Lately a certain person has been using his computor to post comments under the name of Bill Narvey and Joseph Norland.

The monikers used from time to time on this computor includes Phat Fur, Malibou, bobby jo, doodiel, lognieu and Mandy. I believed that Hyman Peskin may be that person.

Recently he tried to fool the system by registering under the name of Laura. The first time he put a period in front of it and the second time, a period after it. That’s when I required all registrations to be approved by me.

I recently changed the system so that registration wasn’t required to comment but the first comment had to be moderated to give me some control.

I still have the ability to blacklist any name or IP address.

This same person had a practice of posting in my name on other sites like JPOST. His comments were the opposite of what mine would have been.

He also set up some email addresses that looked like mine or Honest Reporting and then send out emails to a list he had put together. Once again with a different message than I would have sent.

Is he just having perverse fun or is he more sinister than that. Why would anyone take so much trouble?

Ted Belman

November 28, 2010 | 7 Comments »

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7 Comments / 7 Comments

  1. He is either mentally ill, or a Jew/Israeli hater. Either way, it’s wise to stay away from a pathetic creature like this.

  2. This is what we would call a worm. Simply block his IP address. Then, it doesn’t matter what name “it” uses.

  3. Yamit,
    can you please have Ted forward your email to me. I’ve asked him twice, with no luck.

    He did forward your email. I just saw it an hour ago.
    thanks, I just saw it among aver 300 emails over the past couple of days. I have been sick and feverish so I didn’t check my emails. I will later and reply to you. Sorry.

  4. Yeah, I remember reading the first one – I was really taken aback when I first read it. I’m a bit wiser for it though – War is war and it takes many forms.

  5. Yeah he did a number on me as well not just in the Jpost either. He even hit Laura’s Blog impersonating me.

    I will not be so coy as Ted in saying He believed it to be HP. I know it was HP but Ted only has caught some of Hymies sock-puppets, there are more he has not yet caught up to.

    Why? Ted asks; I’m not his shrink and don’t care why. He is a 76 yr. old degenerate, Who was jailed for stalking. He spoke openly about his experience on other blogs where he used his own name. Looks like he is doing the same thing but in a different format and medium here.

  6. I have seen this on jpost months ago…and not just your name but yamit as well. The effect was one of not trusting either source for a while. in the end you have to deal with the message, not the messenger.