Is Israel Ready for War?

Megyn Kelly of Fox News interviews Ari Abromowitz who is currently hoping to become an MK representing Bayit Yehudi. Ari answered all questions diplomatically yet forcefully. He acquitted himself and Israel well.

August 18, 2012 | 18 Comments »

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  1. @ yamit82:
    I have been following up on your sources and reading what Horowitz and Taylor have to say. I trust them. I am totally against Christian Jewish dialogue that seeks to emphasize commonality. Yes Rav Riskin has crossed the line. It appears that Gimpel and Abromowitz have too. They appear also to be engaging with messianic Jews and messianics in general. That bothers the hell out of me. No good will come of it.

    I intend to talk with Horowitz and Taylor. I intend to talk with Gimpel and Abromowitz about their views and activities in this regard as soon as the primaries are over.

  2. @ Ted Belman:

    The comment doesn’t begin to prove your allegations. You know what the Rabbis say about loshen Horah.

    Missionary backing

    Arutz 7, which had carried banners on their site for the event, was conspicuously absent, but Mike Isley and his organization Texans for Israel were visibly present- right down to the fundraising envelopes. In addition to hosting Ari and Jeremy’s recent speaking appearances, Mike has been funding Tuesday Night Live in Jerusalem at Heichel Shlomo. Isley is affiliated with the messianic missionary organization First Fruits of Zion –where he serves as a leader in their Hayesod program . Recently Mike Isley hosted a Jewish Sermon on the Mount which promoted a new Hebrew-English Gospel Edition of a publication that has been successfully used by notorious missionaries as an evangelical tool to target Jews for conversion.

    Now you know Ellen Horowitz and I think you also respect her work and credibility. If you disagree with her data and conclusions you know how to contact her for clarification. I picked up some of the Jewish disapproval of what they are doing from Tovia singer and from their many You Tube Clips. Riskin their mentor is on the way to being excommunicatedas he has stepped way over the line and he is the mentor I believe of Ari and Jeremy at least Jeremy for sure. I never stated that Hagee was financially supporting Abramowitz I said he was a major donor to Riskin.

    You cannot be against missionaries but support those who aid their missionary activities here in Israel. In my comment I noted that Abromowitz.
    as mistaken and naive and I implied he and Gimpel were being used by missionaries for their own perfidious purposes. They have been advised as such by Ellen and others even some noted and respected rabbis but they continue.

    According to JewishIsrael, missionaries are supporting and funding their lectures and speaking tours in the States and their TNL show from Jerusalem.

    I had assumed that Abromowitz like Gimpel had received his ordination already as had Gimpel. If I was mistaken then that is probably the only thing I was mistaken about.

    I know what you think and why. I disagree of course and you have every right to remove my comments as you have done. No argument from me about your right, but I still believe you to be mistaken and I believe we will pay a heavy price for the mistake.

    Lashon harah: Rabbis invented the doctrine of evil tongue. What could be further from Judaism? It is the obligation of any Jew to talk bad—very bad—about deviants, and to denounce evildoers. That’s regardless of his or her own piety. Judges need not be unblemished and righteous in order to condemn sinners. The evil tongue is bad only if it spreads baseless rumors. Speaking evil of an evil person or their behavior is a Jewish obligation. Jews need to denounce their own in order to correct society.

    I don’t remember my exact comment and didn’t save it but I believe I did give credit to Ari for attempting to do good but that he was naive and or being used. That they are supported by Christian missionaries financially is reported from an authoritative source who you know and I believe also respect.

  3. @ Laura:

    But FOX pretends to be a conservative alternative and they are not.

    Laura I think that’s the problem. They don’t pretend to be conservative, although most people believe they are.

    There is no doubt a majority of the on air personalities are conservatives therefore the station is labeled as such.

    Sean Hannity is without question a conservative. Bill O’Reilly is an Independent who has mellowed over the years and is afraid to challenge Obama, while Laura Ingram takes all liberals to task and by all mean Sheppard Smith is a bleeding liberal.

