IPF is advocating an imposed peace.

By Ted Belman

MJ Rosenberg is at it again in this week’s IPF article The Anti-Israel Factor

    Candidates are not dumb. They have seen the polls, which show that the overwhelming majority of pro-Israel Jews support the two-state solution and the peace process. [..]

    Moreover, there is not a single candidate running for President who does not know that the continuation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict grievously damages U.S. interests in the Middle East, including the security of Israel.

    They are wrong. Americans of all backgrounds understand that the United States and Israel are both injured by the seemingly endless conflict.

Rosenberg refers to people like Israpundit’s audience as the “lunatic fringe” on the basis our our rejection of the peace process such as it is. But he is not satisfied with that. He also believes that the supporters of the two state solution have restrained the US from being more aggressive.

He recommends that a candidate should say

    “If I am elected President, I will do everything in my power to bring about negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians with the goal of achieving peace and security for Israel and a secure state for the Palestinians. As a supporter of Israel, I believe that Israel’s surest route to security is by reaching an agreement with the Palestinians. Furthermore, I believe that achieving an equitable Israeli-Palestinian agreement will advance America’s interests throughout the Middle East and the Muslim world. Peace between Israel and the Arabs will only be achieved by means of U.S. leadership and I intend to provide it.”

In effect he wants US policy to impose a solution for the good of all. So certain is he of his belief that peace can be achieved, that he doesn’t even take the trouble to prove the point. Whether justice is served matters not unless he also believes in the justice of the Palestinian claims.

He believes that supporters of the status quo in negotiations are not pro-Israel at all and are in fact anti-Israel.

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