“In every generation they rise against us to annihilate us”

By Ted Belman

So sayeth the Haggadah which we will be reading next week. So it has always been, so it will always be.

Last week I posted comments on Think Again: Embrace the abnormal which makes the same point. Earlier this year I asked Where is Israel to find salvation? . The answer, “no where”. The Arabs will never accept the permanent existence of Israel.

Now Condi Rice is stoking up the capitulation process with the support of Livni and Olmert. To what avail?

In so doing, they are ignoring, the Prisoner’s Document, the Mecca Accords and the refusal of the Arab League to amend the Saudi Plan (which by the way in exchange for Israel committing suicide by allowing refugee return and agreeing to the ’67 borders, only offers the promise of “normalization” afterward). This is the short list of what they are ignoring, all of which fortify the notion that there is no diplomatic solution. Neither is there a military solution. In every generation they rise up to kill us, accept it.

Caroline Glick says it better than I could think of saying it in her current column, Condi’s embrace of jihadist ‘peace’.

All of which raises the question of whether Israel should be participating in the capitulation process called the peace process. It will only lead, as it has always done, to further concessions on Israel’s part, with nothing bankable in return.

Emanuele Ottolenghi in NRO, argued Serious Policymakers Must Get Serious About the Prospect for Peace in the Mideast.

    Statesmen, diplomats, and policymakers should surrender themselves the fact that what was once possible, for but a season, is no more. Peacemaking belongs to yesteryear, and all that a realistic foreign policy can do is to ensure that the current bloodletting does not submerge our allies and subvert our interests in the region. Containment of our enemies and the management of conflict is all that our generation can hope for.

He is right, of course.

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  1. Read this excerpt in an AP story released earlier this morning in Jerusalem concerning Dr. Rice’s ‘faux Kissingerian shuttle diplomacy” with the title of the ‘Path to cooperation exists” meaning appeasement.

    “Rice has shuttled between Israeli, Palestinian and Arab leaders this week, trying to rally greater Arab support for eventual peace negotiations, and to persuade Israel to be more flexible in its dealings with Abbas.

    Rice held two sessions apiece with Abbas and Olmert, including a lengthy evening meeting with Olmert in her Jerusalem hotel on Monday. The agreement for new meetings with Abbas apparently came then.

    On Monday, Olmert said he “wouldn’t hesitate” to take part in a regional summit. Palestinian officials cautiously endorsed the idea.
    Any such meeting — especially if Saudi and Israeli officials were to publicly meet — would be a huge symbolic breakthrough. Saudis and Israelis are believed to have held private meetings in the last year.

    Rice said it is “premature to talk about any specific kind of meeting,” but another U.S. official said the idea of a large group meeting is one proposal among several under discussion. Nothing has been scheduled.

    Rice’s visit was timed before a critical Arab League summit later this week in Saudi Arabia.

    Rice wants Arab states to reissue a broad 2002 land-for-peace offer to Israel, and be willing to negotiate with the Jewish state. Some version of the plan is expected to be part of the upcoming summit in Riyadh.”

    This pronoucement by Secretary of Saztte Rice marks the beginning of the end of the State of Israel in my lifetime. The Zionist enterprise is ‘doomed” as my esteemed friend Dr. Richard L. Rubenstein says at one point in a movie that I have co-produced with my chaver Avi Goldwasser, exceutive prodcer and director of the work in progress entitled “The Failure of American Jewish Leadership and the Threat of radical Islam.” Prescient, as it was filmed early in 2006!!

    As a friend, Paula Kaufman of Washington, DC commiserated with me before this news, Dr. Rice, our myopic, manipulative Secretary of State received her PHD at the University of Denver from who, Clinton’s Secreatry of State’s father, former Czech diplomat and apostate Jew, Josef Korbel. Here’s what Condi Rice said about him.

    “While in Denver, Dr. Rice attended a course on international politics taught by Josef Korbel. The course sparked her interest in the Soviet Union and international relations, leading her to call Korbel “one of the most central figures in my life.”

    So here it is almost Pesach and Israel becomes the provernbial paschal lamb-the agnus dei on the altar of radical Islam and oil geopolitics.

    Shame on the former likudniks in the corrupt Kadimah coalition for not bolting and bringing down the rotten Olmert-Livni government. They are more interested in maintaining their perks of office under the tyranny of the party list system than they are the security of their fellow citizens and the future of the Jewish State of Israel. THe IDF is reflective of Israeli society and will not lead a coup. Their leaders are also participants in the rotten system of protexia.

    I had warned repeatedly that the Kadimah hocus pocus was tantamount to the dismemberment of Czechoslovakia at Munich in Septemebr, 1938 with the ranting Herr Schickelgruber and his Nazi bully boys and appeasing Brits and French government leaders: Neville Chamberlian and Deladier. You remember what happened to pre-WWII Czechoslovakia after Munich? Its vast mountain redoubt defense was dismembered and in six months by April 1939, it disappeared as a free country under the heavy tred of Nazi hob nail boots marching into Prague.

    Is Israel a ‘dead state walking” a term I have frequently used? I hope not for the sake of my mishpocha and chaverim who live there.

    The only way that this can be overturned is ‘moral outrage’ by million of Christians and Jews here in the U.S. directed at the floundering Bush White House, Dr. Rice and her new Jewish counselor, Elliott Cohen, purported Zionist and neo-Con.

    This is not the Pesach afikoman, I can assure you.

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