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  1. the storyline that is left is that the Israelis offered nothing in return on the key issues. And the logic of the moment would seem to argue: If the Palestinians were so flexible, why didn’t you grab the deal? You really do have a Palestinian partner. As harmful as these leaks are to Palestinians, the Israelis don’t look very good either.

    Aaron David Miller is too smart to believe his own bullshit. “The Israelis offered nothing in return”? Israel, the victor in every war since independence, has been suing for peace for over sixty years, giving away land and holy sites, hoisting national rights onto the vanquished aggressor, employing, fueling, and feeding the Palestinians so they could give birth to the next generation of Jew killers.

    The deal (100 percent of the WB with land swaps and Jerusalem) was offered by Olmert and still Abbas walked.

    Genug iz genug.

  2. Qatar hates the PLO more than Jews:

    1. When Saddam Hussein of Iraq set out to conquer oil-rich Kuwait, to be followed by the Gulf States (including Qatar), the PLO, with hundreds and thousand of “guest workers” already inside Kuwait and the Gulf States, firmly supported Iraq.
    2. Kuwait and the Gulf States were forced to beg America for help. After America defeated Saddam Hussein, Kuwait deported all its palestinians, and Qatar also did so to some extent.
    3. Qatar has never been friendly to the PLO since then. Accordingly, they always favor Hamas over the PLO, even though Hamas is far more islamist than Qatar (or the PLO) is.
    4. When Qatar (via its news service al-Jazeera), obtained the “Palestine papers”, Qatar saw a chance to discredit the PLO once and for all. And they jumped at it. They have spun the story to paint the PLO as arab traitors and sell-outs.
    5. This is one of the biggest gifts Jewish Israel has ever received. The PLO is fatally weakened, Hamas is strengthened, and the “peace process” is dead.
    6. This basically guarantees that Hamas will eventually take over the West Bank, in addition to Gaza, and the PLO will disappear.
    7. This means that Jewish Israel will get to keep its settlements, but unfortunately also means there will be more dead Jews as Hamas terrorism ramps up.
    8. All the Jew-haters (especially Israeli leftists and the EU), who wanted to force Jewish Israel to surrender to the PLO, are now going crazy with rage.

  3. The “peace process” is not buried. It has been dead for some time, and is stinking up the whole room; but like El Cid, its partisans still have a political need of the body — to prop up the corpse on a horse, and have it lead their troops.