Is the US Abandoning Israel

T. Belman. Fitzgerald is more optimistic than I am.  The Democratic Party tolerates the antisemitic remarks by members of the Squad, and supports the Palestinians who want to kill us. Muslim immigration continues to increase as does antisemitism in the US. The Dems may support military aid to Israel but it the Israel in their image, not the Israel that Israelis voted for.

Is anti-Israel sentiment in Congress the wave of the future?

by Hugh Fitzgerald, FPM   17.5.23

Representative Josh Gottheimer (D-NJ) has promised to “kill” any resolution in the House that attempts to place conditions on aid to Israel, including such demands on Israel as ending all new settlement building in Judea and Samaria. Gottheimer is a liberal Democrat and one of many who are unswerving in their support for Israel, giving the lie to those who claim that Israeli can no longer count on the support of liberal Democrats. More on his statement can be found here: “US Lawmaker Pledges to ‘Kill’ Growing Efforts to Condition Aid to Israel,” by Andrew Bernard, Algemeiner, April 26, 2023:

US Representative Josh Gottheimer (D-NJ) told The Algemeiner in an interview that he would work to “kill” any efforts to condition aid to Israel.

“I’ve worked personally against and successfully killed attempts to condition aid,” he said. “I’ll continue to work to kill conditions on aid [to the sole] democracy in the region and a critical ally. The idea that you condition aid is unacceptable and we will work around the clock to stop any attempts to do it.”

Gottheimer’s comment follows the passage of a resolution that he co-sponsored that reaffirmed the House’s support for military aid to Israel. 18 Democrats and 1 Republican voted against the resolution, including all but one of the so-called Squad of progressives who have been among the harshest critics of Israel in Congress.

Those nay voters also largely overlapped with the 14 signatories of the 13 April letter led by Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) calling on President Biden to condition US aid to Israel.

That previous letter of April 13, asking Biden to condition American aid to Israel on its human rights record, was signed by 13 Representatives and only one Senator, Bernie Sanders. When one Senator, out of a total of 100, signs an anti-Israel letter, that does not suggest some enormous shift in support for Israel in the Senate. As for those 13 Representatives who signed that letter, all of them subsequently voted “Nay” on a House resolution reaffirming support for military aid, without conditions, to Israel. That is, in that vote, six more Democratic representatives joined those 13 who signed the April 13 letter calling on Biden to condition aid to Israel on the Jewish state’s treatment of the Palestinians. Nineteen votes out of a total of 435 is not exactly impressive: 96% of the House voted with Israel.

We keep hearing about how Israel is “losing critical support” among Democrats. When it can command the unwavering support of 99% of the Senate, and 96% of the House, that alarm seems…..alarmist.

While the contingent of Democrats that are critical of Israel remains small it has grown substantially in recent years. A similar resolution passed in 1998 recognizing the 50th anniversary of Israel’s founding passed the House without a single nay vote and passed the Senate by unanimous consent.

A Gallup opinion poll in March found for the first time that Democrats were more sympathetic to the Palestinians than the Israelis in the conflict. While support for Israel declined among all age groups, the biggest shift was among younger Americans, with millennials the only generation group that had a net negative view of Israel.

Of course, some younger Democrats, bombarded as they have been with BDS-sponsored propaganda, especially on campuses, have become more sympathetic to the Palestinians. And there is also the effect of a steady increase in the Muslim population in the U.S., and thus of Muslim voters, who are solidly anti-Israel. But so far, thankfully, there has been a most modest increase in Muslim political power. There are three Muslim members of Congress: Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Andre Carson. Those three constitute less than 1% of the 435 House members. And the most important change in Congressional attitudes toward the Jewish state has nothing to do with the Democrats: over the past two decades, the Republicans, who were once deemed lukewarm to Israel, are now nearly unanimous in supporting the Jewish state. And despite all the worry about a loss of Democratic support for Israel, in the recent vote on military aid to Israel, only a handful of Democrats, a mere 18 Representatives (a nineteenth is a Republican, Thomas Massie), chose to vote against.


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