    Regulars Bob Beckel and Alan Colmes are liberal and far left of Attila the Hun

  4. @ rongrand:
    Ron, I saw the debate yesterday afternoon on FOX regarding Captain Fields. I can tell you that the host, who’s name escapes me, was definitely taking the side against Captain Fields and he also attacked the Thomas More Law Center who is representing him.

  5. @ rongrand:
    Ron, FOX stopped being conservative and started defending islam at the moment that saudi prince bought a 15% stake in the company.

    Maybe you should direct your comment to those individuals “who did they sleep with besides the devil”.

    Believe me, I have no use for them either. But FOX pretends to be a conservative alternative and they are not.

    I directed my comment at FOX and Megan Kelly because that is where this video is from.

    If you want a truly conservative alternative media outlet, try Sun TV from Canada or CBN.

  6. @ yamit82:
    The comment doesn’t begin to prove your allegations. You know what the Rabbis say about loshen Horah.

    Ari Abromowitz did not get his Smicha from Rabbi Riskin. Neither he nor Jeremy have received financing from Rev Hagee. While it is true that they have held their show in many Christian Evangelical venues, I consider it a good thing. You have presented no evidence sufficient to make the allegations you have made.

    The article quoted by you needs to be validated. It is an obvious smear job. It is full of innuendoes and no proof.

    I believe that Ari and Jeremy are fearless fighters for Jews and Israel and their record speaks for itself and contradicts the suggestions you have made.

  7. @ Laura:
    @ Laura:

    Laura, I don’t believe this is you. It’s so much out of character.

    By no means am I a fan of Megyn Kelly. I am a Fox News junkie as it is the only cable news network that tries very hard to be fair and balanced in spite of the majority of the on air personalities I would say are conservatives.

    They even go to lengths to play devils advocates in order not to appear too conservatives.

    You know I have stated numerous times there are a litany a mile long of American liberal Jew democratic strategist appearing on Fox supporting and defending Obama an anti-Semite who embraces Islam and is not a friend of Israel.

    I am sure they fall in the category of Chris Matthews who gets a thrill up his leg when Obama speaks.

    Maybe you should direct your comment to those individuals “who did they sleep with besides the devil”.

    You want bias, just tune into MSNBC, this station is by far not fair or balance. They are so liberal and lean so far to the left, if you were to watch it for a period of time your TV set would lean towards the left and would require a few wedges to right it.

  8. Ted Belman

    yamit82 Said:
    Note: for the Past couple of years they(R. Riskin, Gimpel and Abromowitz), are into Evangelical Christians and are mostly supported financially by these groups.
    Bellman says:
    That’s a very serious allegation. Prove that it is true.

    Now there arose new rabbis in Israel who knew not the Rav Read all the comments and links attached at the bottom.

    Money talks and so does Pastor Hagee

    “Christians and Jews listen to me very closely. Our future is bound together by a covenant relationship.” Pastor John Hagee (Night to Honor Israel, Jerusalem August 2010)

    According to the Jewish Press ,Pastor Hagee has just contributed over 8 million dollars to a long list of Jewish charities at a Night to Honor Israel in San Antonio. Ohr Torah Stone (R Riskin)was the recipient of $250,000. He admits to receiving $500K.

    Gimpel and Abramovitz received Smicha( rabbinc ordination) from Riskin

  9. Are we ready ?- NO
    Life proceeds noramlly without any discernable pressure on the streets
    Not enough gas masks are out
    Shelters not ready
    People talk and pass comment but it seems obvious that Israel does not want to upset the US elections
    Add to that our President Peres gaffe of passing political opinion – he still thinks in terms of overall peace
    Where has been living since 1948?
    War ? Yes its on the way but not at this moment

  10. Megan Kelly is contemptible. She’s full of crap, Israelis absolutely favor a military strike on Iran. Has she been reading Haaretz?

    I don’t think he aquitted himself or Israel well. He sounds like a wuss assuring how Israelis want peace. I’m sick of Jewish leaders telling the world how peaceful we are. Our true friends know Israel isn’t the problem and Jew-hating enemies aren’t going to be persuaded that the Zionist entity is anything but evil incarnate no matter how much Israeli leaders plead their case.

    It would be a better deterrent if the world was convinced that Israelis were crazy warmongers.