If you want to annex, annex.

By Ted Belman

In ISI LEIBLER’s open letter to PM Netanyahu, he urges him to form and unity government with KADIMA. In any event he wants him to declare that he is willing

    “to delineate our minimum borders, which will incorporate the major settlement blocs. You would agree to negotiate other areas if and when the Palestinians get their act together.

    “In the meantime, subject to full acceptance of our security requirements, we would approve of the PA governing and maintaining order in the region under its jurisdiction.”

I guess that means that Jerusalem is up for grabs, but maybe not.

He argues

    And you, Mr. Prime Minister, need the support of Kadima to enable you to proceed with the program desired by the vast majority of the nation.

    It is thus imperative for you both to act as responsible leaders during a time of crisis and unite to foil a global effort to impose a solution on us. Failure to act now would represent a betrayal of the House of Israel.

    We are obliged to present substantive proposals about separating ourselves from the Palestinians. If, as is almost certain, they still refuse to concede anything, you must create an environment in which the Americans are obliged to deal with them.

    Realistically, the chances of achieving a permanent settlement are zero.

Wheras Landau and Israel Beiteinu want to annex the settlements now or at least in response to the UN recognition, Liebler doesn’t want Netanyahu to annex now but to merely to propose doing so in order to stave off such recognition. To my mind, there is nothing new in his approach. Netanyahu is already showing such intent.

Leibler seems to think that such a recognition would be a disaster. Not everyone would agree with him.

I say if you are going to shoot, shoot. If you are going to annex, annex.

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2 Comments / 2 Comments

  1. Isi Leibler

    Isi leiber is not only a fool but an old fool. Somebody should tell him that we are mostly in our present situation because of all the Leibers past and present. He is long in retirement from his business and should add retirement from writing op-eds and political commentary as well.