How to tell an antisemite when you see one

Prof Martin Sherman recently sent out this email

Dear All,

An Israeli Response to Irish Invective is a riposte that I wrote at the request of the Israel Academia Monitor (IAM)

IAM recently received a letter from an Irish professor, John Kelly who asked IAM to circulate the letter to its readership, together with an article he wrote in the Irish Times

An excerpt from the letter

    Like many people here in Ireland, and I am sure the world over, I have a great respect and admiration for the Jewish people, have many great friends, family relations and academic colleagues over the years who are Jews, but I condemn totally the cruelty, arrogance and I believe stupidity, with which the Israeli Government treat their Palestinian neighbours. This criticism is reinforced when I am oft times condemned to being anti-Semitic when I have occasionally spoken out about the situation which I have witnessed in Bethlehem .

His full letter appears following my response — for your perusal

Both the letter and the article are highly critical of Israeli policy towards the Palestinians.

For the article see Segregation wall strangles the life out of Bethlehem

IAM decided to consent to Prof. Kelly’s request but to accompamy his items with a rebuttal from me.

This is an excerpt:

    You admit that, “I am oft times condemned to being anti-Semitic…” Indeed on reading your diatribes this is not difficult to understand…

    Indeed, perhaps the worst kind of anti-Semitism is the expectation – as appears to be the case on your part – that Jews consent to die meekly.

    The worst kind of anti-Semitism is to portray – which you appear to do – every coercive measure undertaken by the IDF to protect the lives of Jews against those striving to kill them, just because they are Jews, as “disproportionate war crimes”.

    The worst kind of anti Semitism is to consider – as you appear to do – that preventing Palestinian inconvenience far more important than preventing the loss of Jewish lives (or limbs)

    The worst kind of anti-Semitism is to decry, dismiss and delegitimize – which you appear to do – as callous cruelty or mindless malevolence, any action taken by Israel to defend itself and its civilians against manifestly Judeocidal assaults – whether these actions be defensive responses or offensive initiatives; whether preventative strikes or punitive retaliation.

    The worst kind of anti-Semitism is to demand – as you seem to be suggesting – that the Jews should allow their attackers to assault them with absolute immunity from any reprisal, with total impunity from all retribution, and unhindered by any fear of unpleasant consequences at all…

To access the the full article, Click here

My response is perhaps a little long but you engage in pro-Israel advocacy, you may find in it some elements/formulations that could be of use in your activities.

It is divided into the following sections:

* Criticism the Jewish State or Demonization of the Jewish People?
* The worst kind of anti Semitism
* Overtly Declared Judeophobia, and Actively Pursued Judeocide
* Trivializing the Value of Israeli Lives
* Conflating Cause and Consequence
* Detached from Reality or Determined to Distort It?

I hope you find it of interest

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10 Comments / 10 Comments

  1. Reinforcing what Chenkin just said. Prof Sherman, this is a great service you have performed and iIwill definitely use it as a tool to engage those wonderful “soft” antiSemites, especially those who start with ‘ isn’t it sad what is happening in the Middle-East’ and probing further and poking even deeper usually results iin something like “I do have another appointment” or “my wife is waiting for me.”

    Scoundrels, the bunch of them. but sophistication usually turns to anger when they are pushed into a corner.

    irish anti semitism is part of its heritage from the catholic church !

  3. Would some anti-Semite please explain what motivation the Israelis have to incite and sustain violence? This “conflict” drains Israel economically, emotionally, and in blood. Israel is outnumbered by at least 80 to 1 population wise. Does this nation love the idea of its own destruction? Please explain this self destructive behavior, Israel haters.

  4. John Kelly is a clear example of how widespread pedophilia in the Catholic Church left many victims mentally deranged.

  5. Probably a lot of anti-Semites don’t even realize it. It just seems natural to them that Israel is a terrible country for firing tear gas at demonstrators and they don’t give any thought to the fact that other countries do far worse. I sometimes ask people if they think Israel has the same right to defend itself as other countries. A surprisingly high percentage of Israel’s critics become evasive and angry when asked this simple question. What is going on in their brain that they cannot simply say “of course.”? It seems to me that what’s going on is that the person has a hatred of Jewish people which he is not fully aware of and cannot admit to himself or others.

  6. Oh – and by the way, it seems that the Irish were very sympathetic to the Nazis during WWII (re that part of the response letter). Perhaps Felix could give us some insight about this.

    Hatred of the British and the enemy of my enemy is my friend? I would not discount the Catholic Churches love affair with the Nazis and fascists in general either. I think Franco’s Spain may have been the only Catholic country that actually helped Jews. There are some who contend that Franco came from a Morano family.

  7. …one can only shake ones head in bewilderment and wonder whether you are woefully misinformed or willfully misleading.

    Now let me think about that… He should have added, “or simply insane”.

    Methinks Professor Kelly should lay off the Guinness for a while. And someone should tell him that saying, “Some of my best friends are Jewish,” doesn’t wash these days.

    Oh – and by the way, it seems that the Irish were very sympathetic to the Nazis during WWII (re that part of the response letter). Perhaps Felix could give us some insight about this.