In Defense of Intolerance

By Prof. Paul Eidelberg (written in 2006)

Some ten years ago, the left-wing Israel Democracy Institute reported that 62% of Israeli Jews would like to see the government actively encourage Arabs to leave Israel. Professor Arian Asher of the IDI said that this statistic indicates a “general lack of tolerance of Israeli Jews toward Israeli Arabs.” He concluded that “Israeli democracy has not developed a strong sense of egalitarianism and community.”

The IDI findings were deplored even by Avigdor Lieberman’s reputedly right-wing Israel Beiteinu party, a party which advocated revoking the citizenship of Israeli Arabs who do not pledge allegiance to the state. No party actively advocated their immigration.

The present writer wonders how those who want the Government to encourage Arabs to leave Israel would characterize Prof. Asher? I assume that some of these Jews may be as well educated as Asher, a political scientist. Perhaps some would accuse him of being disingenuous? Perhaps others would attribute his permissive attitude toward Israel’s anything but loyal Arab citizens to moral indifference?

After all, it has been reported that most Israeli Arabs identify themselves as “Palestinians,” that is, with Israel’s enemies. In fact, no less than 62% supported Saddam Hussein despite his threat to incinerate half of Israel. Would it be sane or sensible for Jews to fondly regard these Arabs as part of their “community”?

It has also been reported that most of the suicide bombing attacks in Israel have been assisted by Israel’s Arab citizens, and that many of these Arabs have themselves committed terrorist acts, hence, have murdered Jewish men, women, and children. Have Arab Knesset members ever condemned such politically motivated crimes, crimes against the state which pays their salaries? To the contrary: they have encouraged these crimes!

Nothing has changed since April 16, 2002, when Jerusalem Post journalist Evelyn Gordon cited incendiary and seditious statements by various Arab Knesset members. Mentioned were Taleb a-Sana, who praised a suicide bomber and called for more of the same; Abdul Malik Dahamshe, who called Israeli Arabs convicted of murdering Jews “prisoners of conscience”; Azmi Bishara, who praised Hezbollah as the model for Israeli Arab resistance against Israel; Mohammad Barakei, who urged Israeli Arabs to participate in Palestinian violence against Israel.

Ms. Gordon concluded: “If the statements by Arab MKs indeed reflect the opinions of their voters, the inescapable conclusion is that the overwhelming majority of Israeli Arabs actively or tacitly support violence against Israeli Jews.” Is it mere intolerance that prompts Jews to want the government to encourage Arabs to leave Israel?

Clearly, the findings of the IDI indicate that these Jews are well-informed, that they and have sound moral judgment, which seems to be lacking among Israeli political scientists tainted by moral relativism or egalitarianism.

Most remarkable is that despite Israel’s left-wing educators and their control of the media, on the one hand, and despite the timidity of reputedly right-wing Israeli politicians on the other – all fear the canard of racism. Yet there remains a solid majority of Jews who are not afraid to express what can only be described as a healthy Jewish attitude toward Israel’s Arab citizens, namely intolerance!

This sober and morally defensible intolerance was even more evident in a study of 800 Jewish youth, ages 16 to 18, reported by Yediot Ahranot on July 23, 1997. This was three years before the outbreak of the Terror War against Israel. The respondents were asked if they agree with the following of statements:

? It is appropriate that only Jews live in Israel. 74.1% agree.
? It is impossible to put full confidence in any Israeli Arab. 67.6% agree.
? Arabs do not deserve equal rights. 61.7% agree. (Note: The percentage would probably have been higher if the question was limited to political rights, as the following statements indicate.)
? Arab representation in the Knesset endangers Israeli security. 73.5% agree. (Note: Imagine what the percentage would have been had these young adults heard the seditious statements of the Arab MKs mentioned above!)
? Israel’s Arab citizens desire the destruction of Israel. 70.8% agree.

If Professor Asher and the Israel Democracy Institute were to say that these statistics indicate a “general lack of tolerance of Israeli Jews toward Israeli Arabs,” to this I can only reply: “Here’s to more of such intolerance!”?

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  1. Science is a-political. Therefor AA study is useless and a waste.
    Perhaps AA could go to any Muslim country and do the same study!

  2. @ Colorado Rose:
    I agree with you wholeheartedly. I have never thought differently at anytime since Israel was re-constituted. The Arabs…all of them.. are open or veiled bitterest enemies of the Jewish People, capable of all obscenities that can be imagined, and can smile whilst slitting a 3 month old baby’s throat.

    These people are not human beings except of the most depraved and barbaric sort. Theydo not deserve in ANY way to be allowed to come within 50..or 500 miles of decent civilised people who have a regard for Law and social responsibility within communities.

    They may all rot in hell… my zaida used to say, “in d’rerd and und in durch d’rerd.

  3. @ Colorado Rose:
    Why not? And where is the outrage against Bhutan if they don’t really just want to target Jews:

    “Status of Immigrant upon Divorce
    58. A foreigner married to a Bhutanese, upon divorce without any
    child born to them, will lose his or her immigrant status and his
    or her residency in the Kingdom. Under such circumstances, a
    foreigner must leave the Kingdom within the timeframe issued
    by the department.

    ‘0. A child born in Bhutan to a Bhutanese and foreigner spouse
    and their application for marriage registration is under process
    with the Royal Court of Justice may be permitted to stay on
    Immigration Permit as may be decided by the deparrment. ”

    And how about Saudi Arabia:

    “Saudi Arabia’s Racial Immigration Laws

    Hillary Clinton-supporting and ISIS-funding Saudi Arabia has announced a racially-based immigration policy which includes a rule that non-Saudis who marry Saudis will never gain citizenship and will always remain foreigners, as will their children.

    The new policy—aimed at preserving Saudi Arabia’s Semitic homogeneity—flies in the face of the leftist worldview propagated by Clinton, whose foundation has received over $25 million in donations from the Saudi government.”

    Quartet? International Community? International Law? Don’t make me laugh.

  4. I have always thought that Israel should be one state, all Jews, no muslims. As many of you can imagine, I was roundly criticized and condemned. Some even went so far as to accuse me of hiding behind my user name and said if they knew who I was they would come after me!
    But I go even farther than saying ‘no muslim’s.
    Israel is a small county, too small. Land for peace? Hell no! God gave the land to Israel and at no time did He say they should share it with anyone. This seems like a sane and logical idea to me, but I was accused of everything from apartheid to genocide.
    Now it seems like this idea is taking hold. What had changed? Are sane thinkers coming forward, tired of being shouted down by the lovers of evil? Is it because the two state solution is dead, that seemingly new ideas are finally getting heard? Or is it that people are seeing what is happening to Europe?
    What ever the reason, I am glad that the other side is finally getting a hearing.
    God bless America. God bless Israel