IDF soldier posts pictures, the World goes nuts

By Ted Belman

I support the soldier, Eden Abergil . There is nothing wrong with taking pictures of handcuffed and blindfolded terrorists. There is nothing wrong with including your self in the forefront of such pictures. There is nothing wrong in posting such pictures on Facebook.

There is something wrong with the IDF responding to the over reactions of Arabs and others by dumping on the soldier. Instead the IDF should be attacking the attackers and showing their hypocracy and double standards. Please a little perspective.

I don’t see that the terrorists were “humiliated”. Even if they were so what?

August 18, 2010 | 6 Comments »

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6 Comments / 6 Comments

  1. IDF Rejects Disgraceful Behavior by Former Soldier (Israel Defense Forces)

    How much the IDF is acting like US Armed Forces in throwing innocent soldiers to the wolves to keep PC. It must be a ‘Western” cultural thing.

  2. IDF Rejects Disgraceful Behavior by Former Soldier (Israel Defense Forces)

    Capt. Barak Raz of the IDF Spokesman’s Unit responded to the disgraceful behavior of the former IDF soldier who uploaded shameful pictures to her Facebook profile showing her posing inappropriately next to Palestinians who had been arrested.

    The behavior displayed by this former soldier is not only disgraceful but in total opposition to the values and ethical code of the Israel Defense Forces.

    Any soldier who partakes in such an activity directly violates the IDF’s code of conduct and will be dealt with severely.

    I am very dissapointed the the reaction of the IDF

  3. I completely agree with you Ted. If only there was so much focus and outrage from the western media regarding Russia’s announcement that it is accelerating Iran’s drive toward nuclear weapons.

    I actually have no problem with the former IDF soldier’s picture, but that’s beside the point. The New York Times and other media outlets will elevate any trivial incident regarding Israel to a major news story. There is nothing remotely newsworthy about the Facebook photo of a former IDF soldier posing with prisoners. Why would major news outlets even bother with this non-story? Because they have an obsessive hatred of Israel and are hoping to stoke further worldwide anti-Israel passions. Meanwhile the NYT doesn’t think rauf’s ties to terrorism and his radical views are important enough for its readers to know.

    Every time the western media puts a spotlight on Israel’s or America’s conduct of our defense against islamic jihadis, they are aiding and abetting the global jihad.

    And the Israeli government must stop responding with outrage against its own whenever situations like this come up. Instead they ought to shrug it off as the trivial non-event it really is and stop playing into their enemies hands.

  4. To put this in perspective, recall that America judges herself by that same standard which the world is judging Israel on this issue and which standard Israel accepts for herself.

    Recall the controversy over photographs (& other alleged abuses) taken by American soldiers of captured Iraqi insurgents at Abu Gharab prison in Iraq. From Wikipedia the following summary is available:

    The United States Department of Defense removed seventeen soldiers and officers from duty, and eleven soldiers were charged with dereliction of duty, maltreatment, aggravated assault and battery. Between May 2004 and March 2006, eleven soldiers were convicted in courts martial, sentenced to military prison, and dishonorably discharged from service. Two soldiers, Specialist Charles Graner, and his former fiancée, Specialist Lynndie England, were sentenced to ten years and three years in prison, respectively, in trials ending on January 14, 2005 and September 26, 2005. The commanding officer of all Iraq detention facilities, Brigadier General Janis Karpinski, was reprimanded for dereliction of duty