Islamization of Europe and how to stop it

I received this email today. I couldn’t help but be encouraged by it. Freedom still beats in the hearts of men. It reminded me how it as an act of bravery to resist Big Brother as in Orwell’s 1984.

Some days ago, a colleague of mine – No Sharia – also living in Sweden, published an article at Islam Watch about the detailed policy regarding integration or assimilation of muslim immigrants in Europe. One of the answers is: zero tolerance of Sharia laws. His opinion is that we now know enough about islam to formulate a detailed, practical and effective policy that will keep Europe free for the next few hundred years. He hopes that the article will start a debate regarding the detailed and concrete rules that must be instituted in every free country:

One aim of the first article in the series was to give a prognosis of the political development in European countries, if the on-going islamization process is not interrupted. The conclusion of that analysis is is that the islamists´dreams about a peaceful transition to Eurabia is a complete illusion. What we will experience in the future in European countries is an ever increasing level of violence interrupted by spikes of violent cruelty. Civil strife and in the end civil war in some countries, if the islamization process is not stopped, is the outcome according to his theory. For each month that passes now, that prognosis will be more and more validated.

Another one of his articles describes a model that can be used when a government wants to stop the process.

Besides formulating an integrated approach to prevent islamization, he has also written about three areas of the model and about which rules and laws we shall have there. One can find all articles here.

I hope that you find his articles of interest for your work.

Living in a part of a Scandinavian city with a majority of islamic immigrants, I hope that you help also me to keep my anonymity.

April 7, 2007 | Comments Off on Islamization of Europe and how to stop it

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