In appreciation of Pastor Hagee

Aaron J. Shuster writes

Dear Dr. Reverend John Hagee:

I just saw your rousing speech at AIPAC. You are an incredible man. As a Jew, I want to thank you and your parishioners for your support. Often, we Jews feel alone in this world with so many enemies out to destroy us. It means so much to know that we have such incredible allies as our Evangelical friends. It is heartening to know that there are such valiant men such as yourself in this world.

In these dangerous times, it is crucial that we unite against a common foe out to destroy our enlightened civilization. The Evil rising all around is palpable. The demons are rising all around us. Inside the country, one hears the hysterical voices that defend the indefensible; outside the country, one sees the rise of a potent and implacable enemy openly intent on our destruction. Both of our enemies are united by their worship of death and destruction. And both wish nothing more that to smother the blinding light that blazes from the truth of our God.

This God, the God of Jews and Christians alike, must unite us. Together we are an invincible force for good and the victory of righteousness is ensured. And know that Islam recognizes this powerful bond as Mohammed warned his malevolent followers, “do not befriend Jews or Christians alike, they are only friends to one another.”

For my part, I try to convince skeptical Jews of the righteousness of our Christian Evangelical brethren. As I am sure you understand, years of anti-semitism have made them dubious. But I know there is a common bond between us, a common vision, common values and a God that wants us to unite to make this a better world for all.

Dr. Hagee, you made an incredible speech. I wish we had valiant Jewish leaders such as yourself. Unfortunately, we have leaders that scurry around like shtetl Jews afraid to raise their voices and be heard. We have meek leaders who whisper when they should thunder. Leaders that bow and scrape when they should be throwing thunderbolts and hellfire. We are riddled with treasonous left wing Jews who are nothing but appeasers and latter-day candidates for the Juderein.

King Solomon wrote that all wisdom begins with a fear of God. Unfortunately, too many Jewish leaders fear man more than God. However, if they feared God instead, they would speak as boldly and courageously as you do. For it is a fear of God that gives us our freedom to act through conscience and righteousness. To fear man is to be stymied. I hope that the trail you blaze leads them into the light of God’s wisdom. You were like a pillar of light in the desert at the AIPAC conference.

God bless you and your parishioners for your support. And know that there are many Jews who are equally willing to help you with your causes as well. A friendship cannot be one way. Reciprocation is what builds true friendship. We must come together as brothers and sisters in our common fight for a better world against the rising tide of Evil. As Dylan Thomas wrote, we must rage against the coming of the night.

Together we can beat back the coming of the night and bring a new dawn.


Aaron Shuster

March 24, 2007 | 1 Comment »

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1 Comment / 1 Comment

  1. I want to second the wonderful sentiments Mr. Shuster wrote regarding Pastor Hagee’s incredible speech at AIPAC. As a Jew I cherish the love and support this gentleman has given to us, especially in a time when so openly supporting Jews,(and Eretz Israel) on such a public stage can be a dangerous thing to do. God bless him and the members of his congegation for there outstanding support. Marc Saidel

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