‘In the end, we’ll need to conquer all of southern Gaza’

T. Belman. That’s my position as well. But not Blinken’s:

US Sec. of State says Gaza needs ‘Palestinian-led governance,’ unified ‘under the Palestinian Authority.’

The left in Israel agrees with Blinken.

HaBithonistim chair Amir Avivi doesn’t see alternative other than for southern Gaza’s population to move to Sinai. ‘Egypt must open its border, from a humanitarian perspective.’

INN    Nov 7, 2023,

HaBithonistim chairman Brigadier-General (res.) Amir Avivi believes that in the current war with Hamas, Israel will be required to conquer all of Gaza, until the Egyptian border – or the goals of the war will not be achieved.

In an interview with 103 FM Radio, Avivi said, “There is definitely an amazing increase in the army’s power. There is fog of war, and that is a good thing.”

He added, “We need to understand that we are conquering an entire city. Around it there are many crowded camps. We are advancing towards the operational heart – there are a few secondary hearts which will be taken care of.”

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“In the end we will reach them all. The goal is very clear: to reach the most senior officials – [Mohammed] Deif, [Yahya] Sinwar, and to eliminate them. Our motivation is as high as the sky.”

Avivi also emphasized, that “in the end we will need to conquer all of southern Gaza, until the border with Egypt. I don’t see an alternative other than that the population there moves to Sinai. Egypt must, from a humanitarian perspective, open its border. Either it will happen in an organized fashion, or at some point the residents will break through this border and escape to Sinai.”

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  1. O.F.: ‘Mrs Meir, don’t you at least feel a little sorry for them?’
    G.M.”” ‘Of course I do. But pity is not responsibility, and the responsibility for the Palestinians isn’t ours, it’s the Arabs…’
    O.F.: ‘Mrs. Meir, what if Israel let the Palestinian refugees come back here?’
    G.M.: ‘Impossible. For twenty years they’ve been fed on hatred for us…the only thing they know is that they must kill Israelis, destroy Israel…But there is a solution. It was demonstrated by the Jordanians when they gave them citizenship and called on them to build a country called Jordan.”

    – Orianna Fallaci, “Interview with History” p.104. (1976)

  2. Obviously, you can’t hand Gaza back to the Gazans, or Fatah, or the PA, or even to the UN. Israel doesn’t want to govern it (smart). So what to do? Get the Americans to do it. Israel is freed, and the US has its nice little forever war. Everybody’s happy! No need to thank me.

  3. Gaza City Area has ~80% of Hamas terrorists and bulk of infrastructure. So after this is completely destroyed along with terrorists, Hamas will essentially be finished and conquering the Southern Part will easier or who knows maybe most will surrender not to be killed.

  4. fixing the world means no borders !

    evil hides until it is exterminated !

    thousands of years having passed,the ultimate question is unanswered…….




    aka Eddie

  5. While all this sounds plausible, it’s not good enough. There is a big problem with Egypt, because Egypt allowed Hamas to “smuggle” everything they need into the strip and they allow Hamas to skip out through the same tunnels that somehow manage to circumvent the Egyptian wall which is much bigger and stronger than the Israeli border. Getting all the terrorists will mean involving Mossad abroad (again).