Human Rights activists have no moral compass

Assad’s war has claimed four times as many victims in 20 months as have been killed in the Israel-Palestine conflict in the last 20 years.

RON PROSOR, Israel’s Ambassador to the UN, WSJ

Last month, a group of Scandinavians pulled up anchor from a Swedish port and set off toward the Middle East under the pretense of delivering humanitarian aid. The Nordic fog may have clouded their choice of destination. The moral compass of these self-proclaimed human-rights activists steered them to the Gaza Strip, not Syria.

The fleets of flotillas, ferries, yachts, sailboats, canoes and catamarans and that have set sail for Gaza in recent years rival the size of the Spanish Armada. Yet one might argue that humanitarian flotillas are needed just a bit more urgently in Syria, where more civilians have been murdered by the Assad regime than those killed during Japan’s 2011 earthquake and tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, and 9/11 combined.

The conflict in Syria has also claimed roughly four times as many victims in the past 20 months as were killed in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict over the past 20 years. The residents of Gaza continue to enjoy more international assistance than virtually any other population on the planet, but almost no aid is reaching the two million people displaced within Syria—roughly 10% of the country’s population.

The flotilla crowd has different priorities. They prefer to work around the clock to protest Israel’s legitimate defense against the terrorists who target its citizens and fire thousands of rockets into its cities. Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised: It’s much easier to face news cameras in Tel Aviv than bullets in Damascus.

Indeed, Israel is the luxury destination of choice for this type of “human-rights activist.” In Israel, these weekend revolutionaries are free from the dangers of arbitrary arrest, imprisonment and execution that abound in the totalitarian states that make up the rest of the region. Instead of trying to dig into the dark abyss of abuses in neighboring states, they prefer to lounge in the comfort of Israel’s democratic institutions, civil society and independent media, which offer a wealth of easily accessible information that they use to attack Israel.

The burden of democracy is always heavy, and Israel is proud to carry it. With more reporters and human-rights activists per capita than anywhere else on the planet, we understand deeply the invaluable role of civil society, even though its institutions can sometimes be used and abused by those with the most radical of agendas.

Today much of the international human-rights arena resembles a masquerade ball, where the most extreme views can be easily masked beneath the empty utterance of words like “democracy” and “human rights.” Norwegian scholar Johan Galtung, the leader of the Scandinavian ship to Gaza, was recently suspended from the Swiss World Peace Academy for a series of anti-Semitic rants. He recommended that all university students read “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” the infamous piece of 19th-century propaganda used in Nazi classrooms.

Far from criticizing the tyrants of the Middle East, the flotilla crowd often joins hands with them. Just this May, the British activist group Viva Palestina enjoyed the hospitality of Bashar Assad, making a pit stop in Syria on its way to trying to enter Gaza.

Around the same time that Assad’s thugs were gearing up for their massacre of children in Houla, members of Viva Palestina were proudly tweeting their whereabouts and posting photos on Facebook of themselves next to the regime’s representatives.

Instead of dancing with dictators and tangoing with tyrants, what if the flotilla crowd actually set sail in the direction where aid is so desperately needed?

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5 Comments / 5 Comments

  1. Israel’s ambassador is suffering from an excessive use of undirected rhetoric. He assumes that all the deaths in Syria are “murders” by Assad, and the ‘rebels” are blameless, which has to be absolutely untrue. And further improperly assumes that all those who died are victims, when some are udoubtedly the murderers of true innocent victims.

    He’s just reminding us of something we often chose to ignore. And that is that the politicians of Israel are notoriously inept in public speech, as well as negligent in both truth and the correct expounding of it. No dialectic is ever evident in Israeli politics, which consist of trying to tear down opponents, and even close colleagues by foul means. A snakepit, not a civilised environment.

    We should expect better.

  2. The Eurotrash will get what they deserve. “The Jews” will be the least of their problems. They will follow the orders of their Arab Muslim rulers. They will not have time to outlaw Jewish circumcision. They will worry that their new masters may circumcise their heads !

  3. The “human rights activists” are clearly demonstrating their double standards of Jew hatred and their alliance with the jew killers. The arabs justify their slaughter of Jewish children by saying that they will grow up to join the IDF. The European anti jewish “activists” aid and abet these same jew killers. They find every argument to rationalize what can only end, if they are successful, with the murder of Jews. Semantics has enabled Jew killers to be labeled activists in order for Jew killing to be acceptable. How long is it acceptable to the Europeans to libel Jews and incite genocide? The european activists also train their children in the same Jew hatred. Is this what they were doing in Norway when Breivik killed them?