Iran has just carried out the largest wave of executions since 1984.

Domestic Terror in Iran

Monday, August 6, 2007

It is early dawn as seven young men are led to the gallows amid shouts of “Allah Akbar” (Allah is the greatest) from a crowd of bearded men as a handful of women, all in hijab, ululate to a high pitch. A few minutes later, the seven are hanged as a mullah shouts: “Alhamd li-Allah” (Praise be to Allah).

The scene was Wednesday in Mashad, Iran’s second most populous city, where a crackdown against “anti-Islam hooligans” has been under way for weeks.

The Mashad hangings, broadcast live on local television, are among a series of public executions ordered by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad last month as part of a campaign to terrorize an increasingly restive population. Over the past six weeks, at least 118 people have been executed, including four who were stoned to death. According to Saeed Mortazavi, the chief Islamic prosecutor, at least 150 more people, including five women, are scheduled to be hanged or stoned to death in the coming weeks.

The latest wave of executions is the biggest Iran has suffered in the same time span since 1984, when thousands of opposition prisoners were shot on orders from Ayatollah Khomeini.

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  1. The Ministry of Islamic Orientation has established a new blacklist of authors and book titles twice longer than what it was a year ago.

    Sounds familiar – the Iranian Islamo Reich and Nazi Germany really do have a lot of common features.

    The biggest purge of universities since Khomeini launched his “Islamic Cultural Revolution” in 1980 is also under way.

    It really seems sophomoric and infantile when students and professors in the West go on about the discomfort in Gaza for the Palestinian “freedom fighters” when their colleagues and fellow students in Iran are being systematically tortured and killed.

    The regime especially fears the growing free trade union movement.

    Tell this to the union leaders in Canada and Britain – perhaps they are piling on Israel and going after the wrong targets for all the wrong reasons. (Mr. Sid Ryan take note).

    Mr. Ahmadinejad wants university textbooks rewritten to “cleanse them of Infidel trash,” and to include “a rebuttal of Zionist-Crusader claims” about the Holocaust. Dozens of lecturers and faculty deans have been fired.

    Mr. Im-a-mad-jihad must feel very threatened and taking life a bit too seriously in a Hitlerian sort of way. Did his mother treat him badly and was toilet training a real hardship for the boy?

    The nationwide crackdown is accompanied with efforts to cut Iranians off from sources of information outside the Islamic Republic.

    Truth is the first casualty in an Islamic regime. People and ideas are always sacrificed for the jihad cause. Israpundit should find a back door into the Internet media in Iran – that will scare them!

    Iran today is not only about atomic bombs and Iranian-American hostages. It is also about a growing popular movement that may help bring the nation out of the dangerous impasse created by the mullahs.

    Not if we don’t recognize and are willing to name the true enemy. If Islam is not held responsible for the actions of an Islamic terror state, then who/what is responsible?

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