no particular national interest, just opinions. When does Israel do that? One explanation I saw for calling these other countries allies involved amount of trade. A trading partner is not necessarily an ally. We know what Israel does for us. What do these other so-called allies do? Some of them, like the Philippines, actually get aid, while doing zip in return. Some pretend to be allies while sheltering our enemies, like Pakistan. Have you ever been chewed out for being an American on American soil by a West-European, or a New Zealander or been a guest in Canada and had to listen to vitriol about Americans? I have. One of these assholes actually came up to me in a bar — I didn’t know him — while I was in a conversation with a woman and told me that Americans ought to be gassed; I couldn’t get away from him, and security was indifferent. EUROTRASH!!!!!!!!!!
    Ever been subjected to this by an Israeli? Not me. Sometimes, I think Israel is America’s ONLY ally.

    Why, on earth, are we giving military aid to Europe? Do we really need to be paying for NATO, even if it was fighting terrorism. Shouldn’t they be paying for it? Why should we care if the UK or Japan gets their own nukes? Isn’t it an outrage that we punished poor Jonathan Pollard instead of promoting him and giving him a medal for enabling Israel to prevent Syria and Iraq from getting nukes like we should have been doing under the much over-praised President Reagan. Imagine the war we would be fighting if he had not sacrificed himself heroically, like that. I’m sick hearing Jews apologize for him. He was and is a living HERO! A genuine one. Time to put substance before form, not this stupid, irrelevant Goldstar crap. They should be naming schools after him.

    From Israel, we know what the aid pays for, and we are getting the better of the deal. The EU is cheating us. In fact as Bat Y’eor pointed out, the EU and it’s devil’s bargain the the Muslims, arose from the Eurotrash desire to counter the U.S.’s influence. Plus European anti-semitism reaching out to Arab/Muslim anti-semitism.


    “The Euro-Arab Dialogue and the Birth of Eurabia” by Bat Y’eor

  3. Daesh is actually the Arab acronym for ISIS and is deragatory in the Arab/Muslmim world (pointing out that they are not Islam).

    So the writer is full of malarky on this and many of his other points. It is just a hit piece on May.

  4. Very well said Sebastien! As a Jew, I have not forgotten the often popular British hatred of us and Israel. Her policies seem to align much closer to Obama’s than to Trump’s. Obama was the most 2 faced president in history. His comments about having Israel’s back vs his actions of stabbing Israel in the back seem to foreshadow those of May’s.
    @ Sebastien Zorn:

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