Israel to Reestablish Jewish Sovereignty on Temple Mount, Says MK


“And they that are far off shall come and build in the temple of Hashem and ye shall know that Hashem of hosts hath sent me unto you. And it shall come to pass if ye will diligently hearken to the voice of Hashem your God.” Zechariah 6:15 (The Israel Bible™)

The Islamic Waqf’s jurisdiction over the Temple Mount is over and Israel will now work to reestablish Jewish sovereignty over the holy site, said Knesset Member Ari Dichter (Likud) on Tuesday.

“Israel is the sovereign on the Temple Mount, period. The fact that the Waqf became a sovereign on the Temple Mount ended last Friday,” declared Dichter, chairman of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee and former head of the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet), on Israeli public radio, Israel National News reported.

“The question of our policy [at the Temple Mount] may not be clear to the Palestinians, but it is very clear to us… The Mount will remain under the control of the Israel Police.”

The move comes in the wake of the events of last Friday, when three Palestinian terrorists used the holy site to launch a terror attack against Israeli forces, killing two Israeli police officers. Israel closed the Temple Mount to all visitors in its aftermath, sparking Muslim outrage worldwide.

However, when the site was reopened on Sunday, Muslim visitors recoiled at new security measures instituted as a result of the attack and refused to enter in protest. The measures include the installation of metal detectors at the entrances used by Muslim worshipers. Waqf officials balked, refusing to ascend to the site and calling for a widespread boycott.

A Waqf statement released on Monday urged Muslims “to reject and boycott all the Israeli aggression measures, including changing the historical status quo including imposing the metal detectors.”

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11 Comments / 11 Comments

  1. The so called third holiest site is not even mentioned in the Qur’an.
    The TM must be exclusively under the control of IL with permission to Muslims to visit the site only IF behaving like civilized individuals.
    Just expel the Waqf since they refuse to cooperate!

  2. What is this bullshit about how “Israel will work to re-establish Jewish sovereignty” over the Temple site in Jerusalem”?

    You either have sovereignty over something or someplace, or you don’t. Like great Stalin — the non-bullshitter if there ever was one — purportedly told Iron Feliks one day in the early 1920s:

    “There is one thing about power that cannot be denied, Feliks. It’s the only thing in the world you cannot fake. You either have power, or you don’t have power.”

    That applies to Netanyahu’s Israel in 2017 as it did in Stalin’s office in a corner of the Kremlin in Moscow more than 90 years ago.

    If you have sovereignty, which in itself is nothing more than an extension of power, then you can use that power. Or you can go on the all-too typical Israeli bullshit based on meaningless legalisms.

    Arnold Harris, Outspeaker

  3. @ ArnoldHarris:
    Oh, I don’t know. I can relate to that personally. I’ve been working on losing weight. Haven’t been losing any but I’m working on it. Ha ha.

    Or, Israel could insist on the right of every previous sovereign to appoint the Grand Mufti. Sir Herbert Samuel appointed Haj Amin Al Husseini, would you believe? The Jewish Governor-General for Great Britain appointed the future Nazi collaborator Hitler appointed as the future Gauleiter of Palestine.

  4. From what I have read, Israelis see this as a matter of sovereignty and resolve. They recognize that to compromise is to show weakness. This is a great opportunity to assert our control.

  5. This is definitely a battle of wills. One can not give in now about the metal detectors which are a needed security check to make sure more terrorists do not bring guns in and start killing people.

    For the Arabs/Muslims the metal detectors are just something to grasp onto to say Israel is keeping them from praying at Al Aqasa Mosque. It is a phony ploy but that matters not to them as this is a battle for control of Jerusalem.

    The trouble is once people start dying this could turn into a full blown intifada.

  6. Sisi is not an ally.

    “The Egyptian Foreign Ministry demanded that Israel immediately stop the “violence and escalation against the Palestinians in Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa Mosque,” and expressed its concern that Palestinian Arabs were killed and wounded in clashes with the security forces.

    The statement called the victims “innocent Palestinians” and claimed that “excessive force” had been used against them, according to Yediot Aharonot.”

    The K

  7. Sisi is an enemy.

    “The Egyptian Foreign Ministry demanded that Israel immediately stop the “violence and escalation against the Palestinians in Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa Mosque,” and expressed its concern that Palestinian Arabs were killed and wounded in clashes with the security forces.

    The statement called the victims “innocent Palestinians” and claimed that “excessive force” had been used against them, according to Yediot Aharonot.”

    The King of Jordan is an enemy

    “White House Condemns Temple Mount Terrorists, Jordan Praises Them”

    The White House is ineffectual, at best, drawing false moral equivalence at worst.

    “Statement from the Press Secretary on Temple Mount/Haram Al-Sharif

    The United States is very concerned about tensions surrounding the Temple Mount/Haram Al-Sharif, a site holy to Jews, Muslims, and Christians, and calls upon the State of Israel and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to make a good faith effort to reduce tensions and to find a solution that assures public safety and the security of the site and maintains the status quo. The United States will continue to closely monitor the developments.”

    Needless to say, the UN is an enemy

    “UN chief condemns deaths of Arab rioters
    Antonio Guterres on Friday condemns deaths of Palestinian Arabs during clashes in Jerusalem, calls for an investigation.”

    I believe this is a plot by the Arabs – who act as one with regard to Israel, Eidelberg was right – to foil Trump’s attempt at a peace deal which has been making them look bad so they are changing the subject and putting Arabs in harms way as gun fodder deliberately for the cameras.

    The best way to dis-incentivize this is to use sleeping gas to incapacitate the rioters, after identifying them, take away their residence or citizenship and forcibly deport them to Gaza. If possible, they should wake up in Gaza and should be banned from returning for life. Whatever property they may own should be seized under eminent domain and the fair market price delivered to them or their proxies. Knocking them out and deporting them deprives the cameras of their story.

    The only way to disincentivize terror is to make every act of terror a means of clearing the Arabs from the land and transferring their land and property to the Jewish nation. Plot by plot, every act of terror should serve to remove them from the land permanently until the land will be virtually Arab free.

  8. One way of doing it that would avoid camera-ready casualties would be to put the sleeping Arabs in giant cannisters with all necessary cushioning as with any fragile objects and sufficient air and drop them into Gaza by parachute.

    “… Briefly it is not right…to allow Israel to escape the grip of world society by raising ideas which would make the world
    forget Israeli extremism by pointing to what it might imagine to
    be Arab extremism …We must not take steps unless we are
    sure they bring us closer to our goal.13”
    Egyptian Foreign Minister 1977

  9. “Basic Law: Israel Lands (1960)
    1. Prohibition of
    transfer of ownership
    The ownership of Israel lands, being the lands in Israel of the State, the
    Development Authority or the Keren Kayemet Le-Israel, shall not be transferred
    either by sale or in any other manner.
    2. Permission by Law Section 1 shall not apply to classes of lands and classes of transactions determined
    for that purpose by Law.
    3. Definition In this Law, “lands” means land, houses, buildings and anything permanently fixed
    to land. ”

    The homes of terrorists’ families should not be blown up. It’s pointless. They will just crowd fund or get subsidies from the PA and rebuild.

    If eminent domain is applied and the land is incorporated into State Land, it is unconstitutional to ever relinquish that land. The Supreme Court would really have to flatly over-rule the closest thing to a Constitution that Israel has to over-turn it. By calling the Constitution unconstitutional. Talk about Orwell on steroids.

    Though, on the other hand, I’m not sure what article 2 means. Is that a loophole?

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