Israelis would rather keep the Golan

By Ted Belman

Senator Arlen Specter returned from Syria and reported,

    “Syrians and Israelis are in a position to proceed to have a peace treaty,”

    “The parties are going to have to continue talks through intermediaries. The core of any agreement is accepted that Golan Heights will have to come back [to Syria]. It is fair to say that if there is no Golan Heights, there is no deal,”

Its fair to say Israelis would rather keep the Golan.

Barry Rubin, the author of The Truth about Syria, was interviewed by Michael Totten and said,

    Syria is not a radical regime because it has been mistreated by the West or Israel but because the regime needs radicalism to survive. It is a minority dictatorship of a small non-Muslim minority and it offers neither freedoms nor material benefit. It needs demagoguery, the scapegoats of America and Israel, massive loot taken from Lebanon, an Iraq which is either destabilized or a satellite, and so on.

    Take the simple issue of the Golan Heights. It is commonplace to say that Syria wants back the Golan Heights. But one need merely ask the simple question: what happens if Syria gets it back? If Syria’s regime made peace with Israel it has no excuse for having a big military, a dictatorship, and a terrible economy. The day after the deal the Syrian people will start demanding change. The regime knows that.

Specter knows nothing.

Meanwhile, Sarkozy pledges to shun Damascus until…

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3 Comments / 3 Comments

  1. An important point…

    Senator Specter’s “Golan HEIGHTS” goes all the way south to Hamat Gader. This is southeast of Lake Kinneret.

    Actually, even with a “peace” treaty, Israelis and Jews would not be safe traveling in Syria for business. Look at the “peace” treaties with Egypt and Jordan.

    I have an old map showing the Golan as not being a part of the French mandate that later became Syria.

    Senator Arlen Specter’s dad owned a junk yard in Kansas. The Senator’s trial balloon report can be good scrap for the yard.

    Kol tuv,

  2. Good for you Norman; It isn’t demographs it is the Israeli travel agencies always looking for new place the restless Israeli nevu rich’ sem to need. They yearn to doak up Syrian culture, beautiful scenery, and most of all they lust after Syrian HUMUS which we are told is the best around. It is the wet dream of every Israeli leftist to taste, no! savor that HUMUS in in a real oriental atmosphere with the music of UNKELTOM in the backround.OH! WHAT STUFF DREAMS ARE MADE OF!

    Spector while a ranking republican and a Jew(sic) is an idiot and a fool. My take is that he is a stooge for forces inimical to Israels. This could in same vain also be OLMERT!

  3. There is not even a demographic argument to be made for surrendering the Golan to Baby Assad. It has a Jewish majority. And its strategic importance to the protection of the Galilee and lowland Israel is indisputable.

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