Interview of Pres Bush by Yediot Ahronot

January 2, 2008, WHITEHOUSE

Q First of all, we would like to thank you very much for your readiness to see us and to have this interview for us. We can assure you that in Israel you can be elected for the third term — (laughter) — with one exception, the day after the first day in office the media will kill you. (Laughter.) This is Israel. But you have so many really admirers in Israel.

THE PRESIDENT: Well, thank you. I’m really looking forward to going again. As you know, this is my first trip as the President. I had the honor —

Q I saw you — I had the opportunity to shake your hand in the Knesset.

THE PRESIDENT: I was thrilled to go in 1998. One of the great ironies of my first trip to Israel was that, as well documented, I was given a tour of the West Bank by Ariel Sharon. Little did we both realize then that we would be sitting together in the hopes of constructing peace; that we knew we’d be — we didn’t know that we’d be President and Prime Minister at the time. CONTINUE

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